Leaked Roadmap - Verizon to get Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X and Samsung ATIV S

Verizon Lumia

Verizon set to get the 'big 3'?

Rum: 8

Although unverified at this point, the site PhoneArena is claiming to have the Verizon roadmap for upcoming new devices, including those rumored “multiple” Windows Phone 8 phones.

The good news if accurate is Verizon is getting all of the big guns, including the Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung ATIV S and the recently announced HTC 8X—all considered to be the top of the line launch devices for Windows Phone 8, due to occur at the end of October.

Looking for release dates? All they have penciled in is November, meaning a launch window is in place but subject to outside circumstances. Our bet is we’ll see them sooner than later.

So, to our long beleaguered Verizon readers, has Verizon satisfied you with their WP8 lineup? Does it make up for only having the Trophy?  And which will you get (take our poll).

Source: PhoneArena; Thanks, DavidinCT, for the tip!


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Leaked Roadmap - Verizon to get Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X and Samsung ATIV S


lol, hell yeah!!
if vz gets the Lumia 920 i will forgive them for all the ways in which they have wronged me over the years..
the trophy was a great phone, and vz has excellent service. but for me, now, it's devices > carriers/service and i'm really happy to see this.

Totally agree with what vaultboy21 says.  I would love to stay wity vz but they need ALL the best phones to choose from...especially after having almost none.

Hell yes. I really hope this rumor turns out to be solid. I've been able to upgrade from my Droid Incredible since July, and if the 920 comes to Verizon, the wait will have been well worth the pain and suffering I've been through.

The pain and suffering of using a Blackberry Storm og for two years...will only be worth it if Verizon gets the Lumia 920. Rocking the Trophy atm :-)

^^^Same here!! Droid Incredible was a great phone but I've wanted to move to WP since my contract was up in April. Knowing WP8 was coming in the fall and that VZW was going to get carry them was one of the reasons I stayed with them. AT&T has had the best WP lineup and I spent many days before and after work playing with the Lumia and Titan. If it wasn't for the crazy ETF, (I'm on a family plan), I might have switched.
Now, we have 3 great WP8 phones to choose from with the best LTE coverage!! The wait has been grueling but I hope it will be worth it!!

You and I are in the exact same boat.  I have been sitting on an upgrade for my droid incredible 2 for about 6 months now.  I was oh so close to getting a galaxy s3 and actually had made the pre-order but then cancelled because I was intrigued by windows phone 8.  Right now, I am planning on the Ativ S from Samsung, but am open to being convinced otherwise when more info comes out on the various phones.  

No one has to make up for the Trophy cuz it was and is a pretty darn good phone.  What’s concerning is that this news does not jive with inventory screen shots of the 822.  How does that fit into the mix and/or will the 920 be branded the 922?
HTC is no surprise as they announced Verizon as a carrier earlier in the week and leaked a phone of the back of a HTC/Verizon 8-something device.
I spoke to Verizon this morning as I also have other phones in the family to update.  My Rep check with her Manager and found that official WP8 announcements are supposed to happen in late October – just before the WP8 launch.  Phones are slated to be on sale in “calendar Q4”.
Also remember that VZW is now hitting you with their $30 upgrade fee and taking away the unlimited data plans – unless you pay full boat for your phone.  If you trade in your Trophy, VZW will give you $50 in the form of a VISA gift card.  Also (in my case) the shared minute plan actually reduces my monthly VZW bill by $10.  So losing the unlimited plan saved me a few bucks and puts me at a shared level that I will never come close to (based on current usage).  I know the new WP8 phones will switch to WiFi for heavy downloads and streaming.  Teaching your teenager to do the same with their iPhone helps the data plan too!  :)

It ould defenitely shut me the hell up because I now see Verizon stepping their game up. With them backing it up atleast 50% Windows Phone 8 sales are going to skyrocket maybe like the Droid. They are a phone selling force once they put their efforts into selling a brand.
I just hope that they do have the Nokia Lumia 920, please, please, please Verizon have that phone or the Samsung Ativ S...!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had pretty much given in to the fact I would have to switch to AT&T in order to get the L920. This leak gives TMO users hope now. Come on TMO, don't let us down.

