Leaked photos of a new Nokia Lumia 820 with Windows Phone 8 finally appear

Lumia 820 Prototype

One of the new Nokia devices running Windows Phone 8


Earlier we saw some renders of the supposed Lumia 820 and now it looks like we have another contender to deal with as numerous real photos have been passed on.

Showing with OS version 8.0.09735.09, the device being handled looks to be a real enough and bares resemblance to the 'Phi' we've seen previously though sources say this is the '820'. It is currently not known if the devices are one and the same or different.

The prototype device sports the now common button layout in keeping with the Lumia 800 and 900 but with the new Windows Phone 8 logo near the bottom...


Lumia 820 Prototype leaked

The Phi? The Lumia 820? 

The white device has a large, flat screen as we predicted, which will disappoint lovers of the curved glass we saw on the Lumia 800. Still the overall balanced look of the device does make us think this is the real deal. Seeing as the device is larger than the 900, it appears to be slightly thinner due to being more spread out.

Lumia 820 Prototype leaked

Lumia 820 Prototype leaked

This device differs from the renders, we have reported on, in terms of the camera design and the Nokia orientation. In fact, it's quite interesting that the device lacks the chrome bezel for the camera, which has become both a symbol of Nokia but also a source of scratches. This however could just point to differences with final hardware.

Lumia 820 Prototype leaked grouped

The rumored specs for the Nokia Phi include:d

We’ll let you guys tell us what you think. Comments welcome!

Source:  COOLXAP; via WeLoveWP.hk; Thanks, Jack, for the tip


Reader comments

Leaked photos of a new Nokia Lumia 820 with Windows Phone 8 finally appear


I personally HATE the USB port on the bottom of the device and the speaker on the back of the device.  Wish they would have kept it on the top and bottom respectively.  I also hope the 920 doesn't follow this, as I'm looking forward to owning one in the near future.

I agree with the speaker part, but for better docks the USB needs to be on the bottom. The 920 looks to have stereo speakers and the USB on the bottom...score!

Agreed, but I can work around the USB on the bottom. I'm also hoping the 920 doesn't follow the same protocol, the curved display would be nice IMO

If only it weren't glossy. I was really hoping for a 4.3 inch phone from Nokia, but I'll probably get the 920 simply because it looks better (in my opinion).

White has always been the only glossy of the colors on the N9/800/900 design.
99% sure rest of the colors are same matte as before. That is of course if you wanted matte white... that will probably not happen. 

I didn't mean it's not possible.
Nokia has not just simply done it on their N9 type of polycarbonate devices. It's a design decission by them. 

I LOVE the Horizontal NOKIA too.  Just trying to show people you record video with your phone in Landscape, not Portrait! If you are being recorded, you should read "Nokia" else the person holding the phone is an idiot, haha.

I like the horizontal 'Nokia' as well; on my N8 it is also horizontal, and the logo is 'etched' or machined with raised letter - a really classy touch!

If this is the device that's supposedly going to T-Mobile to compete against the Ativ S, then midrange or not I'm gonna have a hard decision to make. This phone is absolutely gorgeous!!

Yup you guys in the other side of the Pond are going to have a hard time deciding on which NokWp8 device to get. They way things are going Nokia mid-range are looking exquisite. Wonder how the high-end will look like.
At least carriers here (FRANCE & UK) do not compete on phones but rather on contracts. Just get into carphonewarehouse and get the phone you want on the data plan you want..

While it not brushed aluminum like the ATIV S, it still looks thin and the display is completely flush. That color on the OS displayed is beautiful. Overall the device is nice. There the potential that the 920 will have the curved display :-D

i like it, i was sure to get the 920 but this one looks very nice, i like the black buttons and the slimed case around glass

You say this is the PHI? Nothing special, still not as nice as the ATIV. Extremely disappointed if this is the "flagship" device.

It has a single LED flash. Assuming that's final, there's no way this is the flagship. Might be the best phone available on a particular carrier, but it won't be Nokia's flagship.

