Latest Windows 8.1 ad highlights the return of the Start Button

The latest thirty second spot for Windows 8.1 highlights the return of the Start Button. A feature that went missing with Windows 8 and caused a bit of a stir amongst the Microsoft faithful.

The video also touches on personalization options for your Start Screen such as the Live Tiles we've all grown rather fond of and Windows ability to multi-task and move between running programs with a simple swipe.

The Windows 8.1 update is slated to begin October 18th.  Will you be among the many to welcome the Start Button back with open arms or was it's absence not that big a deal?

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Latest Windows 8.1 ad highlights the return of the Start Button



Isn't the button in the middle of our
Windows 8 tablet or on our windows keyboards the start button, lol?

Why don't they just make it so a "right click" on the Start Button (while in the desktop) opens the traditional Start Menu, and left clicking does exactly what it does now? It might help people make the transition... and figure out that "hey, the new Start Menu is actually better & quicker."

Well, it kind of already does, just without any graphical flare at all. It's just a boring menu when you right click. You mean, display the actual old windows 7 menu, full graphics and all?

With windows 8, you can change the start button to bring you to your apps list by left clicking, and right clicking the start menu brings up your "power user" menu (also available in windows 8 currently), which shows things like task manager, command prompt, control panel, ect. So a lot of that functionality is there, just split between right and left click. I actually like this implementation better personally, and I think it will make more sense for the average user, who doesn't use a lot of those "power user" options

I think there needs to be a traditional start button as an option for IT professionals to utilize as a support tool for business clients. Knowing that businesses pay an hourly fee, I know there will be clients who wont want to pay extra support fees because of the time it will take techs to traverse the current windows 8 menu's

Or, how about you realise that IT pros are not idiots and know about the excellent right click menu on the start button ;)

Until programs are adapted to overcome the windows 8 menu shortcomings, id prefer , as an IT pro, that id get the full traditional win 7 menu system to quickly admnistrate for end users.

That's why they put in the right-click menu. Is there anything you as admin need to reach often/quickly that is not available there?

What shortcomings are those? What can't you do in the start screen and the new right click menu that you can in the old start menu?

I'm sorry but you are no IT Pro if you haven't pushed out GP to your EUs systems on rollout of Win8. Surely an IT Pro would have a proper SOE that they know their way around! Even if customizing the menu wasn't possible all the legacy .msc apps are still accessible via the start+r! So tired of these so call 'IT Pros' and their inability to adapt. I've been looking after systems since 3.11 and I'm still going strong!

Why do you feel the need for a start menu as a IT pro? I don't understand at all. I honestly could not care less what OS I support etc, they are all computers and follow the same rules. As a IT pro I can use and work through any OS or environment and any IT pro worth anything can do the same.

If the pro term referring to pro as being paid, then yes, you are IT Pro (regardless your knowledge about the OS itself). But if we referring to pro as the one who did much better than average joe, then you're not by any means pro. Honestly, even I as average user (but have enough experience on computer usage in general), I still prefer keyboard shortcut than start menu itself. And this behavior already engraved on me since I use Win7. Knowing that "IT Pro" is not capable of things that a general user like me can do, I'd make sure I won't hire that "IT pro".

You don't have to. You could just adapt to the new start screen and right click menu which has all the functionality of the old start menu. For those who refuse to adapt, there is the option to install a 3rd party add oin which makes the the new os look like the old os. 

You realize you can customize the start screen and even implement group policy on what is shown on teh start screen? You only have to traverse the start screen if you pin every app you have installed. If you are smart, the start screen will have just the most used apps there and you would use search or the all apps screen to open the rest. People like you for some reason keep thinking the start menu was better for some reason. It actually takes more time to scroll through the tiny start menu and the embedded folders.

As a corporate IT tech I find your comment disturbing. Why do you think we need a start menu? I did most of my tasks via keyboard shortcuts and command prompts. We are probably the only type of user in the world that could care less what a GUI looks like or need a start menu.....

+1000. The guy prob isn't an IT pro. IT pros by and large don't even need the start menu.