The frequencies make me believe tmobile will get it and if they don't I know tmobile has started providing 1900mhz (in the big cities first USA) because they desperately want people with iPhones to make the switch. What that means if you own an at&t phone unlocked (like me) soon you will find internet speeds to be faster. Right now I feel jealous of Verizon even though they have to wait for at&t to get dips first.

This has also renewed my hope in the 920 coming to T-Mobile. I've been their customer for 6 years now, and this would make me so happy.

Folks, make sure you're Tweeting, E-mailing, and Facebooking Tmo about the 920 so that they know we want it and other high-end handsets and perhaps will be swayed to make the purchase. A Tmo rep tweeted me back to keep an eye on the newsroom for any announcements. That means very little, but gives a thinly-shaved sliver of roast beef of a chance.

This is really good news for both Nokia and Me. I will go back to Verizon since their LTE network is more robust than ATT's and I will take my family with me.

I second that. Not all of us ATT customers like to rub it in your face that we have the best phones. I want everyone to have access to them so when I recommend wp8 to people, it won't matter what provider. (cept sprint. Ugh, they are dead to me.) Also, all carriers have them, ATT will have to try to compete with actual better plans and service instead of just supreme devices and lastly, if they piss me off too much, I have a choice of other carriers with the devices I want to switch to. ;)

I just went to Phonearena/Verizon upcoming phones and the only listed ones for us* are the 8X, the 8S and the Nokia 822 and the latter was listed in the 'Not announced' section.
I am going to have a hard time giving up my $99 unlimited everything with Sprint, however...
...They aren't offering any WP8 phones! They don't even support my Arrive anymore. Fools. Maybe Verizon is the place for me to go.

The caveat is that with Sprint's unlimited plans, you get unlimited slow speed, coupled with some pretty bad cell reception when trying to use their devices to make a phone call.  I know that having an unlimited plan can be great, but if you have to use the kinds of devices Sprint offers on one of the country's worst networks, I can't see how it's worth it once anyone's contract is up.  I wouldn't recommend jumping ship from Sprint if you're in the middle of a contract, but it might be worth the ETF pretty soon to jump to Verizon or AT&T.

I found this and the poster is known to be a good reporter... YEA !!!
Lumia 920 here I come !!!! but, now that they will have all 3...this could be hard to decide...
Or am I going to attempt to order it off contract to save my Unlimited data..Hmmmm

I was going to say this will make my choice a lot harder but, I'm glad there's a choice because there wasn't before. Seems Verizon is waking up to WPs. Finally.

As this is great news (I hope they release them at the same time as AT&T) but, it's a rumor so far. It looks like there will be a good chance it will happen tho...
it will be nice to see these side by side to really see what one will fit for me. Lumia 920 in white...maybe

I know you did. I'm just saying what I saw on the phonearena site. IDK, they also have that T Mobile only carries the Lumia 710, when on the T mobile site it clearly shows the Radar as a WP. (shrug) Go figure.

wow...they get that lineup and and it is going to be epic.
it is going to make Sprint look like a total chump if the 3 major carriers get all of these phones and they dont.

It's like how tmobile doesn't have the iPhone while the other 3 do. Don't get me wrong, I hate the iPhone. But even cricket has the 5... That's why tmobile keeps going down.

The reason T-Mobile doesn't have the iphone is because Apple won't release a version of the iphone which supports the required 1700/2100 MHz bands that T-Mobile uses for HSPA+4G.  This is Apple's fault not T-Mobile.  T-MO wants to carry the iphone but Apple is not cooperating.  This is not T-Mobile's fault.

