Latest AdDuplex data shows Microsoft as the leading Windows 8 tablet manufacturer

Microsoft Surface RT

There's a new batch of charts from AdDuplex, and they show that Microsoft has overtaken HP to be the top manufacturer of Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. AdDuplex's data comes from integration into nearly 800 apps in the Windows Store, and it shows that Microsoft's Surface tablets are by far and away the leading devices accessing the Windows Store (which AdDuplex notes "it's safe to assume that these apps are used more on the tablets"), with the first generation Microsoft Surface RT taking the lead.

The lead held by the Surface RT remains strong, with 14.5% of the devices indexed by AdDuplex. The next closest tablet is actually the sequel, the Surface 2, which registers at a mere 2.2%. It and the ASUS Transformer Book T100 are the only other tablets that clock in at over 2%. That said, once you get down to the Surface Pro 2 at 0.9%, there are 17,000 other models that make up the remaining 72.1% of AdDuplex's devices.

When it comes to just Microsoft's device's, the Surface RT accounts for more than three quarters of their deployments. The other three Surface tablets account for 22.5% of Microsoft's tablets, while the remaining 1% is taken up by the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet.

AdDuplex Tablets Data May 2014

That Microsoft is a leading manufacturer of Windows 8 and Windows RT devices puts Microsoft in an increasingly awkward position (see: Palm, Sony). That said, with the massive size of the Windows market and ecosystem, there's plenty of space for other manufacturers.

It'll be interesting to see what tomorrow's Surface announcement brings — the rumored Surface Pro 3 and Surface Mini. What are you looking forward to for tomorrow?

Source: AdDuplex


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Latest AdDuplex data shows Microsoft as the leading Windows 8 tablet manufacturer


Yeah.. all those poor, poor people using Surface RTs.

I'm so glad I have a Surface 2 now. The difference is like night and day.

Based on all the negative press I read before buying the RT I've been surprised how much I love using it. I use the RT and let my wife use the Air.

Awful news. Microsoft has sold 2-3 million units of Surface RT. This small number of users represent 14.5% of the usage of Store Apps, nobody use Store Apps in laptops and desktop PCs. 

In 8.1 update Microsoft pined the Store in the taskbar to try to increase the usage of Store Apps, clearly It didn't work.

8.1 update 1 is barely out of the gate and already it's a failure?!! You must operate in some kind of distortion field! LOL!

You might be wrong. There is one app that I certain people will use no matter if they are on desktop, laptop, whatever if they have windows 8. Netflix of course! I use the app on my laptop and my surface pro. Maybe some users use the mail app, internet explorer, chrome in win8 mode, just not sure which if any of these apps has the ad duplex in it.

Netflix is not working on my device, 1520... It keeps saying something about some DRM conflict... Why is my device having this rights issue?.. I don't see others complaining about it..

That seems strange. I just tried on my 928 and I had no problems with Netflix. Maybe reinstall it or log out then log back in.

Ad duplex only shows stats from apps that support it. I am sure the apps I use are not add duplex apps :)

Are you saying that people with laptops or PC's don't use Store Apps?

If so...Yes, there are people who use Store Apps on their PC's & laptops.  Even PC's that aren't touch enabled.

Heh. Hopefully tomorrow brings us a larger surface pro. And hopefully they can use that to thin it out and maybe get some more key travel on the key board, as well as reduce the weight.

I'm mostly uninterested in the surface mini, unless there's a bay trail variant. It's just as efficient as ARM, and give me the option of installing things like hearthstone or other applications if needed. I will avoid all of that "x86 cruft" by just not installing extra applications. Problem solved!

Agreed. It's so weird I'm really struggling to believe it. I've seen far more Surface Pros than Surfaces, so for them to enjoy 10x more uptake is really difficult to believe.

That's just what you're seeing in your vicinity. Consider the nation lol. I see a lot of RT surfaces. I myself at first got a surface rt before I traded up for the pro (couldn't take the sluggishness, and I more so needed a lighter more portable replacement for my cracked screen Toshiba laptop).

These numbers might be a little skewed towards Surface RT.  I mean, most people who bought a Surface Pro are using it as an ultrabook replacement (and therefore using desktop apps)... and less as a tablet... so their use of Metro apps would be less (which is what AdDuplex measures).

Lol that's because all other options are bad but there some cheaper options than surface that offer nearly the same experience such as the Acer iconia w4

For the money they are fair... But, the Surface Pro 2 isn't exceptional, its very good.. So, it wouldn't be fair to hold the others to that..

Well, having owned an 11.6" Zenbook and a Surface Pro 2, I can say that both are extremely high quality products, easily on the same level as Apple's stuff. But my mate has an Asus T-100 (Baytrail, Win8) and it's not really up to the same standard, quality-wise, but it is amazing for the money. So what I'd say is that you get what you pay for, regardless of brand.