I own a IT Consulting business and its up to me to train my techs to understand W8. Not the clients. Oh and W8 is faster then W7 if you really know what you are doing. If you don't know you may need to learn and not on your clients time.

If techs don't learn Windows 8 on their own time than 1) I question if they are techs 2) They don't deserve to get hired.

Richard, I have read your posts and have a hard time believing that you are a tech. You probably are more like the slightly technically proficient guy in your family or amongst your friends and so you think you are a guru and obviously you aren't.

Would it be totally impossible to implement a five-finger gesture like in the video to switch between screens? Or opening from the lock screen (assuming no passwords)? :P

It wasn't needed really, but if it'll make it easier for some people, then cool. I didn't miss it all that much, windows 8 was easy enough to work with.

"caused a bit of a stir"? A BIT? lol

I am among those who would welcome the REAL start button back. The one that in desktop mode, where I spend 99% of the time, would bring up all the menus.

THIS "start button"? Nop. That's not what I asked for, that's not what I need. So I won't welcome something that is kind of useless. I will keep relying on third party Apps to provide me with a functional start button on desktop mode. As of late, rely on third parties to provide you with the solutions Microsoft refuses to.

As for the add, I liked it. I wish Apps and screens would actually open with that burning effect.
I also like how they focus on making it personal...but I really hope they will allow us to customize the tile colours.
I really get fed up with the same colours quickly. On Windows Phone I solved it with Skinery for many apps, but on W8 I have yet to find a similar app...

Even though this comment was kinda rude it's trrue. The Start Menu as you know it is dead and it needed to die. Learn how W8 works and actually USE it. It is faster and more efficent. Yes this ,eans learning keyboard shortcuts, Yes this means it doesn't work the same way.

And who are you to say that? I'm ready to bet you also said the start button would not return. And yet, here it is.
Get over it.

The Start "button" has always been there. If you hovered over the bottom left in Win 8 you got the same functionality you get with the "button" in 8.1. I have never said that the button was gone, I have said and will say again the start menu as most people know it, ie the one introduced in Windows 95. is gone. The things you say remind me of the same things people said about Windows 95 when it came out. Its the same things people say everytime someting changes.

It's really no different from Win7 if you think about it.
In Win7, press the start button. A menu pops up. Type in the name of the program you want to start. Click the program and it starts.
In Win8, click the lower left corner. The Metro interface pops up. Type in the name of the program you want to start. Click the program and it starts. (It's even faster too).
Granted, it does not have all of the programs, files, folders, shortcuts, etc..., but it's the same basic functionality!

It does have the programs. The start screen is your pinned favorites. All app is the same as all programs. It has files. You can pin any file you want to the start screen. It has shortcuts. The only thing it doesn't have is folders. It uses groups instead.

But there's the thing. "Search" for programs is the one thing I DON'T use the W7 start button for. Actually, I know no one who ever used the search button on Windows actually. Even the other day I had to explain to a friend who works at a Bank that he could use a search button. He, in 20 years, had never used the search.
However, the start button, many people use (hence the vast complains from regular users).
I personally use it to access programs instead of having them all as shortcuts, I use it to access the deep control panels of Windows etc.

The problem with the lack of that button in W8 (and W8.1 for that matter) is that Microsoft hasn't yet figured out how to have 2 systems - Desktop and Metro.
On W8 you can have the Metro screen all pretty with tiles and apps from the store. But every single other program you have in your computer - Office included - will go to the desktop to open.
Actually, if you need to do some more basic stuff like open the keyboard and languages settings, you have to go back to desktop.

So basically, the Metro screen is just a showcase for Store Apps. It serves no other purpose on W8.
If you keep going back to desktop to work, then the normal thing would be to provide you with all the tools necessary.
But instead, Microsoft decided to force users to keep jumping around from one mode to the other. This is not user friendly for less experienced Windows users, and it's a really pestering thing for those who are experienced users.

Pinning is what people do now. Get with the times old man. Start menu is dated, take your whining elsewhere.

