Killer Instinct Season 2 drops the hammer down on Xbox One October 15

killer instinct

The second "season" for Microsoft's Xbox One revival of the Killer Instinct fighting game franchise will begin on October 15 and will eventually add eight new characters to its ranks.

Killer Instinct Season 2 is being developed by Iron Galaxy, the creators of the cult hit indie fighting game Divekick. It will start with two new fighters out of the box, TJ Combo and Maya, and the developer will add one new character every month for the next six months. It will also include new gameplay modes and accessory packs for the fighters.

As with Season 1, Killer Instinct Season 2 will give gamers the option to purchase each fighter separately for $4.99. They can also spend $19.99 for the Combo Breaker bundle which gives them access to all eight new fighters. In addition, there will be a Killer Instinct: Season 2 – Ultra Edition for $39.99 which offers access to all eight new characters, a selection of alternate fighter costumes and accessory packs and the Xbox One port of Killer Instinct 2 Classic, first released in 1996 and now adding support for online multiplayer.

Gamers who purchase the Ultra Edition between September 23 and October 14 will be able to get TJ Combo early, along with access to Killer Instinct 2 Classic. Will you be giving the second season of Killer Instinct a try?

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Killer Instinct Season 2 drops the hammer down on Xbox One October 15


Instabuy the moment it is available! I have been playing Killer Instinct since 1994! Ultra Edition here I come and I plan on demolishing everyone in Killer Instinct 2 Classic.

Now...how about updating Killer Instinct Classic for online play....

The article and the source don't specify, but that's what it looks like for the complete package. But if people want just the roster of 16 and not the extra accessories, etc. it's $40.

You could look at it as a $60 game... and the extra $20 would be for the two classic games and all the costumes/accessory packs.

But yeah, I agree... the Season 2 Ultra pack really shouldn't have been $40 if you have the first season.  $30 would have been fair.  I might hold off on Ultra this time since I didn't really play much of KI classic... or just wait until it goes on sale.

$80 gets you 4 games and all DLC costumes plus early access to new fighters. $40 for KI classic + KI Season 1. $40 for KI2 classic + KI Season 2. The classic game has online multiplayer, but if you don't want the classic games or the DLC costumes then you can get season 1 and 2 of KI for only $40. Or you can just buy only the characters you want for $5. Or you can just play the game for free with the free character of the week.

Will pass. It seems like a great game, but fighting games like this just arnt my thing. Playing this game makes me realize how bad I can be at some gametypes.

The training mode is excellent and will teach you how to play. The game is free to play with a rotating free character so you really have no excuse not to give the game a try.

No I'm not....I was playing this game in arcades while you were wetting the bed.  I know it's a MS-owned property.  That doesn't mean I can't be disappointed it's platform exclusive.

I like how you just assume you've been around longer than everyone else. Anyway, go sell your stupid PS and get a real game system. If you want to cry about something it should be the fact that MS doesn't release these for the PC.

Who the hell was even talking to you?  No one's crying about it.  It's a damn game that's not going to change my life one way or the other.  I make a simple comment and you morons act like I stole your bike or something. 

your comment is laughable... really, it should have had something like [clown comment] label or something like that.
but if you didn't know Microsoft owns the title, and it it never even came to 360, what makes you think it would have been in ps3 if it wasn't owned by MS?
but yeah, let's get pissed bcause you can't get a new game in an old console like ps3.

Note: I hope you dont think you have played this game longer than me, I even have still the snes KI version. so yeah I have been playing it for a long time. I wonder if you are even good at it... and it would be a waste of time to give you a ps3 version, because you lost against everyone.

oh well... I just thought you comment was too funny.

You clowns didn't read my comments above or you don't comprehend well. I already said I know MS owns it. Please do better next time.

I'm actually on caliborn's side. There's really no need to jump all over home for stating some thing he wishes for. We all have unrealistic wishes we happen to say out loud from time to time. Big deal. We're commenting on this article because we have a passion for gaming and this game in particular. Guys, lighten up. "Can't we all just get along?"

Actually, that's exactly what it means. It's absolutely insane to be upset about a console manufacturer not porting their games to their competition.

I still have my super Nes and killer instinct I haven't played Xbox one version. The gameplay videos didn't really excite me but I'll play it one day but not for $80

If you like the SNES game, you should be excited for the One version. Paying $40 gets you the arcade original (which looks a lot nicer than the SNES game) and all of the Season 1 characters. Or you can just play for free with the rotating cast of free characters. It's a really fair system.

I still have my modded OG Xbox with an arcade perfect rom of both KI 1 & 2! I also have the SNES version but no way I'd play it over the actual arcade games I can play through emulation. Everytime that title music plays and the announcer says "coming for the Ultra64" I get excited. Gaming in the 90s was the best. When fighters ruled and arcade still existed.... Man I miss those days.

I still don't get the pricing of this game. Why not a one off payment full the whole package that inc all seasons?? As it stands that's $80 for 16 players. Dam, give me mvc2/3 $40 for 20+ players.

The flexibility in pricing for this game is excellent. I suppose they could sell a bundle at some point when KI season 2 is done next year (around May). But how hard is it to just buy 2 $20 seasons or 2 $40 seasons if you want the old games and all the DLC accessories?
Everything (DLC + classics) = $80
Just Season 1+2 roster = $40
Just Season 1 or 2 roster = $20
Just the fighters you choose = $5
Just the free fighter of the week = $0

Not to forget that they honor the upgrade to the full combo breaker pack if you buy four characters and call customer service.

I'll take 16 balanced and varied characters over 20+ with a glut of useless roster fillers no one cares about anytime.

I'll be getting it. I need to learn a new character before I take on EVO next summer. Already mastered Jago, Orchid, and Spinal.

What you're experiencing is the buffer for manual combos. When you have executed a combo starter you can stagger your inputs after each autodouble to execute a manual. The timing is different for low, med, or high inputs so if you haven't practiced this yet it can feel like there is input lag, resulting in dropped combos.

I will when I can buy one retail disk will all characters and additional content in one package. I love the game but hate this "season" bs.

Day 1 buy for me. Season 1 is my most played game ATM, I just love it. Bring on Riptor and Cinder!


ps: I hate anyone who uses Jago online LMAO I hate fighting that dude...