My confusion was that the article went from 820 to PHI back to 820, hence my comment.  Would make more sense if it was the 820 but then again who really knows for sure.

title of article changed? seems a little misleading now- this has definately more of a 820 look about it compared to the Phi which (iirc) looked to be more akin the 920 leaked earlier??

Not overally impressed...They don't need to radically change their phone designs but it is too close in my eyes...

I think that this is not the Phi but the Arrow with a total of 512mb Ram and 800x480 res. Maybe only Devices with 720p screen need 1GB of RAM.
In my opinion it also looks to cheap to be the high-end model

The screenshot shows 335MB, but the source has no basis to state that it only has 512MB of RAM. That would really be a deal breaker.

I'm confused... which model is this supposed to be? 820? 920? 720? I'm confused... the last article showed the back of the 820 as totally different, and this seems more like the current 800/900 design. Aside from that, I'm loving the leaks... not for everyone? Duh! But what I'm seeing is increasingly for ME. I like what I'm seeing... come on RED!

Oooo, this looks nice! I'm currently trying to stop using a case on my Lumia 900 since it looks so good without it. These new phones definitely look great as-is!

I don't lime the back. Part of what made the 800/900 so beautiful was the chrome where the camera was. And what's with the black buttons?

All that matters is that we're finally seeing the big three HTC, Nokia, & Samsung bring some good designs to WP; Now lets see if the marketing will match. Once the phones, features, and marketing come together, Microsoft's WP OS will have its opportunity to be recognized as a formidable opponent in the cellular space to Apple and Andriod, but again that come down to the marketing blitz that should follow these leaks

loool so many leaks! Don't know what to believe this is crazy! Maybe we have more than 2 Devices to chose from?

The original source at COOLXAP who posted the images never said it's the Lumia 820. This could well be the third Nokia WP8 phone (a low end one) other than the Phi and Arrow.

So, the rum o meter for this is a 9, but the rum o meter on the 920 is a 5?   Is it because this one shows the WP7.8.8.0 start screen?

ATIV is attractive...but you should check out the pics they have put up on the WP fb page...the back already shows scratches...wouldnt want my new phone to scratch that easy...

I used to wonder how people mistook the galaxy s for an iPhone but now I understand. This does not look like your white lumia 900. Sure it's white and a rectangle and its unibody plastic but after that no. It's so much more refined

Not impressed, but then this is just a prototype. The real thing will probably look more like the renders from the article earlier. Certainly it won't be lacking the Carl Zeiss branding on the back, probably in the same metallic panel as on the 800/900.

It looks pretty large... please pretty please don't be a "low end" device. If 4" or smaller is a "low end" device then I want low end.
Heck, just slap a microSD card slot on a Lumia 800, give it WP8, and I'll buy it.

Hey WPC guys, what's "accurace"?  I guess that gives you plenty of leeway to score it as you wish since that doesn't appear to be a word.  ;) 
Has the new meter really said that whe whole time??

The design is good (as expected), for poeple who prefer smaller formfactors it's kind of a disappointment. I was hoping for a WP Lumia800 with the exact same size, just thinner and with a better camera.

Funny that 99% yesterday stated to the leaked cgi that this model is ugly :D and today everyone must have it! Funny people

I'm hoping the button locations will change - majority of holders will not work because buttons are in the way...

I hope the barcode is now unique to the phone as it wouldn't take much work to get most of the number out of it.

Looks great.
Polycarb right?
Does that Polycarb on the 800 and 900 last? / Scratch resistant?
(If its a hard wearing material, Nokia WP8 will be my next phone)

If it's midrange then I definitely wouldn't mind Tmobile to have it. I would love to see the Lumia 920! Nokia is killing me with all this waiting but I know it'll be worth it.

This phone doesn't look as nice as the lumia 800/900 to me. The mostly black front isn't as attractive in my opinion.

Main features I'm looking for are 1280x768 resolution, lighter and thinner. I like my 900 but boy this guy is thick and heavy. This 820 looks almost too distant to some of the mayor aesthetics of the 800. Looks ok, almost too close to the one x, but that's not bad

Didn't we see the same digitizer measuring 4"? Would make sense. From 3.7" to 4" for a Lumia 8xx phone.