Given that the majority of Windows users are still with XP and W7...I think people aren't doing that much "pinning" little brat. Now go back to your playmobil.

Pinning to the Task Bar and Jump Lists were introduced with Windows 7. They are the way to go. You should give it a try and report back. I think you could use a little maturing yourself, name calling is such elementary school behavior.

But there's the thing. "Search" for programs is the one thing I DON'T use the W7 start button for. Actually, I know no one who ever used the search button on Windows actually. Even the other day I had to explain to a friend who works at a Bank that he could use a search button. He, in 20 years, had never used the search.

Honestly I don’t think you understand what people are referring to. In Windows Vista and later you could bring up the start menu and start typing, in example I could press start or hit the windows key on the keyboard and start typing the name of the program I wanted to run. IE W O R D for word etc. So me like many other instead of looming through the menu would hit the Windows key and type a couple characters and press enter when it was enough to select the program we wanted to run. We never used Windows Search and the fact you didn’t know this makes me question your expertise with technology.
However, the start button, many people use (hence the vast complains from regular users).
I personally use it to access programs instead of having them all as shortcuts, I use it to access the deep control panels of Windows etc.
You do not need the start menu as you know it to do this. See above.
The problem with the lack of that button in W8 (and W8.1 for that matter) is that Microsoft hasn't yet figured out how to have 2 systems - Desktop and Metro.
On W8 you can have the Metro screen all pretty with tiles and apps from the store. But every single other program you have in your computer - Office included - will go to the desktop to open.
Actually, if you need to do some more basic stuff like open the keyboard and languages settings, you have to go back to desktop.

No you do not. I can get to the Control panel by pressing Windows Key+X and then P from anywhere on any screen. Please look up the basic functions of a OS before you complain.

So basically, the Metro screen is just a showcase for Store Apps. It serves no other purpose on W8.
No it is list of programs and information you can bring up at any time. I use my start screen on my leftmost monitor at work for nothing more than a notification center.

If you keep going back to desktop to work, then the normal thing would be to provide you with all the tools necessary.

They are available. Windows Key + X

But instead, Microsoft decided to force users to keep jumping around from one mode to the other. This is not user friendly for less experienced Windows users, and it's a really pestering thing for those who are experienced users.

Nope its more user friendly. Why not try to learn it instead of bitching and complaing about thing you are clueless on….

Are you stupid? Or can't you just read? I am well aware of that search functionality. The fact that I don't use it, doesn't mean I don't know it's there. But if you had passed 1st grade English, you would have noticed that I said, the majority of the common user, doesn't really do that search and don't even know that said search feature exists.

"No you do not. I can get to the Control panel by pressing Windows Key+X and then P from anywhere on any screen. Please look up the basic functions of a OS before you complain."
Yes you do, idiot. Every time you want to access deeper layers of language controls, it takes you right back to desktop mode. You are arguing out of thin air.
But by the way...the average user does NOT use key combinations. You do realize that, don't you? Or are you arrogant to think that the common Windows user (from 8-80) has nothing better to do than to memorize key shortcuts? The only key shortcuts that almost everyone knows and uses is ctrl+alt+del and ctrl+c/ctrl+v. Many don't even know the basic alt+F4.
So don't assume just because you're a nerd, that the average user of Windows - to whom Microsoft works - knows that.

You're just an arrogant nerd with absolutely no connection with the real world outside your bedroom. You have absolutely no perception of the way common users deal with their computers, and so you stay behind your nerdy fanboyism.
But, unfortunately for you, Microsoft isn't concerned with pleasing nerds like you. They are concerned with their larger base of consumers: kids, adults, elderly, enterprises.
Windows 8 was a failure. Deal with it. There's a reason why they're already releasing 8.1 to address so many concerns and complains about W8. They want to sell the OS and people simply aren't adhering to it. And companies even less. The last thing a Bank or an office wants is employees spending the day toying around with tiles.

