Into landing pages? Then get psyched because the Windows Phone 8 SDK now has one.

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Give us that sweet, sweet native code

Okay, we’re going to be honest here (and snarky) as we’re not that psyched for a landing page, in fact we can’t believe we’re writing this story. But for developers out there itching to get their hands on the new SDK for Windows Phone 8, we do like to throw them a bone every once in awhile to get them excited.

Yes, evidently last night developer Robert McLaws managed to find the elusive page which is now serving as a place-holder until Microsoft gives the green light for its release.  The page can be found at https://dev.windowsphone.com/en-us/featured/windows-phone-8-sdk, which depending on how much of a nerd you are may or may not get your blood pumping (we won’t judge as we stayed up watching anime till 6am last night).

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Behold! An actual landing page

There is of course very little to the page. Microsoft simply recaps the 7.1 SDK, lets us know that when the 8 SDK is released they’ll update this page, yadda yadda.

Windows Phone Central expects the SDK to be released on or slightly before September 7th due to the corresponding dates of TechEd 2012 happening in Australia. With Microsoft and Nokia now holding a joint-press conference on September 5th in New York, there’s a good chance the SDK will be announced on that day with the download availability following shortly after.

The bigger issue is whether or not developers will have enough time to start making Windows Phone 8 apps for the expected October release of new devices? It seems the big developers are already hard at work on their WP8 ports leaving just the smaller independents at the mercy of Microsoft’s schedule.

Source: Robert McLaws; via PetersKitchen


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Into landing pages? Then get psyched because the Windows Phone 8 SDK now has one.


This page is linked from the RTM version of visual studio 2012. quite a tease because you see it under project types->windows phone...

I'm not sure why you're worried about indie devs.  Unless you think millions of these phones will be sold on the first week after it launches and that if you don't use the new WP8 APIs your app is worhless.

That's not really the case thought, as a developer, I'm looking at the number of users.  Yes, the changes to the app hub make it easier to support 7.5 and 8 at the same time but that requires additional resources.
Even if the SDK was already out, it wouldn't make a very big difference.

If WP8 didn't support WP7 apps it would be a different story.

I kind of disagree. Granted we will continue to support 7.5 but we want to be able to take advantage of things like in app purchases early on

I remember a comment someone (possibly yourself Daniel) made on a WPC podcast recently about how maddening the numerous sarky 'slow news day' comments are but....... ;)
hehe kidding! 

At least we're not pretending this is something more ;-) Plus it IS Sunday, which is evidently the most boring day in the world.

I disagree, personally. Yesterday nothing but two reviews came out on WPCentral. At least today we've got something.

"we won’t judge as we stayed up watching anime till 6am last night"
What a happy coincidence. I was watching some Mushi-Shi and Ghost in the Shell (for about the 10th time. I love that series so damn much..)