Please Verizon, if you get all three, make a marketing campaign as big and splashy as you did for Droid.

I couldn't agree more. The ad campaign they did with the original Moto droid was amazing and I believe it is what kicked off the android revolution.

That is what Windows Phone needs a major marketing capain....
When I see my local TV station or radio station have an app for Windows Phone(like they do for iOS, Android and even blackberry), then I know it worked...

You would have to believe that if Verizon is going to now carry all the major WP phones, they are going to put a lot of effort into this. Otherwise, what would be the point

I really want to believe this, but with Verizon's track record of mid-class phones, I am skeptical.  If true, this is exciting news and for once, I will have choices within the Windows Phone brand.  Which one do I choose??

It depends. I like the 920, but do u want beats audio? SD card? Pureview camera? PureMotion HD+ display? All phones have some specs better than the others, and that one phone's specs might seem better to u.

This made my morning, I just hope it is true.  
I am on a vzw contract but my trophy is in the garbage. Right now I'm using an 800 on at&t off contract and it absolutely blows.  The service, not the phone.

My thoughts exactly. I just called Verizon to get my Early Termination fees to flee them for AT&T and the 920. $305 it would of cost me. I won't believe it until I see it though...

I for one hope this is true, but I would rather hear about sprint jumping on board with all three of these devices. Actually scratch that. If sprint picks up just the 920 I'll be happy.

Well, if your stuck with sprint and wont leave them. You could get a Lumia 920 from Verizon, get it unlocked and IF you know someone at Sprint get it activated on their network (CDMA network), you wont get LTE but, it should work...
It just will not be cheap and you have to know someone who will activate a Verizon phone on their network...

If you manage to pick up the device unlocked, shouldn't you be able to activate the new phone online from your account management when you login on Sprint's website?
I'm very seriously considering this since Sprint is making me feel increasingly duped for going with them instead of Verizon. I want a WP8 device, Sprint isn't offering it, so I'm willing to go around them to get one. It'd be easier than switching carriers.
It looked like the HTC 8X also might work on Sprint, but I dunno how exactly to tell.

Well, this kinda changes everything and doesn't make it any easier to choose. Be careful for what you wish for I guess.

If accentuate, I'm definitely satisfied...now, I can move on to my next phone without fearing to have to switch carriers...and my phone went from definitely getting the HTC 8x to maybe the Lumia 920...its great to have choices....wow...bout time Verizon figured this nonsense out!!!

Long overdue. The only way to boost WP marketshare (USA) and get momentum is major VERIZON presence. This was obvious since CDMA support wasn't available @ wp7 release.

actually sprint did. the arrive was anounced along with the first gen gsm devices and lauched almost immediately after nodo was released. frankly it makes sprint's current position even more annoying and reminds me that as much as verizon pisses me off a lot, they're far from the worst.

If I wasn't in a contract with att I would make the switch for sure. Verizons network is better in the area I live in.

A quick review of the features for the HTC 8x indicates two shortfalls: only 16 GB of memory, not 32 and no micro SD card/slot.  I want it all!

This is all good but they better have their employees push them.  I went into a store to get my Trophy and they tried to talk me out of it for some Android phone.
I actually had to say in a very stern voice "I WANT THIS PHONE" and he still tried to convince me I wanted another Android phone.  I just walked out and ordered it online.  I was quite angry after that incident.

Maybe the next time we knowledgeable geeks are in a store we should take it upon ourselves to spend 10 minutes educating a rep - change the world one conversation at a time (assuming they're not incentivised to sell specific devices)

Kudos to you for walking out of the store!  There is absolutely no way that I would reward a store rep with a sale/activation when they blantantly disrespect my choice of phone that I want to purchase.
If I EVER encounter that, not only will I order online, but I wlll file a complaint.

The problem I have with this leak is that it doesn't correlate well with the leaked screenshot about Verizon carrying a "Lumia 822." Maybe Verizon will carry both except the 920 will come later as in early 2013 or something like that?