Get a life, get non-nerd friends, get a job with normal people and watch them. Then, maybe, you'll stop being an arrogant arse thinking everyone who uses Windows - you know, those 80% of computer owners - are nerds like you and don't deserve to see their legitimate complains about an half-baked OS attended to. 

The release if 8.1 has nothing to do with the complaints. Months before the release of W8 Microsoft announced that they will have yearly aggressive upgrades rather than every 3-5 years. Also, Microsoft has a detailed blog that shows statistics from their customer experience program of Windows that shows a majority of users do not use the Start Menu in Windows 7 and prior, most users pin all their icons to their desktop.

8.1 is mostly updates to fix issues within the OS. The only compromises that noticeable are start button and boot to desktop.

Btw, you knew the search functionality. And logically, search function usually faster than looking around in the cramped application list. Yet you didn't use it. And since a lot of people around you didn't know this functionality, have you try to inform them about search functionality and let them decide whether they will use it or not? You can't really blame Microsoft when the search bar is there right on the start menu and yet no one wondering what is it for. And to make it worse, the one who knows about it keep silent just because he didn't use it.

Sorry, but if you know no one who uses the search -functionality, I really pity you. I often agree with you, but the search is just so much faster that I use it all the time assuming I do not have the program pinned to the taskbar.

i don't if you realize, but the start menu uses shortcuts, not actual exe files. the deep control panel is now avaílable from a right click of the start button. who cares where the program open. what's iportant is that after you click on the program, it opens and is availale for use. the same thing happened with dos programs when windows came out. You would click on a shortcut and the program would open in a dos window. the metro start screen is a full screen start menu. that is the purpose it serves. with 8.1, microsoft moved more aettings to the charm menu. eventually, they will move all the settings there.
let's not pretend you actually get work done on the desktop. you get work done inside apps. the desktop is there to pin shortcut and files for easy access. this same function can be done on the start screen. the desktop is there for legacy support, just how the dos window was in windows 3.1.  for a while most of the programs you used ran in dos. as more programs were made for windows, most people stopped using the dos window. the same thing will happen with the desktop.

Microsoft has their own agenda that it seems conflicting with your (and the people you know) interest. And since you already achieve what you desire via 3rd party apps, why not just call it a day?

Everything in this world constantly moving and changing. Want to get along, learn to adapt. Want to stay, look for alternatives (like 3rd party start menu or even entirely different OS). Is that hard enough?

Microsoft has ONE agenda: make profits.
For that, they need people to buy their things.
People aren't buying W8 because they don't like it when they try it.
Which is why Microsoft is already taking steps back (sort-of-start button back, possibility to open Windows right to the desktop instead of the Metro tiles...).

Accept that. Live with it. And stop assuming Microsoft is more concerned with "being modern" than they are with making money.
Is that hard enough?

Nope. Even if they changed back to the old windows behavior or even completely different approaches, I just adapted into it. As simple as that. I'm not the one complaining here. You did :)

Btw, Mac also has some drastic change back then so some of old devices can't even update into Lion. I recall that lots of people complaining back then. But in the end, they eventually accept it. So I'm sure sooner or later people will trying to adapting to the changes, despite of all the complaints.

Microsoft is concerned with making money now and in the future. The PC market is shrinking. If they want to stay relevant they will need a presence on tablets and phones. Metro is their future. They will continue supporting PCs and old programs through the desktop. Accept it and deal with it because you have no where else to go. You can keep windows 7 or go with windows 8. Switching to Linux and mac means you will have to give up all your legacy programs.

You sound like the guy who can't get over the girl who broke up with him in high school. Get over it.

I completely agree that we need to have the old Start bottom back. It is much easier to navigate files through it. I find it visually confusing to use the Start Screen to open files like when I need to attach something to an email.
I'm pretty sure if MSFT add back the old Start bottom then it would see much more adaptation of Windows 8; good for business, good for Windows fans.

