Leak - Verizon Nokia Lumia 929 hands on video and new photo

Nokia World has come and gone but that doesn’t mean the Finnish company doesn’t have more devices up their sleeves. One of those is the Lumia 929, a custom phone for Verizon that is due to land any time between now and Q1. Not much is known about the Lumia 929 except that it is probably a 5-inch 1080P device running a Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor and a 20 MP rear PureView camera.

Now, a leaker in the Windows Phone Central forums who goes by the name of ‘Falorin’ has posted a new photo and even a hands on vide with the mystery device.

The posted video is just 45 seconds in length, though we do get to see the About screen and get a brief look at the device. From the appearance alone, it looks very similar to the Lumia 928, also found on Verizon. The device can best be described as square in the front with a rounded back. The device in the video is all matte black and there is nothing particularly stunning about the device, though we bet the hardware is drool worthy.

No word on an exact date for release though Falorin says that it should be out “around Thanksgiving time”.

The device obviously sports Verizon’s 4G LTE, meaning it has a micro SIM card for GSM. The leaker has also noted that the device is unlocked, like most of Verizon’s devices, and that putting an AT&T or T-Mobile SIM into the device allowed it to work on those networks.

What does everyone think of the Lumia 929? Hit or miss?

Source: Windows Phone Central Forums; Thanks, Indistinguishable, for the tip!


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Leak - Verizon Nokia Lumia 929 hands on video and new photo



Except for the Qi wireless charging the 1520 has an expandable Microsd slot. How will it be better? I can see it being on par except for the screen...

I love my Trophy. Haven't had a single problem with it, and I've had it since launch day on VZW. Moderate to heavy usage & it still gets me +24 hrs of battery life. I am ready for WP8, a high end Lumia, all the WP8/Lumia exclusive apps, and a 4g data connection. Bring it on!

Still have *both* of my old Trophies around. One of them is basically on iPod duty, screen doesn't rotate anymore but otherwise functional. The one I was using before upgrading to the 928 is on backup phone duty if needed and gets more use as a music player. Plus I got the SIM unlock code from Verizon before switching phones so I should be able to use it in Europe for my wife if we ever head over there (heck I kind of want to throw a T-Mo SIM in over here to see what it can do).
Big improvement that really forced my hand was the *dreadful* camera on the thing. The 928 is a huge improvement and I'm sure the new one in the 929 should be even better.

Depends on who you talk to. Feature set, 928 but, as for most dependable WP8 device, that goes to the 8X.....
My 928 is a buggy phone.... I have to reboot it at least 2-3 times a week because of issues, that I never saw when I had my 8X for 4 months

Man sorry Dave. My 928 has been a rockstar. Seriously, it takes minutes to scroll from my [#] apps to the [Z] section. I have at least 300 apps and my phone is flawless. But then again I don't use this phone for side tinkering or development. I know you are big into those things. ;) my trophy is also a backup, unlocked, and music player for me, LOL.

upgraded to 8x on first day of release. mostly in spite because we didnt get a high end lumia.

Yeah, i thought that it looked quite thick, hopefully that means built in Qi wireless charging.

Not much is known about the Lumia 929 except that it is probably a 5-inch 1080P device running a Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor and a 20 MP rear PureView camera.

In my opinion, that is all we need to know!

32gb and MicroSD is what I NEED...but, I could live with a 64gb option...

A 16gb device is something that I would never own again (8X 16gb is too short on space)

MicroSD would be epic...No question...but, the device would need AT LEAST 32gb..

What's wrong with charging port on the top? I really like it, I always make stands for my phones and having charging port on the bottom means I can't charge it in stand. I see nothing wrong with port placements on 925.

Charging port at the bottom is better in my opinion as well, especially if I use it while driving. I can't imagine holding and talking on a Lumia 925 while in charge. that's the only reason I couldn't make myself to switch from L920 to L925 even though I love the design of L925.

I prefer having the charge port on the top of my 928.  I'll typically place my phone in the cup holder to use for navigation, and having it in the top means I don't have to turn the phone upsidedown.

Lol anyone have a concern of all these Lumias coming out with confusing names. I was good with a 920,820,1020, but then we got 822 13 something and a 2000 something tablet its hard to keep up with it all....
Love the devices but windows phone is becoming more mainstream i think its time to fix the names starting next release.

Like Lumia (creative name for what the phone does here)....idk maybe you guys can come up with better names.

