FM Radio Lumia 925

Leaked images of the Lumia 925 show off on-screen clock, Data Sense and more for GDR2 release

It should be well known by this time that the Nokia Lumia 925 will be coming with the GDR2 Windows Phone 8 OS update and the latest firmware from Nokia, dubbed ‘Amber’. The former includes FM radio, better podcast support and numerous other hitherto undisclosed additions. Amber includes a new on-screen clock, double tap-to-wake and an overhaul to the Lumia’s camera.

New photos showing off these features have been posted in our forums, though they seem to originate from a site called

Lumia 925 Amber
Flip to Silence

In the photos, we can see Data Sense, which is reportedly going more widespread with the GDR2 update, the FM Radio enabled and the new on-screen clock feature. Data Sense helps track data usage and is currently carrier dependent--it's a great feature that we're excited to see go to more devices in 2013.

The photos are so nicely done that you can’t help but appreciate the Lumia 925’s gorgeous AMOLED display and svelte, smooth metallic design. We’ve already given praise to the phone from our limited exposure with it and look forward to getting one to use as our daily driver.

The Lumia 925 with a 4.5” AMOLED display, update PureView camera and aluminum body is expected to launch within the next few weeks across the globe.

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Lumia 925

Lumia 925 Amber GDR2

Lumia 925 Amber GDR2

Lumia 925 Amber GDR2


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Leaked images of the Lumia 925 show off on-screen clock, Data Sense and more for GDR2 release


When you bring it up on the wrong thread, it doesn't sound very much like youre an enthusiast, just overly demanding.

Is it the wrong thread?  And is he overly demanding?  I remember when MS promised that enthusiast program way back at the reveal for WP8 (wasn't it around this time last year actually?).  Well what the heck happened with that?  I think he is right to point it out in an article about a major update.

perhaps its only for 8.1 and future major updates? (You know, like a release preview, similar to Windows 8, which had 3 previews, and Windows 8.1, which will have a public preview release later this year.)

I love the wake screen!  Cant wait for that feature.
on another note, side by side, i actually like the 925 better than that 920.  probably because the 920 is in black though

Don't get too happy if ur in US then you can if not like me and most others don't even think about it ;)

Don't hold your breath. Judging from the pictures, the only real take-away is that Datasense is probably coming to a Chinese carrier soon. This was a feature I was very excited about when MS originally announced it. But then they involved the carriers...

DataSense would be a life saver for users in the UK on EE that have to use this link as the means to check your data consumption. To top it off, its not even correct most of the time. So im crossing my fingers that GDR2 brings DS to EE.

Well it's about time Data Sense gets a general release...after all it was announced as a KEY FEATURE of bloody WP8.
Its non-availability was one of those few things that made me miss my WP7 Lumia. 'cause Nokia never released Counters for WP8 although it should have been released...

I'm worried the article miss-represented what will happen with Datasense.  Now people are thinking it will be delivered generally to all phones.  Unless the author knows something we dont, I haven't seen any indication that Datasense isn't still a carrier specific feature.  That means don't hold your breath on them expanding it much faster than they already are.  Of coarse I would love to be wrong and find out that its comming right away to AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc...

People also don't seem to grasp the importance of words. By general release it means it no longer is an exclusive of some American Carrier.

I love it when people read an article that is written in one language and the leave a comment in another.

when are we gonna hear tmobile details about this phone!? love u tmobile but u suck in so many ways sometimes lol

They are pretty terrible at promoting their WP devices. But oh well, whats important in the end is that they have them. Looking forward to getting my wife the 925 if the price is right.

Its been widely reported that the Nokia Amber firmware update and the GDR2 release will contain improvements to the camera software in current gen lumias. The 925 is shipping with this latest software.

It really is a beautiful device...I am soo torn because I want the ATIV Windows( unlocked) phone but It will never get  WiFi Calling because its not a TMO the same time I want this phone too.... I Think both Phones are just beautiful...but I am so impatient...I really wish they would release this now...On Ebay there is some very attractive pricing for Unlocked ATIV's now....on the other hand...Nokia is supporting the HELL out of its phones and I Like that.... Ahh well...I will try to hold on :)  Something tells me i will be quite happy with either device 

Double tap...
Is this instead of pressing start button to wake...?
Should make some enormous difference as my thumb is really worn out handling that start button... Can't wait :P

So... double tap, what's it really for? I have password when I unlock, will it be of any use then?
Btw, really looking forward to all updates. Especially camera improvements and data sense :)

Lol how do you know tht datasense is coming to ur carrier I hope u didn't read as datasense is coming to all windows phones it still carrier controlled

No because they switched the Kernal. Basically changing everything under the hood without you noticing it to benefit in the long run. They had to basically redo everything.