The new Start menu is a thousand times better than the old one, and what do you really need your start button for? A lot of keyboards have a search button, so you can always search for an application you wish to open, or just keep it in the task bar.
I agree that Modern UI apps on the desktop are silly in many ways, but I think if they make applications like Mail and Calendar automatically snap to the left or right so you get a more 'desktop-y' experience, it could work.
Lastly, I must say that applications like the Modern UI-inspired Office 2013 and Visual Studio 13 are gorgeous desktop applications that show the REAL power of Windows 8. If Microsoft can somehow share data between two interfaces of the same applications, they should definitely improve on what Apple has done with iOS applications and OS X applications, and just put beautiful Modern UI applications on the desktop, when you're on a desktop. Modern UI goes on phones and tablets, Modern UI-desktop goes on the desktop - everyone's happy! everyone wins!

When people started to complaint about missing the start button I think what they were missing wasn't the button , it was the functionality of the button like in Windows 7 that when you press it it shows you the menu to access different computer settings or access to control panel,devices etc. I think that this actual  button that they will implement in Windows 8.1isnt need it because what it does is the same when you hover to the corner of the screen in Windows 8 and it takes you to the metro interface. People will still complaint because they want a start button that does what Windows 7 start button does.

Every day for almost two years now, thanks for asking! It's been working great for me so far, and I honestly notice I'm faster at doing a lot of things that I previously did hunting in the start menu.

Right click and the All Apps comes out. 8.1 will have the all apps link visible at the bottom. You don't even need to right click.

My laptop is a Dell Latitude D830 with W8 works like a champ I don't think I need a touch screen for W8. Just as fast with a mouse and keyboard. For people that complain it isn't need to learn how to use a computer.

Start screen -> right click -> All Apps ... Or better yet, Start screen -> type some letter -> pick the one you want to run if you want to go all keyboard shortcut.

Anything else?

I have the Logitech T620 Touch Mouse. With this mouse I can do ALL the navigation and multitasking gestures. To bring up the all apps I just right click on the Start screen.
I get around Windows 8 very fast with my touch mouse. There are 2 ways to search:
1. While on the Start screen, I just start typing.
2. Swipe from the right edge of my touch mouse to bring up the chram menu, click search and just start typing.
I use #2 most of the time, because it works from the Start screen, the desktop and any apps.
To mutitask, I use Ctrl+Tab, since it switches between all types of apps, Modern and Destop. I could mutitask by swiping from the left edge of my touch mouse, but this only work with the Modern apps.

I kinda like the fact that MS gave everyone the fu finger.  You want your start button, you got your start button...  to the Start Screen! 
Right click where the start button was gives you even more options than win7 start button had! 
The only thing that I can think of to benefit from the actual Start button is Remote Desktop.  It's kind of a pain to access start screen otherwise.

I'm happy the way it is, I made my comment because that's what people wanted , a start button like in Windows 7 . To me there is no need I am a computer student already working IT , I' get use to whatever they throw in 

Another benefit I've found is I can now access the "power user" menu in the desktop using just a touch screen now. Before I wasn't able to do that in Windows 8, so that's been a bonus in my book.

In 8.1, right click on the start button and you get the computer settings, control panel, etc. All teh functionality is now there. If they still complain it's because they refuse to accept any change what so ever.

The Start button has no use. On a tablet you can use the hardware button and on desktop you can click the point where the button was (and will be).

You'd be surprised how many people don't use or even know about the Windows key. Not showing any visual cue for the start button confuses new users.

That's because Best Buy and stores alike didn't show basics on W8 to new users. People that are shown how it works love it. All my clients that are on W8 have ended up upgrading all computers to W8 because I took 30sec showing them how it all works.

I don't know what type of store Best Buy is... but typically people either buy new PC's with W8 off the shelf, they get a friend to install it, or they're given a work PC to use. Not all friends or workplaces will give an induction into how to use a PC, as it's been largely unchanged for 18 years. I don't think the OS is successful if people need training to do basic tasks, or things are hidden away unless you waggle your mouse the right way.
The start-screen is actually okay, but the charms bar is just abysmal. The multi-monitor support with full-screen apps is poor. At the end of the day, I still find W7 more efficient and more intuitive to use. Hopefully 8.1 will address a lot of the issues.