Lovely.  I can now get my mom off of Android as she isn't pleased with it.  Red is also her favorite color. ;)

It's funny, I recently wrote Verizon and told them if they didn't have the Lumia 920 this Fall, they would lose me as a customer.  They wrote back to tell me that they are sorry the phone I want is not available yet, but there is this neat Android phone that would probably be great for me.  I don't even think she realized that the Lumia 920 was a new phone that was just introduced and not available yet.
I am thrilled to hear that the 920 is coming to Verizon.  I hope it pans out.  I like the Verizon network and would prefer to stay with it.

Double take at the article title. WTF! L920 you are mine...wait 8X you are mine or is it ATIV S. Decisions , decisions. Trophy has served me well thus far w/ its storage capacity so either one would be great (crossing fingers).

This is very good news for all Verison customers and great news for WP8 and MS This could give WP some mucu needed momemtum  Keep it going MS and carriers.  Come on Sprint anf TMO step up to the plate and go get the 920 opn your networks and  HTC and Samsung WP8 devices.

When T-Mo fires up it's LTE network on the PCS bands (which it now has access to from the failed AT&T merger) and thus gets onto the same frequency bands as carriers like AT&T, there should be the possibility for these LTE phones to be on T-Mo's network without having to give up LTE and go with 3G speeds.

Dang. I just might have to dump Sprint... My only reservation is Verizon's commitment to cooperate with the manufacturer and MS.

They're a hell of a lot better than other carriers, I actually have all the updates that MS has published on my Trophy!   Verizon also didn't dumpt their Windows Phone with no replacement. 

Sprint, please get on board and offer wp8 phones, especially the Lunia 920.  Otherwise, I think I'll be jumping ship and go to Verizon...

Yes, Yes, Yes.....finally Verizon is pulling their heads out of their butts. Bring those sexy WP8 phones here baby.. :-P

Finally is all I can say, after having only the HTC Trophy to use for nearly a year and a half (a solid phone no doubt, but solidly Gen 1 hardware) it will be so nice to finally be able to choose from the best WP8 has to offer. That means a Lumia 920 for me :).

Finally all the Verizon diehards can shut up. It was starting to get annoying listening to the whining about att. Now hurry up and give it to tmobile. Sprint can just go bankrupt for all I care. Should serve them right for refusing to diversify their handsets and getting in bed with google.

I don't make it a point to bitch about every little thing verizon gets that att doesn't. I would say the same if it were the other way around.

I don't really know the behind the door dealings of cell phone companies but why wouldn't a cell provider just carry a phone to sell? Why wouldn't sprint or any other provider not be willing to sell a device on their network? Just curious.

Because companies pay the carriers to take their devices. Google plays hard ball, sell ours phones and not Windows phones or they will pull all of the Google phones from that company. The companies knows the android devices sell and are unwilling to give Windows a chance.

For Verizon it shouldn't matter. I bet they are the largest provider of Android phones in the US. They also have a strong relationship with Motorola. They are probably one of the few companies that can actually stand up to Google.

Call me crazy, but I'd actually like to have the 820 more than the 920.  I have no need for the camera in the 920 (I have my DLSR Nikon for pictures) and I really like the fact that you can customize the 820 with different shells.  Those shells have gotten my inner geek all hot and bothered. 

If this is accurate then this is where WP really takes off in the US (provided Big Red doesn't screw up by being slow with updates.) Just one of these phones would be a good offering. With a multitude of choices there won't be any reason not to try a windows phone.

It would be pretty amazing if the did infact ge the 920.  I would be on that so fast.  I do like the 8x but a lack of 32g option kind of put a sour taste in my mouth.

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Haha, stupid web promoter.  I think you ensured that nobody from this site will ever buy from you.  This is a WP site, not an iphone/android site.  Stupid advertiser....