5 series 6 series 7 series 8 series 9 series 1000 series 2000 series each series determine the specs of the Phone

But what about for the new stupid customers. This is hard for them to understand. I think it could be simpler

Except the 929 is a step above the "9 series", whereas the 1020 should actually be in the 9 series as it is predominantly the same just with an extra camera attached.

I agree with the 5 series, 6 series, etc. Its like how BMW does their cars; there are variations within each series (318, 323, 328i, etc.) but you always know roughly what you're getting within the series number. While Nokia's branding might not be too confusing for those of us who keep up with their releases, if I didn't do that I can safely say that I'd go cross-eyed trying figure it out now.

People been asking me (I have the 1020) hey is that the new nokia the one they advertise. Never do they say the name. Every the tech guys at my job dont know it by name. To be known by name in todays society the only number phones need is 1,2,3,4 etc. Anywhere past that uneducated phone buyers get confused (honest but true)

Trust me, its not going to be called the 929. Doesnt make sense. The spec jump it too significant to be 900 series.   The 1020 was called the 909 internally till release. If you go to the phones about screen it actually still says Model : Nokia 909 and Name : Nokia Lumia 1020.

US carriers ruins the Lumia series with all their nonsense...
520, 521, 928,929... Qi, no Qi... 16 GB when int. models have 32...
32 on the 1020 when we could have 64...
What's the point?
Let Nokia build their beautiful phones and sell them, stop messing with custom bs!

Its simple 520... The 1st decided the category.. 2nd decided the gen of os... And 3rd Is custom for carriers.. 520,620,720,820,920,1020... All comes under phones category and the one 929 if its the same one they are considering phones upto 5" inch... Then cones 1320, 1520... This is a phablet category where 1320 is a lower version like a 520... And 1520.. Is a high end like a 920 or 1020.... Then comes the tablet series.. 2520... It makes sense but an ordinary customer may get confused.. But if u check the numbering in phones category is below 5inch but doesnt mean in that order for example.. 520 - 4inch.. 620.. 3.8" ..625- 4.8"... 720 and 820- 4.3 inch and then 920 - 4.5 inch.... 1020 - 4.5inch... So they decide the 1st number under a ctegory based on specs and camera... 5,6,7,8,9,10 ... 5mp,5mp,6.7,8mp,8.7mp and 41mp.. I know this should now make sense to many of them... :)

And if 929 is 20 mp it will make sense as 1020 has 41mp ..:) and 920 has 8.7 mp.. So it fits between it ... But I guess they should consider 5" inphablet category if that is so this will be 1421 or 5 hahaha

I agree. I was going to rant about this but just thought I respond to you.  Yes to fanboys, as myself, love the new tech from Nokia.  But, releasing so many devices that to most normal people (not fanboys) are very similar  breeds too much confusion among everyday mobile buyers. Phones slightly different from one another and on different carriers is not good for public consumption.  We know Saumsung brings out a lot of devices too.  But atleast the the model is the same  across mobile providers and they grow that model name.  For example, the S4 is easily to see as the same phone from provider to provider.  But, the 920, 925, 928 and now the 929 in the same year can confusing to general consumers. 
Maybe, Nokia does not have the strength with providers to do this and must differetiate and provide exclusives (like ATT) beause they must to get the item on the shelf.  Hopefully with the Microsoft they can push a little harder and provide several levels of phones with a brand name that be constant from year to year and be built upon some recognizable name. 
Somebody, argued that cars (like BMW) that is a bad comparison. First, the brand number is built from mutliple years,  In 2013 there is a 325 and next year there will be a 325 model.  Nokia (or Microsoft) will not call the next 920 flagship the Lumnia 920 2014 will they? So the name number as  brand cohesion is lost.  Buying a 7series in Idaho is the same 7series in North Carolina.  Assuming providers are the states in this analogy, Verizon is not the same 920 as ATT 920. May be good for fans but, for general public not so much.
Don't get me wrong I like that there the number sequence tells me what level the phone is designed for: 500 & 600  versus 800 versus 900 versus 1000. I just believe inudating little diffences with each in the same year or changing the number makes it less likely that general consumer will see and understand and wrose the sales people will even understand less.

