Kinoma Updated, Shows Windows Mobile 6.x Some Love

For the uninitiated, Kinoma Play (and FreePlay) is one of the very best multimedia apps available for Windows Mobile. The slick UI, support for numerous media types, social integration, and massive content selection make Kinoma one of those apps that really sets the bar for everyone else. For those of you still using Kinoma on a regular basis, an update is available for both Play and FreePlay. This update apparently addresses issues with YouTube playback.

Anybody out there still using Kinoma on a regular basis?


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Kinoma Updated, Shows Windows Mobile 6.x Some Love


I still use Kinoma regularly. I bought it over a year ago. Mainly I use it to access flickr but not much else. And their support over the last few months has been somewhat horrible. Everyone is ditching support of 6.5 for 7.

Kinoma's Windows Mobile 6.x support is as strong as ever (after all, Windows Phone 7 isn't available yet!) and we have no plans to ditch it.

Just wish Audible was working again - disappointing to see it has been removed.

We agree 100%. Although this is Audible's issue to fix, we're doing everything we can to encourage them to do that.

If you're a Kinoma Play (or even WinMo 6.x) fan that would like to share positive words of encouragement with Audible, we'd definitely appreciate that. I would start at http://audible.custhelp.com/, and either call them or use the "Email a Question" button near the top.

FWIW, although you can't currently stream or download Audible audiobooks with Kinoma Play, you can still play Audible audiobooks that are on your phone.

I did contact Audible support - got a drone response to install the Audible Manager - so not sure the message is getting to a useful level within the company.

Can you explain what the issue is?


I still use Kinoma regularly for podcasts, music and viewing video. I occasionally use the twitter app which stayed working when others failed. My new version 5.1.84 does crash when updating music from my card, even with the update so I'm not sure what that's about. Overall I enjoy it but it is a little buggy still.

Here's the reply I finally got after considerable nagging directed at Audible Support.

I apologize for the inconvenience, we are still experiencing issues with our servers that are plaguing the mobile application.
We are working to correct this issue with the server, however you would need to transfer your titles from the Audible Manager.
Again, we truly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

I've used Kinoma for years - first on my Palm TX and now on my HD2. So glad to see an update and support still going strong.

I use Kinoma on a daily basis, primarily for listening to podcasts but I also use the viewer for my photos. It's very consistent and reliable.