What about more important features like ability to add custom notification sounds, notification center and xbox music app overhaul?

"custom notification sounds"  That is ALL I need!  Nothing more! I can't believe I went from various Samsung Flip phones to WM 6.5 with that awesome feature and when i jumped to WP7 it wasn't there!  I was upset and I'm still annoyed that we don't have it!! 

We will never get it, I bet my annual salary this is something they dont want to implement at all, for some very dark misterious reason.

I seriously hope you are wrong but I don't think you are far-fetched in that thinking.  It's a basic feature some people actually liek and why they won't just give it to us is beyond me. 

Indeed, but I thought it can only be implemented to AMOLEDs because of power issues and turning on only some pixels. Anyway, if it's coming to 920, it's going to be legendary! :D

huh. never heard of that. and the on screen clock reminds me of my old nokia "brick", which sure as heck was not amoled (monochrome lcd i think?), so maybe if the keep it on for a limited time (instead of always on) and keep it at the lowest backlight physically possible with visibility, it will work? I could see it coming to other phones that way.
of course the battery would drain quicker with this enabled though. that's probably a given

Is anyone else a little bummed they went back to amoled for these two variants? Trading to an LCD from my Samsung focus was the hardest part of getting the 920 to be honest and now they are right back to amoled screens in these phones...

The 925 in that picture (the one with the radio screen) screams BUY ME , So tempting !
That said I won't give up my 8X for it though .

I didn't know that "Amber" was a code name for a Firmware update , I was under the impression that its some kind of a Camera App/Lens :/

I want that phone.. The more I look at it, the more im wanting it!!
Im sure att has something better brewing on its sleeves!! Im waiting patiently!!!

ALL I WANT IS CUSTOM NOTIFICATION TONES!!  They Could downgrade my phone as long as they upgrade it with that feature.  So tired of waiting on that!!!  Uhhhh! 

I hope (wish) that the Amber update also enabled the Windows button as notification icon feature that's been requested a bunch. 

Why don't they fix the bloody reboot problem with WP8 Before they do anything else? IT is really annoying, and ut does not make me want to tell my Friends to Buy a WP Phone. Even tho I love The os.

Why is datasense carrier dependant? IOS and android don't need carrier buy in for these services :(

I don't get that either. Why not just watch how much data you're sending and receiving? I don't see why you HAVE to contact the carrier about that...

Of course I know how much data in using, datasense would tell me WHERE I'm using it. E.g. If I use 150mb in one day which apps are responsible for which portion of that mobile traffic? The other OSs do this without carrier support

I'm an iOS user, and I only know about a "total amount" of data btw.
Fun fact: On Windows 8 (not Phone), you can easily see which apps ate how much data, even how much on mobile and how much on Wi-Fi.

I've found several apps on IOS that measure data usage per app you're not looking hard enough, where is that feature in windows 8?

Give us the ability to see the time/wifi/signal strength ALWAYS like in other os's (except in full screen games/videos).
It is so stupid having to close out of an app to check the freakin time!

you don't have to exit the app... Just swipe down from the top, or touch the top portion of the screen if the developer has included the ability to see this in-app. if not, just hold down the back button for the ultitasking view and do the same the same thing and, Voila! Time and battery status and another friendly push on the back button and you go back to your app whether it has fast resume or not

WOW these pictures of the 925 look better than the promotional pictures from nokia. It's soo freaking beautiful. I love the black one. Got to get one... Must resist temptation since I also want to wait for the EOS:///

This is going to be a heart break for a few of you. I just read in Nokia Support that the Nokia Glance feature will not be made available to Nokia Lumia 520 & 521 due to some hardware restrictions, although you will still get the GDR2 update along with the Nokia Lumia Amber Update. Sorry Folks!!!