Sorry but you are wrong about Samsung and their model naming scheme for the Galaxy series. The S3 for example carries the number i9300 for the international version but has a different number depending upon it being a carrier specific variant. Also, some carrier variants actually have different hardware specs but are still sold and advertised as the Galaxy S 3.
To be fair, most people don't read these tech sites so are not aware of all the different carrier versions and their numbering schemes so to that end it is largely irrelevant to most people.
However, a simplified numbering or naming scheme would be welcome, simply because of the large amount of Lumia's out there in the world.

Yes, specs of the S3 or S4 differ between us and international versions, but at least they look the same. And that's all most people need to know and say (I want an Sx) when purchasing their carrier specific version. Not so with Nokia - 928 doesn't look like 920. 820, 810, 822 all look different too.

Average users only look at the phones their carriers have. If you look at it that way it's not very bad.

I like matte black. Would have been cool to get a matte black 925 from T-Mobile. Kind of has that batman armor look to it. :)

If this has the global 1520 internals with wireless charging built in and expandable storage its going to be a hit.

So thick... :/ Buts that to be expected without the hump. Just bring the 1520 to Verizon... Better design anyway.

This is the phone that I would want to replace my lumia 920.  The 1520 is simply too big, but the same thing in a smaller package would be perfect!

agreed. Except I'm on ATT and they will remove Qi wireless charging just like they did on the 1520. For me, that's fine as long as the resultant device is thinner. I don't want 920 thickness and weight.

Smart.They returned the charging port to the bottom of the devce.  Verizon is making it possible to leave AT&T with these new offerings.  I'm still holding out for 2014  and the first wave of 8.1 devices....as best I can.

I wish they would pick something and stick with it as far where they are putting these ports.
Watch the next batch of phones have the micro-USB on the side.  :P

Speaking of the Arrive; I'm still using one on Sprint, of course until my contract is up then I'll switch to Verizon hopefully to get my hands on the 929 or a MS labeled 8.1 phone.

Nice. I still own the HTC Arrive. Still works. I've left sprint for better network and selection but can't forget your first Windows phone. :)

I have the 928 and I find the charge port on the the top the most convenient place.  It makes it easy to charge while sitting in a cup holder and still easy to access and use while charging.  Having the port on the sides or the bottom seems inconvenient and not the optimal placement.

I have a holder that mounts from the cigarette lighter in my SVU. So the bottom is the preferred location for the charging port. But I could manage I suppose if the port were on top.

So many people complaining about the thickness lol.  Am I the only one that liked the heft and thickness of the original 920?  Feels so much more substantial in my hand, and less flimsy than my focus did :/

I really wasn't complaining so much as commenting. I like the thickness the 920 but mostly the shape helps. Square and thick is not so comfy in the hand

Thickness is one thing, but when car cradles can't handle the weight, you've got a problem.
This was with a Nokia CR125.

No, I agree.  The 920 feels reassuringly substantial -- you just know you can drop it on the floor and 99 times out of 100 it'll be fine.  By comparison, the 520, great device though it is for the money, feels a whole lot flimsier.

The 520s take a beating. 3 of my kids have them and the corners are dented but they still work great!

I want something like the 920 in size, but with 1080p screen, 2GB RAM, 32GB of storage, SD Card, and wireless charging.

I think that's what we seeing here. It is the 920 successor and not a variant of the 1520. Doesn't seem be to much bigger than the 920 because the bezels are narrower. Let's hope we will get a 5" international Lumia with 1520 specs like this one.

I would love that, as long as the length and width don't increase. My 920 is just about the right size for me. I am looking for an increased battery size if possible. Something that lasts ages.

Looks ugly as sin just like the other Verizon Lumia (can't think of the #) . Att needs a 5.0-5.5 Lumia with a 3000+ battery and 20mp camera

5" may be just right for me. The one thing I miss about the Titan 2 over my current 900 is that 4.7" screen. Love the idea of a 5" screen and leaving AT&T. Lets see the end result.

Same here. And although 92x 4.5" screen seems adequate to me, if I get a chance to get 5" phone I'd rather do that.

I hope its not limited to 16gb, I'll still have wishful thinking for fm transmitter & radio with hdmi

Yea still doesn't change the fact that it has the lowest SNR and frequency response of the other methods. Only use I can think of for it would be to trick people into thinking their radio station is playing profane music.

It is to get FM radio without using cellular data. With limited plans, this becomes more important. Plus, for things like baseball, games get blocked on apps because it is through the internet and MLB charges a fee for that. Now I can listen to a local game on my phone.

If this has those specs, expandable storage, built in wireless charging, and would be available on other carriers, then it would be perfect.