I hope this is true!!  Nokia is now on the offensive and they should be!  They truly, on paper, have better hardware and software.  Its just too bad that their release date is post-iphone5.  Too many people will buy the iphone5 and then not look back.  If those same people had a chance to compare the phones in advance, they may have chosen the Nokia (or one of the other two) instead of the iphone5.

WOW!... I have to appologize to Daniel and everyone here for saying that Verizon will NOT get the Lumia 920 yesterday. Daniel was right in saying I should not spread FUD.
I hope my appologies are accepted.

Me too! I left vzn for tmo because army the time I couldn't wait forever on the Trophy coming. Bought HD7, but so tired of having to go outside my house to keep a call from being dropped!!!

Well damn, and here I had made up my mind that the 8X was the one I was getting. Now I'm going to have to go into a store and get hands on time to figure out which one I want most. I really like the storage on the Ative, I like the camera and wireless charging on the 920 & I like the screen size, sound & design of the 8X. If the 8X had a 32gb option it would be the clear front runner for me, but it doesn't.

If this doesn't help get WPs moving then nothing will. Its all or nothing now. Verizon, being the most popular carrier here should be the key to their success.

I hope they get them all at my local Verizon company store.
Then I can go in and tell them I'm NOT buying it in the store because they never stocked the Trophy and just go buy the 920 online. :P
After that, I can forgive Verizon for not pulling their head out of Google's ,,, sooner.

I'm on Rogers up in Canada but I hope other carriers will get the 929 too. Unfortunately, Bell already said they're not getting it, so that leaves Telus as the third carrier. I hope Fido can get it too since Rogers owns them.

As a  employee and a big Windows fan I cannot be happier. I have been singing windows phone's phrases since I got my Trophy back in April 2011. Not once have I had to replace it for any reason and other than my bluetooth feature not turning on I have had no issues with my device. Most of  the apps I used on the Incredible I had previously on the Incredible I had prior to my current device so if this holds true I cannot be more thrilled. If and its still a big if this info proves to be valid I will get the lumnia 920 under contraact and buy the 8X outright.

Makes zero sense. If you have the unlimited plan you would save money by buying full price than getting the phone subsidized, even on the cheapest plan. Honestly, and not trying to be a Richard, but if a guy can't afford to buy a phone off contract he probably can't afford a smartphone anyway. Fiscally irresponsible.

For everyone talking about T-MO availability - the Lumia 920 WILL WORK on t-mobile. More importantly, it will be cheaper unlocked!! (As will most phones on t-mobile!)
500 Minutes, Unlimited Text, Web (4G, no throttle) = $60/month
Unlimited Talk, Text, Web (4G, no throttle) = $70/month
Shared 1000 Minutes, Unlimited Text, Web (4G, no throttle) = $100/month
T-Mobile is getting the 8X, but no way am I buying subsidized. 

Maybe this is the reason why my local Verizon store cleared half of their room they used to have with other phones. More rooms for WP??

Yeah if this holds up I been looking at going to Verizon I'm tired of Sprint eating the gingerbread and drinking the Apple Juice..  They over paid for the Iphone and let their network get behind and now they are behind on Win 8 Devices..   So now the question is the Nokia 920 or HTC 8x?? I like both devices well right now I'm leaning to wards the Nokia 920. The Arrive been a sold phone so I like HTC as well.  My only concern is Nokia waited so long to get serious with the Smart phone market by trying to do their own OS which stunk. Now with Windows on board I hope Nokia will survive due to they are so late getting in the game.
A friend said he read some where that Nokia might be one of many tech compaines that might not last longer. If that was to happen could see Microsoft buying them out and using them as their own mobile hardware company. Either way I like the idea that 920 has 32GB but HTC 8X 16Gb which would be plenty for me. I only really use space for music and pictures so forth..  So for now I would go with the Nokia 920 but I will have to wait and see them in a Verizon store and pick both of the devices up. But I like to listen to music as well and the HTC 8X looks like it does it well. I like some of the things Nokia gets as well as far as apps so forth Either way they are both great devices but what is everyone else thoughts??  I know one thing Spring better get off the pot or they will be loosing some subscribers for sure.

