Kik on WP7 boosts iOS and Android growth

This is interesting indeed. Kik, the cross-platform messenger, has seen a pretty neat ROI (return of investment) from investing in Windows Phone 7 since being released earlier this year. Not in terms of revenue, but user registration on iOS and Android. Yes, you read correctly - Kik for Windows Phone is reportedly boosting the user growth on other platforms.

Looking at the chart above we can see the point where the WP7 app was launched with the user count line for both iOS and Android. Notice the sharp increase? Can this be mere coincidence, or is it because WP7 users are now using Kik with friends on competing platforms that don't currently have an account?

If we look at the small graphic to the right, we can see how WP7 has been boosting the growth for iOS and Android by around 22%. While Microsoft's platform might not massive in terms of market share, it's certainly a socially connected OS and users are more connected.

Kik Interactive CEO, Ted Livingston, concludes:

"Windows Phone users may be a small segment of the whole, but they bring with them all their friends on other mobile platforms, creating a huge and unanticipated spike in Kik activity. 

It’s time for cross-platform apps to start paying attention to Windows Phone 7."

Some strong words there. The future certainly is looking bright and this is exactly what we need prior to the launch of Mango.

Source: TechCrunch


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Kik on WP7 boosts iOS and Android growth


Interesting.I got Kik shortly after it release on WP7. Recomended it to my daughter, who installed it on her 'Droid. It quickly became our primary messaging channel. So my contribution... 1.0 -> 1.0 + 0.0 = 2.0(Its jut because WP7 users are natural leaders)

This is such an interesting article. I use KIK as my primary means of messaging, and am about to make the switch to WP7 from 4 years of iOS because KIK is now supported.

That's exactly what I did! For me: 1.0 + 2.0 (iOS) + 1.0 (Android) = 4.0 highly regular users! Then I got also 2 more friends on Android, but I dont know if they have kik still installed. But may I say something, I'm now really pissed of kik!!! I don't get ANY notification anymore, I really dont know why!! I hope this issue is fixed by the Mango update (didn't update yet, I wait for the official one). I hope they really adress to that huge issue!! otherwise kik is ok. But still waiting for Whatsapp (all my friends have that). Mango can't come soon enough for me....

I just wish Research in Motion would allow this to be released for BlackBerry. And I understand why they don't. :(

What's the take away from this? WP7 users are influential and have a lot of friends that don't use WP7? If so, they need to start influencing their friends to switch platforms. Of course, it may take a contract cycle before it happens.

KIK seems to be a US centric app. None of my friends uses it. It's either "I have a SMS flat." or "I use WhatsApp".Kik? Nope.