It looks awesome. I don't understand all the 928 hate (pun intended). I'm glad that the charging port is on the bottom though. That's the only flaw of the 928 in my opinion. My fingers are crossed for 32gb storage with micro SD

If this phone has 32gb of storage and wireless charging I'll have to take back every negative thought I've had about the 1520 being an AT&t exclusive because this will probably be the better selling device easily. Actually I wish the 929 and 1520 were going to be on all carriers, but it is what it is.

I regret to say I am pretty sure because if you look at the video carefully u wont see the expansion slot... the only one you see is for the SIM card as shown by the video.

I believe its a dual use card holder. Notice the user showed both sides, I believe that's what the overseas version has as well. I believe they mentioned that at Nokia World but was regarding the 1520 device. But Nokia always listens to their users via surveys and that has been a questioned asked numerous times (removable microsd cards) as well as wireless charging.

If it comes with 32GB that's less of an issue anyway. Unlike the sad 16GB 925 with no SD card.

I watched this video on my 928, and immediately after it finished, my phone random restarted for the first time since I had it. Paranormal activity?

I would advise you sit down with your 928 and discuss it's feeling, understand why it felt threatened. Reassure your 928 of your own feelings towards it.

As for me, me and my 800 we are pretty happy with each other, actually maybe comfortable is better. Don't get me wrong it's not that we don't still like each other, just some of that first magic has gone. Now more often than not we just sit down in silence. Tough times ahead maybe....

I would take this over the 1520. Now, where is T-Mobile's new Lumia?! Maybe I should wait before buying the 925 :x

I would forget about TMO and add to that, Sprint. They both are betting heavily on Samsung and Apple. If anything, you'll see an HTC w8 with 1080p for TMO. Sprint, all those folks can do is dream and wish.

There is a T-Mobile version of the 1520 that has shown up in FCC filings.  I believe it is RM-938.  It reportedly has wireless charging and works on the T-Mobile bands.  There is a story on the Nokiapoweruser site. 

I haven't heard of this. Wow. Refreshing news. I love my 925 but if I can get a bigger screen and storage then I'm all over this (not to mention the obvious RAM and CPU).

Edit: found link for it here: www.nokiapoweruser.com/tag/rm-938/ and click the link from there. That's awesome. Excited now.

It looks the exact same... Just bigger. And I think the 928 looks slick & professional. Something I'd be happy to pull out in front of clients & coworkers.


I'm still so disappointed with Nokia that the L1320 turned out to be a cheap version of the 1520 monster and not the international version of this.
If they release this on Verizon and don't have an international version, I'll be royally pissed...(and will have to find a way to get one from the US, I guess...)

Hopefully it's like the 928 because then it will be Global, which seems to be Verizon's new obsession. Should make it easier for you, or Nokia could just release an international verson.

I surely hope there's an international version of it. I can't say I'm very keen on the Verizon branding on the phone. But if they don't release one, I can live with it. It's a small price for such an awesome phone.

Global is good. If that's their obcession, it surely is a better obcession than AT&T's to strip phones from their native features.

Fingers crossed.

Yes. But that rumour pertained to be the L1320 which turned out to be the cheap version of the 1520.
Meanwhile evleaks mentioned a "Nokia Illusionist" that would support a stylus...could that be the international version of the 929?
Perhaps. Though it's odd that a 5" phone would support a stylus when the 6" doesn't.
Anyway, I just hope that there's an international version of this 929. And that the design isn't that different from the 929 (and specially no camera humps like the 925 and 1520).

Nokia, no need to make different design style, Just make 925 in 4.7" ; 5" ; 5.5" ; 6". That is it.

5" inches is as big as I want to go for a phone screen dimension. I mean, I have the HTC mega and the phone is just too big for me. I will be rocking my L920 until something that size come around or my snatch the 1020.

Everyone in the world wants a bigger phone - yet the most popular phone in the world is a 4" iPhone... Go figure.

Hmm. Cant 100% tell from this video but it looks nearly identical to the T-Mobile 810, only larger. I like the sleekness of the 928. Maybe in hand it will feel better.

God damn, tired of the boring black and white. Add some color to the devices Verzion! I want yellow!

Just a matter of personal preferences: I prefer the 920 design; if the 1520 had handwriting I would buy it. The 925 does not appeals me at all.

16gb storage and no built in wireless charging. No way it's better than my 920. The best I can say is it's on par