Very happy to hear this and hope it comes to fruition.  I have an unlimited data plan which I definitely want to keep.  I was worried that I was going to have to switch carriers to get the phone I wanted.  Now, it looks like I have a decision to make, which is a better problem to have than needing to switch.  
Please let this be accurate.  

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but if you upgrade your phone you will loose your unlimited data on Verizon.  The only way to avoid loosing your unlimited data is to purchase the phone at full price with no subsidies. 

Another now pissed off Verizon customer.

Red Lumia 920, come to me...
(Please don't be a tease.  haha)

And here I was just trying to convince my gf to go on at&t because Verizon was failing to pick up the best phones.

Now I have hope again. Still, all verizon has to do is MAKE IT HAPPEN!! And they'll have my business.

This will definitely help a lot! Although if they pull another trophy debacle where it came out 4 months after it was supposed to I will still be quite angry.
Here's to being optimistic though!

The more I see the HTC line up the more I'm getting hook with it.. I still wish Nokia made a black or matte version of the 920.. I have the 900 and I'm using it without any cover at all... I love it when I get the attention... Well any how.. I decided to keep my l900 until 920 goes $49

Umm the 920 comes in Black (matte), White, Silver (matte), Red, Yellow, and they teased the Cyan Blue, but we don't know how or when that may drop.


If this is true, I think we'll see a huge marketing push from Verizon giving WP some much deserved exposure.

I think this could be we we've heard nothing official from Verizon on the 8X, despite being named as a partner at the HTC event. They're waiting to make one giant announcement that'll include their whole WP8 lineup.

Its finally an exciting time to be a WP fan & a Verizon customer.

This doesn't seem right based on previous leaks of Verizon getting the 820. It would also make sense that the 920 is an ATT exclusive, except for the fact that they were nowhere to be seen during the Nokia presentation.
Daniel seems to know something or is at least being very open to the possibility that this is true ... an 8 on the rum 'o' meter seems very high for the limited information we have.
There is from what I can see very little to go on from the phonearena article, for all we know the author typed 920 instead of 820.
Could it be that some of these decisions were really down to the wire? Hard to imagine that being true. I am leaning towards the 920 being ATT only, but as a Verizon customer and Nokia fanboy ... I am hopeful.

If this is true, I will love Verizon forever!
the big 3? It would be great if they had different colors as well but I will just take black on the ativ lumia or 8x just bring the big 3 to big red!

I love my Trophy but, I think I'm going to get the 920 most likely. The 8X is lacking a expandable SD card slot and I'm more of a camera guy.

Sooo I called sprint today to see what my etf will be around Oct Nov they asked why and I said cuz apperrently ur not getting wp8 phones soo why should I stay she talked to someone who said there will be at least 1 wp8 on sprint I said ohhh yea......ETF please!!!!! Then the call ended LMAO

I would like an offcial press release from Verizon on this

If this is accurate should I start grabbing wireless chargers ?

Does Verizon allow you to access the internet while on the phone or do they not still?  I used to have them for 7 years, and then went to ATT.  ATT's service isn't as good as Verizon's is, but you can go on the internet at the same time as a phone call.

WIth the CDMA network, No, Data OR talk. With the LTE network you can do both at the same time, I asked a Customer service rep about it, who double checked with their techs to be sure...
and it was one of the specs that Verizon advertised about the LTE network...

If I could buy both the 8X and 920, I would. Thank God in Heaven, finally I don't need to walk by the AT&T store with my head low in shame. 

I am torn between the 920 and the 8X! I use my phone for music and podcasts 8hrs a day at work, but the camera on the 920 is just so appealing! Why does Verizon have to give me so many choices?!