On remote desktop or virtual machine, it still has some use since the hardware start button usually captured by the host OS. You still can use the bottom-left corner but then again, it might overlap with the OS corner.

Not true, you can now get to the right click menu of the Start button on a touch screen, before you had to use the mouse.

I don't get it. I mean isn't the metro tile side basically the start menu? Then if you right click in the bottom right corner you have access to additional settings stuff? I like w8 and don't miss the old ways personally.

One step forward, two steps back. Sometimes Microsoft just needs to stick to their guns and highlight what they're doing better.

I'm not sure what they're lying about. Also I'm not sure what you're talking about. And if you don't appreciate, why post here in wpc?

What? I can't post here because I happen to to not believe this video is truthful? That makes no sense.
Also, did you see the video? Can you interact with W8 the way they do in the video?

Really? Did you even watch the video?
Try and resize your tile by tapping once on it, for starters.

So by your standards all tv ads are lies. And yes I've seen it on TV and I watched it again from the link when posted.

My guess is you took the commercial in different light. So I understand where you coming from. Some chap not know anything about w8 will be confuse.

People didn't complain about the iPhone ad of the guy jogging and takes a perfect picture. When is the last time you were at a restaurants and the food looked just like the tv ad? My guess is never.

I have to laugh at this Start-button thing. People didn't miss the start BUTTON, they missed the old start MENU. So of course, MS returns the start BUTTON... but not the old MENU. The Start button will now simply bring up the new Start menu (the "modern UI").
Can't wait to see how pissed people will be when they find out that the promised "return of the Start button" is not at all what they had asked for...

Who says so? People felt stupid not knowing how to get started with Windos 8.
With Windows 8.1 people don't feel stupid anymore. They even get LARGE hints when using Windows 8.1. Problem solved. So much for human intelligence ;)

The start button isn't for the people who complain on forums. They already know how to get back to start. This is for teh average folks who went to the desktop and didn't know how to get back to start. They are not smart enough to realize there is a start button right there on the keyboard. For the complainers, they added the right click menu which brings the sytem shortcuts that the start screen is missing.

Yes. But not intuitive for those who doesn't have a clue on the bottom-left corner thing. So Microsoft decided to add this button specifically to address that.

The old start button took you to your programs the new start button takes you to your program. OMG the madness. Oh wait your the troll from above.

By the way, why does MS fabricate a completely non-existing way to resize and move tiles, instead of show the ACTUAL way to do it? It's not like the actual way is particularly cumbersome. Odd.

Of course I do. And I have seen ads where some bits are edited for time, such as app start times etc. But I have not seen what is purported to be actual use interaction be completely and entirely falsified like this. There is NO functionality like this in W8. It does not exist. So why make it up in the ads that try and sell it?
It would be like selling a car and having someone drive it with a joystick, when in fact it has a regular steering wheel in it - and making it LOOK like the car does in fact have a joystick.

Why take two steps back from a step forward? I enjoy the non-start-button Windows 8. As a consumer, I say no to bringing it back. I am one for creative innovation, not clinging to the old.

Just another easy way to get to the start menu instead swiping swiping right corner. Just to help dumb and incompetent folks.

"OMG, I feet so lost without the Start Button!". I wonder how those people felt when they got into a car with a push to start button instead of a key ignition? Jeez....

I just wish the start sceen would go into snapped mode or half screen so I can open another app. For instance, browsing with IE and press the start button, the start screen and ie would be in split mode, swipe up on the start screen and find my app. oila, I got the new app and ie web page both up at the same time.

I think the idea is to have a full screen to find your apps faster. It wouldn't be a bad option, but I don't think it will be high on their priority list.

Please don't advertise the return of the Start Button as if it's an important feature
Start Button without a start menu is useless.

There IS a Start Menu, it just takes up the whole screen instead of just a tiny portion of it, a screen that makes things much simpler, quicker and easier to find. Why cant people understand this?

