Latest ProShot app update improves its startup time and more


ProShot, the very popular Windows Phone camera app, got its last update about a month ago, but today it received yet another upgrade, with some small but noticeable improvements.

The new 5.2 version of the app has the following additions, improvements and bug fixes listed in its change log:

  • Improved startup time (but temporarily removed fast app resume due to API issues. We have reported the bug to Microsoft)
  • Fixed Lumia Cyan filter bug
  • Now correctly plays or mutes shutter sound based on system settings
  • Updated icon to support WP 8.1 transparency, removed Live Tile photo gallery (not possible to support both at the same time due to API issue)
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, and Vietnamese localization
  • Many bug fixes and tweaks throughout

In addition, the ProShot app team is promsing further updates so that it supports Windows Phone 8.1, a way to delete images from Camera Roll and more. In the meantime, you can download the new version of ProShot for $1.99 right now in the Windows Phone Store. What do you think of this latest update?

Thanks to Ian for the tip!

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Latest ProShot app update improves its startup time and more


Thanks for the Tip Credit!
All this app needs is launch from camera button and it TRULY will be a game changer.

Agreed, but I don't understand why this app hasn't taken advantage of that feature. Is this feature restricted to OEMs? Cause I have yet to see any other third party apps using this feature.

I prefer the UI in Proshot over Nokia Camera because its a nice in between solution for the default Windows camera and Nokia's. It's easy to review the photos you take and supports tap anywhere to focus and take pictures but has the vast options of Nokia Camera. It also lets you create and share custom filters. Try the trial.

This for better control, more professional photo, Nokia cam for raw format, Microsoft for fast snapping

while updating this app? Did you try to bing just the error code? might help? problem seems language related. try to change phone language and manually upadte again

I did. Some suggested uninstalling and re-installing, I did that. But it didn't work.

Then I read it might be region related, I changed it to United States, but still no go.

On DP 8.1 GDR 1! :(

Do you have apps set to install to your SD card? If ProShot is on your SD card, move the app to your phone and give it another go. This fixed my issue on my Lumia 1520 WP8.1 U1.

I was getting error code 8103012e. I normally have it set to install on SD. I had to delete the app, Go to 'Storage Sense' ➡ 'Store new apps on phone' ➡ re-download Proshot. Problem solved. HTC 8XT running 8.1 DP

Hi everyone, ProShot dev here. I believe the source of the update issue is that I (somehow?) checked the "Prevent deployment to SD cards" option in Visual Studio. I've rushed out an update to fix it, should come in the next 24-48hours.  Sorry about that :(

Edit: update certified in under two minutes! should be available for download in the next few hours! :D

Removed live tile to support transparent tile? LAME.

I'm all for transparent tiles but live tiles are preferred everytime!

Not everytime by everyone. I prefer static transparent sometimes and this is one of those times. I do think it'd be better to have the choice in the app though.

A lot of users kept asking about transparent tile support. I would have liked to support both, but Microsoft's API only allows devs to choose one of the two :(

:) I'll be all in for it since I don't wanna connect my card to ms store.. Or I wish we had operator payment system.

Want panorama to get integrated with nokia camera. And the smart shoot we had b4 during early stage of windows phone supported low light version too while face detection. Nokia camera needs to be improved and integrated with the above features

I'm not a user if this app, but its certainly refreshing to see the amount of useful information communicated in the change log. Kudos to the developer, wish they would all do this.

Agree 100%. The ProShot developer gives good change log. He also participates in the forums, is responsive to feedback and is as transparent as you could hope for.

I was getting error code 8103012e. I normally have it set to install on SD. I had to delete the app, Go to 'Storage Sense' ➡ 'Store new apps on phone' ➡ re-download Proshot. Problem solved. HTC 8XT running 8.1 DP,

I was getting error code 8103012e. I normally have it set to install on SD. I had to delete the app, Go to 'Storage Sense' ➡ 'Store new apps on phone' ➡ re-download Proshot. Problem solved. HTC 8XT running 8.1 DP...

I was getting error code 8103012e. I normally have it set to install on SD. I had to delete the app, Go to 'Storage Sense' ➡ 'Store new apps on phone' ➡ re-download Proshot. Problem solved. HTC 8XT running 8.1 DP.

Thanks, I`ll just wait for the dev to fix it, I only chose the 'Try' option, if Id bought it (Which I was gonna) I might mess about trying to get it installed, but I`ll wait for the next update

I don't think the next update will fix this. Apps, being installed on the main memory, and not the SD card are being loaded faster, and that's the main point of the updates, make it faster and better. The SD card is just not an option for this app.

I bought it without even trying it, when it was originally launched. I don't reget it.

Well every other app I have installed that requires it to be installed on the Phone instead of the SD have notified me about that before they tried to install, and said something along the lines of "The developer of this app has required that it be installed on the phone not the sdcard, is this ok?"


This one tries to install, gets 3/4 of the way done, then fails


I messaged the developer, I hope he will at least add that message to the store soon. I installed it and works fine.

This is just misinformation from Microsoft. Insted of giving us some codes, they can add a library that can translate the codes and tell us what's wrong. I searched that error code on google and they all said it's language and region related. Okay. I switched my phone to a language that is supported (English US was not working so I tried the other logical main language, Chinese) and guess what, the same error. The install on phone workaround was my last option and it worked!

Microsoft really should make these error codes more transparent.  I re-enabled the option to load from SD card because this error is causing a lot of issues. The update (v5.2.0.1) should be coming in the next few hours

I get the error 8103012e and is the v
Also I can't remove the app, I switched the option in the storage sense but it doesn't work

I have a fix for the 8103012e error. Looks like the developer made the app only available for internal storage, but didn't warn about it (like WatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.).

Go to settings, Data Sense and select to install apps on your phone, not SD card. Install ProShot, no more errors. Go back to Data Sense set your phone to install apps to SD card and your problem is now fixed.

All your new apps will go on SD card while the ProShot will update on the phone memory.

8103012e has nothing to do with languages. Hope I helped!

So about Intervalometer, why would you put a feature on your app that could destroy someone's phone if used improperly? Then use one of those lawyer disclaimers to say y'all aren't responsible.....yall should have an in house test device for that feature instead of experimenting with those that PAID for your app

Intervalometer uses cpu a lot. Prolong usage may cause overheating and chip/motherboard damage. They explain it. If you use, let's say the camera for 5-6 hours, it may fry your chip, but it may not, they just warn you not to use it for too long.

Thank you :)

I've used the intervalometer for extended periods of time on a lot of different devices. The only device that overheated and turned off was an HTC 8X, but even then the phone was just fine after. I just want users to know the information before hand. People have used ProShot to do sunrise / sunset timelapses as well as starlapses with no issue.

It seems to be very hard to bring it to WP, this function available for all I phones and Android phones as Samsung and HTC and LG and Sony xperia

There are three ways of doing this in ProShot:

1) Set camera mode to HDR, set num shots = 1
2) Use the HDR Lite filter in any mode
3) Set Shadow Recovery to +2 or +3 and all of your images will have an expanded dynamic range

There seems to be update drama every time I update the app, and it's almost always some bug with the store. I'm doing everything I can to make these updates go smoothly, I am sorry everyone :(

But hey-- at least I'm still updating the app right? ;)

I can't decide between pro shot and Nokia camera although I'm leaning towards Nokia camera but still not sure.
Can anyone give me some advice on what one they prefer