Not all of them. Razor Edge gaming tablet destroys the Surface Pro 2 in raw performance. So does the i7 Sony Vaio Tap 20 and Tap 21 w/8GB of RAM.

I am pretty happy with my dell venue pro 11. I only use a few ApS on it though. Weave, Wpcentral, Bing news, facebook, sigfig. Not too many ads in those...

Well I thoroughly enjoyed my Surface, which my wife uses now, but I needed something a little lighter to use while walking around at work so I picked up the Lenovo ThinkPad 8. I am very happy with it. I did need a windows tablet to have certain apps needed for work. Love them both. I would be interested in an 8" Surface if it ran Windows 8.1 and not RT. For my needs the RT just doesn't work.

Surface Pro2 have been out for a while. I am thinking you meant the forth coming surface pro3 that should be announced tomorrow.

I would have thought that the Dell Venue 8 would be up there. That seems like a highly capable little tablet for not a lot of $.

I thought this too. With that said, mine is a two surface house. One RT one Pro. Both first Gen.

Same here. Me and 4 of my friends all got DVP8's. I don't know anyone with a surface rt. I actually do know a few with surface pro.

well it does have 1% and is up there on the chart :) pretty good for a totally unpromoted item.

the little tablet that could.

The Dell Venue 8 is an Android tablet. It's the Dell Venue 8 Pro that's Win8. I have three of them. And a Surface RT. And a Sony Vaio Tap 20. :-)

I just want the Surface Mini's pen to work with my Surface 2. Or better yet I hope this means that with the release of the Surface Mini Microsoft finally put a digitizer in Windows RT! Really sucks to use a nice stylus only to find that your notes in OneNote are all jagged and ununiform.

Hang on... I thought it was a software issue. But then again I don't know exactly how digitizers work. All I know is that a digitizer is what allows your push strokes to be smooth like if you were writing on paper.

Where's the surprise in the original Surface RT being in the lead? After the price dumps that it had, specially on Christmas with the 32GB version on sale for 199€ and the 64GB for 299€, of course people bought them. They were the cheapest option available.


And it's not like there's a lot of good options from trustworthy OEMs. And the options that are available are all more expensive than the Surface RT or around the prices of the overpriced Surface Pro 2.


As for tomorrow...well, the Surface Pro 3 will be another way overpriced offer to go pay company to those 0.9% of the Pro 2.
The Surface Mini will depend a lot on the price Microsoft asks for it. But if they keep tradition, it will be overpriced, again.

They can't exactly undercut their OEMs. They're having enough trouble trying to find a balance where they try to compete against them.

Well, the moment they decided to go for the devices business they accepted that they'll have to compete with other OEMs and make a profit. I don't think selling overpriced products is the way to do it. They're trying to be Google and Apple at the same time... Except it's not exactly easy to combine two different market strategies... If at all possible.

Well. Microsoft has it's business model. So you can't compare it to Google or Microsoft. But from your standpoint. Microsoft is clearly a more services company. But with the surface they are just expanding their horizons and creating a good brand. Which is working out quite well

Primarily due to the power keyboard cover.  But taking the cover out of the picture, and prefer how the 2520 feels in my hands.  Not a big fan of metal devices.  I also liked having GPS, but with the S2 LTE version you now can get that in the Surface line.

The 2520 has a little more protection around the corners to help withstand small drops.  The metal design on the S2 almost guarantees a drop on the corner will break the glass since the metal bends and has no shock absorption (yes I'm a little bitter because we actually have 2 S2's...one has no screen - but I did buy a second one, showing that I'm not without understanding of why people like the S2).

I was just about to pull the trigger and buy the Nokia (it's only $399 at the Microsoft Store on sale right now)... but they only have it in black on AT&T... and I really wanted the red.  Now I'll have to think about it.


$399 is a great price ($300 less than the Surface LTE).

I'm also reading bad things about the attachable keyboard for the Nokia.  Since I'll primarily use it with the keyboard, that's a pretty big negative for me.

OMG, Microsoft is FAILING! They just need to give up and stop trying to make tablets.

Ok... am I doing "the sky is falling" thing correctly?  ;-)

Posted from my Surface Pro 2.
(ok, not really. But it's here with me)

I would not encorage them to stop making tablets, history shows if MSFT leaves the survival of windows tablets in the hands of these OEMs, they will surely be doomed. These OEMs do not want to innovate good quality build designs, they are willing to do it for android though, MSFT needs to show them how plus let them see it will be profitable for them if they are willing to compete.

Microsoft should do what Apple did with their own hardwares; iphone, ipad, itouch, macbook pro/air and imac.

