Leaked shots of Windows Phone Tango reveal improvements and limitations

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Tango has been in the spotlight for some time - the upcoming version of Windows Phone for emerging markets. We've already heard that Tango will lower the minimum RAM requirements to just 256MB, as well as a few tips detailing a few feature implementations. Now wp7forum.ru has leaked some screenshots of a Tango Windows Phone, and as well as some improvements being displayed, we can also see some drawbacks (see above shots).

wp7forum.ru reports that camera hardware will be dropped to just 3MP, while the lower RAM requirements may see users being greeted with potential Marketplace warnings due to not enough system resources being available. This could lead to some degree of fragmentation and will prevent users on low-end hardware being able to run certain apps, with the possibility of 3rd party Live Tiles not updating automatically. 

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On the bright side, there were a few new features present. In the above shots we can see more functionality added to messaging, including the ability to record voice, attach videos as well as multiple photos to a single MMS. Microsoft will also be increasing the allowance for OEM/carrier installed applications from 16 to 40.

As we previously covered, Tango is set to be an update targeted at emerging markets. This could potentially mean the rest of the Windows Phone user base may not be receiving Tango as an update, and may experience a longer wait until Apollo is rolled out. 

Source: wp7forum.ru, via: WMPU, thanks to those who sent tips in!


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Leaked shots of Windows Phone Tango reveal improvements and limitations


That little thing that says your phone is not compatible is not new. I've seen it before with my Arrive. I couldn't tell you what app it was, though.

I will also point out, that in the picture, it says that you need more ram then the model you have, which is listed as the Focus model number. But the settings says it is an HTC phone.
And why/how would an HTC phone be accessing the Samsung Marketplace trying to install a Samsung only app?

To believe these images, you have to assume they have altered the registry to indicate their phone is a Focus to access the samsung market, but some how the "about" screen knows that it's a Mazaa. Or it's more than one phone, a Focus and a Mazaa, but the Focus can and does run the Samsung Now hub just fine. I call bull$#17

This whole thing looks fishy.  How is it windows phone 7.5 still?  Wouldnt there be a build number showing up on the screen or purposes cropped or edited?  Its also kinda funny that the time on the phone is off by hours between every image, you would think that it would be close if there screen capture was taken quickly.  Also to point out it is a on a Russion site but all the text is in English?  You would think it would be in Russian.  I am calling blashemy on this info.

I like that Windows Phone will be more available, but I don't like the diminished hardware requirements. By the time Tango phones roll out, WP-launch-date hardware will have diminished requirements compared to Apollo phones. We already have apps that run with reduced functionality, and some not at all, on pre-Mango/Mango hardware.

I am still waiting to see if Gen1 devices will be upgraded any further. I still haven't seen the keyboard fix from ATT, so I am not hopeful for Tango or Apollo.

I haven't received the update, but the last time my keyboard disappeared was over 6 months ago. It only happened twice to me anyway

The "not available" most commonly happens when a user switches phones that are two different manufacturers and tries to install apps that were previously installed and originated from the previous phone's manufacturer's marketplace. Happened to me when I switched from Arrive to Quantum, then again from Quantum to Focus S. Hope this helps!


I have a dev unlocked original Focus and I went into the root settings, changed by provider from ATT to Rogers and get the newest update immediately then changed back to ATT after update finished now I'm running 7.10.8107.79 on ATT

People act like gradual fragmentation is something that's avoidable. I have an iPhone 2g a there are tons of apps that aren't available, not to mention the newest versions of the operating system. Phone hardware increases quickly, software increases as well. As software becomes more demanding, old hardware models won't be able to run it. Its just how it is.

Well I already knew it was going to take a awful long time for the update to get through each company. And I believe in the 2 year OS support life span for phones.

Mary Jo Foley has been running the lines that their could possibly be a Tango1 & Tango 2 update.  It would make sense.  One for these upcoming lower-end devices and one for the rest of us.  Who knows maybe our update will come first?  If these devices are built around that spec then it wouldnt be an update anyway, it would be the starting point for them.  It's more than likely out there now.
I sense there will be one actual Tango 'update' - which will bring these new MMS & Sim features leading into Apollo.  Who knows, with privacy heightened on updates, it might be just around the corner? :)

In regards to fragmentation, its inevitable, especially since Microsoft are now targeting one area of the smartphone market that Nokia have a grasp over.  For those already on Windows Phone, its not going to be a problem, unless you intend on downgrading?!  Android is obviously plagued by it, but even Apple has it to a point with iOS (3g/3gs/4/4s/iPod Touch?)  Its a sign that the platform is maturing.  The real deal-breaker will be seeing how they handle the Apollo situation.  Upgrade for myself due in May, and intending on getting the European Lumia900 equivalent, but will Microsoft be pushing out Apollo to these devices?  They need to be disclosing more info on this as soon as possible.

The only fix I want for SMS is the ability to compose a long text message and have the stupid program automatically split it up for me, like every other system out there.

If the features and bug fixes rumored to be included in Tango, I don't see how it's only for emerging markets. I think this is an assumption by bloggers that doesn't make too much sense.
The only thing Microsoft said was that some updates will not be necessary for some devices. This was referring to the smaller updates (8107 for example). 
Tango will bring with it features all windows phone users would want, even if a lot of the effort was towards low end devices. Support for more lanugages will help move high end devices as well, for example.

Tango will be released in the US. I was told by a MS employee who is a friend of my friend. He couldn't really say much besides that. He did say that Apollo's TellMe will be competitive with Siri.