I know the start menu changed into a start screen, but the new start screen is not as convenient and efficient as the old start menu. For example, icons of installed software get scattered on the start screen and it becomes a nightmare to browse through them, while on the old menu all programs are sorted into lists and sub lists which was easier to navigate. That’s the most important feature which I missed with Windows 8, other than that I could live with everything else.

8.1 will change that . When you install an app, it won't appear on teh start screen anymore. The start screen is strickly your favorite apps that you chose to pin. If they are scattered, that is because you are unorganized and don't arrange the screen to be optimal for you. When you go to all app, the are organized in a list that you can sort by various criteria and related groups are shown togather (ie all office apps in one groups). The scrolling on the tiny start menu with all the folders and sub folders wasn't very efficient. By the way, you should get used to searching for apps. It's the easiest way to launch something in both win 8 and win 7.

Why do I need to do extra work and organize the icons in my start screen when they could be automatically sorted and organized in the old-style menu?
Anyway, I am yet to try Windows 8.1 and see what changes it brings. I still find Windows 8 the best OS if I just ignore the missing start menu.

I think you miss-interprets the things. The first visible area on start screen is replacing the pinned apps on the start menu (I'm talking about pinned apps on start menu, not task bar). And the All Apps screen is replacing the organized list of apps. Btw, in Win7, you also need to click the "Show All Applications" button to show the organized list you are talking about.

So ... What's the difference?

Because something that takes you to a different screen and then makes you scroll horizontally to find it, is, to some people inefficient and jarring. Don't get me wrong, I like Windows 8, but I totally get why many desktop users hate the modern UI and find the removal of the menu-driven Start Menu to be counterintuitive for mouse users. People don't like learning new systems, especially if they cannot see how it is ostensibly better. My take is that modern UI mode is awesome for touch screen tablets, but for serious dual-monitor desktop, it is a distraction that slows down many tasks (e.g. search for a file from the Start Screen and then try sorting the results by type or date. Good luck).

The start menu was also a different screen. It just wasn't full screen and you could still see the previous app or desktop. That wasn't very useful since it would go away if you click anywhere else. What's jarring about horizontal scrolling? Did everyone forget that all windows devices are using screens that are landscape. Horizontal scrolling makes perfect sense and is the reason you see most apps in windows 8 use it. It just takes a few seconds to get used to it.

You can still search from the desktop, just open explorer and use the search in the top right corner, then sort by type or date.

Enlightened me please. Can we search for files directly from the start menu AND sort the result without using explorer?

Well ... In start screen (Win8), yes we can. But start menu (Win7)? Never heard that it can search files directly from that.

I got USED to the lack of a start button but i can completely understand the frustration. Randomly placing your mouse in the bottom left for the start screen, top right for the charm bar/shutdown is illogical and in no way intuitive.

Nothing is intuitive until you learn how to use it. Was placing the shut down button on the start menu intuitive? Or how about alt-ctrl-del? Are any of the right click menus intuitive? I just had to help a coworker with a MacBook air that a client brought in. There was nothing intuitive about osx either. I have only used it a few times and everything took me longer. I'm sure if used it exclusively for a few weeks, I would become good with it. Everything is learned. Only very simple things with very few functions can be truly intuitive.

I think I rather "start" a shutdown process, than "configure" the computer to shutdown. Settings is just a terrible place for the shutdown options.

Having a start button is good for is with more than one display.

Now that you mention it, I can see why people can't find their way around Windows 8... That really is a horrible place to put that option.
I don't remember how I figured out how to shutdown Windows 8, it feels like I've known where to look for it ever since I started using it... Maybe it was just that I used Windows 8 previews before the final version was released, and I somehow "molded" with the software, lol.

You can configure the power button to "start" the shutdown process. Use the charm menu to search for "Power Options" in settings. Click on "Choose What the Power Button Do". In the drop down box(es) beside "When I press the power button" choose "Shutdown". This works great! I have one button I use to power on my laptop and the same button to shut it down! 

