Kinectimals catnapped, Microsoft to rescue on November 2

We’ve received a lot of questions and comments about the Xbox Live title Kinectimals disappearing from the Marketplace. Many of you have been worried about the missing kitties, so it’s time to set the record straight.

First off, the Windows Phone version of Kinectimals appeared on the Marketplace Wednesday morning alongside the regularly-scheduled Xbox Live release, Orbital. It was a pleasant surprise, as we only expected a single Live release. Later that day, Kinectimals dropped off the Marketplace.

As it turns out, Kinectimals’ release was a ‘soft launch’ according to a Microsoft representative we spoke with. They released it as a tease to build hype for the game’s official release, which comes next week on November 2. Anyone who already purchased the game can enjoy it as normal, but those who didn’t will need to wait till Wednesday. In the meantime, enjoy the above picture of my kitty, MouseCat, getting into trouble at the CiCi's Pizza buffet. We also have this demonstration video from Nokia World.

We actually updated out original story yesterday, but many readers may have missed it with everything going on. For the record, you can always find gaming-related news by jumping to the Games section of our site.

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Reader comments

Kinectimals catnapped, Microsoft to rescue on November 2


It's actually a really clever idea to tease app releases like this. It encourages people to constantly be checking the store for new apps.And if there are any bugs with the app it gives them time to address them before distributing the app to a huge number of people.

I got the full game the morning it appeared, and it's very good the way it makes use of the camera function. plus both my daughters now want it.MS need more exclusive games like this, that tie into full games (Gears of War, Forza etc)

Not happy, but my daughter has just tried to play it after she had transferred her kinectimal from the 360 to the phone, and it worked once then it's deleted all existing saves/progress from the phone.MS need to make sure they sort this before the proper release,Otherwise it's gonna be a complete waste playing if it's gonna delete saves.

lol , my Download has been pending sints it came out , ill try to download it now (considering its still pending ;) ) heheedit: no go :( seems liek pending doesnt save your app )

Maybe worth noting that the Bears dlc & all other add-on animals etc, do not work on the wp7 version of the game...