Why not have : Surface/Nokia Mobile, Surface RT, Surface Pro, Surface Table .   ....$^@^$@#$ OEMs , they don't care for Windows Phone/Windows , hence they are focusing on Android, Chromebook.   Let them crawling back since they didn't obey the saying "Don't bite the hand that feeds you"

Microsoft may not have a choice.  As you point out, the OEMs are abandoning Windows (or trying to)... and they were doing this before the Surface launched.  Surface is Microsoft's backup plan because the OEMs have been experimenting with Linux & Android for years.

Android tablets YES,

Linux tablets? That sounds like a stretch... Never even knew or heard or read that a linux tablet exist.

These are stats for devices accessing the Windows Store only, so I can see the RT devices having a higher percentage. I have a 1st gen RT (travel device) and my wife has a Surface Pro 2 (it's her main computer). Since she has almost everything she wants in Win32 apps, she doesn't visit the store much. Using it as a companion device, I pick up a lot of stuff in the store. I needed a code editor the other day (Notpad wasn't cutting it) and found a great one for free. Some great games are on there as well. I'll bet I've installed 10-15 times as many apps as her. I am surprised that the DVP isn't higher though as it is more than likely a companion device as well.


We both love our Surface devices though. The build quality is great and if they release a x86 Surface that is as thin as the RT devices, I'm going to be reaching for a hammer to smash my piggy bank!

and that with all the haterid and gunslinging, hp fell off, and lenovo probably has best reputation but the surface stands out , simple thing such as 1080p what? yea its that simple, good design what? yea that to , and build quality what? yea , not just a hardware thing either that the reason nokia is king of phones, well now microsoft is but you get the point, all them guys except lenovo has been sitting on their hands hoping that we'll go back to windows 7, dont believe me look at hp's site the more mention of win 7 that win 8 , they used to be my favorite, but the hp i got now will be my last.

Over 17,000 OEM devices represent 80% of the market. I don't think the comparison to Palm and Sony is a fair one.
I'm not a huge fan of Surface and it's design or pricing. I greatly prefer the 2-in-1 & tablet devices that HP, Dell and Lenovo have been producing for Windows. The accessories for Surface seem way overpriced for what you get as well.

Give me a real docking solution so I can park this thing and use multiple monitors, full keyboard, and mouse in the office and I will be all over this thing. Having to connect USB cables and having that cables mess on my desktop is a deal beaker to me.

pricing themselves right out of the market... I guess they have to do this - so all the other WINDOWS buying vendors do not go into full revolt and use linux... lol

Anyone else see the problem with this data? The data is going to be skewed towards tablets since most desktop and laptop users are probably not spending too much time in Windows Store apps. Thus, the Surface RT with it's 14.5% share is not really an accurate number.

I also can't believe that there are 17,000+ other models that are competeing with the Surface RT. So again, these numbers are really not useful.

I doubt Surface Pros show up in AdDuplex, at least not mine. I pay people to work not click on ads. I also don't think they are overpriced. They have a solid docking solution, can drive very high res monitors and a reasonable fast, at least for computer programmers whom I would assume are power users. Plus they are great in meetings with real inking.

MISLEADING! How about people who buy tablets as a laptop replacement and want to pretend they're using Windows 7?

I think that's many people (not me though, and I own a Surface RT, lol)

I've always been confused by those who call Win8 RT a "dead OS", their most popular reason being because it doesn't run legacy apps O.o


This article clearly proves them wrong

I see Surface RT in use a surprising amount when traveling. Also a few surface Pro/2's. But I don't think I've ever seen a Surface 2 in the wild. Which is too bad - there are some in my family and it is an excellent device.

This isn't as surprising when you think about it. Adduplex gets its data from apps that use their API. I'm willing to bet that users with "full" windows (not rt) dont use as many apps, and the ones they do are probably ones that dont use adduplex anyways (metro ie, Netflix, etc). So these "tablet" numbers are skewed.

Wouldn't it make sense for RT tabs to take the helm when pro tabs can install apps beyond the store? Im talking about the measurement sense, but I don't know exactly how the measurement works. If no store apps are used, can the device still be counted? Not to mention MS and Nokia are the only ones still selling RT devices. Just brings up some accuracy questions in my head. But I have no doubt that MS is the #1 OEM for win8 tabs.

I imagine this is a reflection of the current price of the first-gen Surface RT. Since the seocond-gen devices hit the market, the old RT has been going for a song so I reckon a lot of sheeple would have jus tbought one on spec, to see what it's like.

If Microsoft put out an inexpensive x86 tablet ala the Dell Venue 8 Pro, I'd be all over it, as I am sure many others would be. But RT is useless to me and Surface Pro is way too expensive for me to justify.