That's not good enough. Professionals far prefer the w7 start menu to that hideous "wall" with big buttons

A professionals job is to keep up with new developements and get educated about it trends. If they were doing their job, they would know that that wall with big buttons can be cjhanged to a wall of small buttons that are only slightly bigger the the old icons. They would also know that you can unpin all the apps except the ones you really need, just like the desktop and taskbar. I suppose in your world, a narrow wall of icons and text you have to scroll through is much better that a full screen list of apps. Based on teh number of apps I have installed at work, I wouldn't have to scroll at all to find an app, if I had win 8 installed there.

I own a IT consulting business and all my tech love W8. Don't know what you are talking about. But we learn and adapt to a every changing world the ones that don't will be left behind.

Professional has nothing to do with it. People who don't want to adapt hate it, whether they are amateur or professionals. People who learn how it works realize it does everything the old one did better love it, regardless of their professional status. The only pros who might have issues with it are those who handle training and assistence for many personnel, because any change, be it good or bad, means more work for them.

The surface pro 2 is getting me super excited! Dat pricetag though :( (not saying it's too expensive, just saying it's expensive for me)

Not a big deal, I'm doing fine without it. Not sure about other ppl but for me and my wife we move around Windows 8 with no problem. Software not in the start screen just type and it appears, its that simple

I am an IT professional and haven't used a start button in years.... My applications were pinned to the task bar and I am OK with keyboard shortcuts ... I hardly touch a mouse...

Why is MS so hard up on getting rid of the traditional start button? This is not what people asked for when they said they wanted the start button back. MS must think that people are a bunch of retards and that they would shut up just because the start button logo is there, WTF?

I know its so crazy the old start button took you to your programs and the new start button wait for it this is crazy. It does the same thing. OMG stop this madness

Then I ask the same question to you. Why are you so hard up on adapting to the change? People are expected to adapt to any changes since the nature itself is constantly changing. If people lingering on the thing called comfort zone, they will left behind.

Why do they show all these fancy effects when they are not in the OS... Sure, ad looks cool, but the product will disappoint. Even the tiles look a little shiny, and they are not.

So nobody else has noticed that the UI in the video doesn't work like it does in real life? Or is my computer the only one where tapping a tile starts an app - it doesn't resize it. And where you can't "hold" little tiles in your hand and "drop" them on the screen? And there is no cloud-mix effect when you click start?
Unless my computer works differently, does it not bother anyone else that the UI interaction in the video is completely invented?

You're OK with lies in ads. I hate it when Apple does it, I'll hate it when MS does it. And especially when it completely undermines what is IMO a great product (W8) by not showing how it actually works, for no apparent reason.

Then basically you'll have to hate most of ads around the world. My suggestion? Get over with. We better use our times to useful thing than whining about every ads :)

Microsoft's Windows 8 start button is like watching reruns of Seinfeld. Will it return, did it return, where in the hell is it? Of course hidden under all that Metro crap! Windows 8 reminds of something everyone wants to like, but no one ever does.

I installed a third party start button. Found that I don't need it anymore and deleted it.. Transformation complete .. Beep beep ..

Am I the only one who wishes Windows 8.1 came with those awesome transition effects and magically delicious graphics when manipulating tiles? :D

I move my taskbar to the top. Does the start button stay on the lower left or does it move with the taskbar? What if I move it to the right? Can I still be able to trigger charms with the mouse on the right? Or is it replaced by the start screen? This is stupid.

Me too. I also move the taskbar to the top. IMO, it won't overlap with the hot corners. The usual start screen shortcut should be there in bottom-left corner. Modern apps switcher should still there at the top-left corner. And charm bar should still there at the right corners. The start button will act like all pinned buttons on the taskbar (except that maybe it's not removable).

Never really missed it at all. I knew from the start that the start screen was the start button in a different view, with my favorites (which we used to pin to the stop of the start menu) on the main screen, and all of the apps on the (strangely enough) all apps screen.
If people had tried to get used to this new paradigm instead of just complaining, they would have easily adjusted. 

I could do with out. What people don't realize the start button is do the same as the hidden 1 does know it will take you to your start screen and not a box with all your choices.