Leaked Sprint document says no Windows Phone 8 Devices in the near future

Sprint is

A leaked internal training document shows that Sprint has no plans to release any Windows Phone 8 devices any time soon. The so-called playbook, which offers talking points about both "Windows 8" and "RIM,", says that, despite the buzz, Sprint continues "evaluating" Windows Phone and has no plans to announce any devices at this time. Not only does this include Windows Phone 8, but also Windows 8 PCs and tablets.

The entire section reads:

Right now there’s buzz about this platform, which includes PCs, tablets, and a Windows 8 phone. Currently, we’re evaluating this new OS and working with Microsoft on potential opportunities. However, we have no announcements regarding Windows 8 devices at this time.

Leaked Sprint playbook

While there isn't anything shocking here, it is just further confirmation that Sprint has little to no enthusiasm about Windows Phone, despite the fact that their only WP7 device, the HTC Arrive, had the highest customer satisfaction rating of all of their phone offerings. In fact, it meant so much, that Sprint said goodbye to the Arrive all together last month.

That leaves Sprint alone on an island as the only major carrier in the U.S. not prepared to offer Windows Phone 8 devices. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have all signed on and plan to have WP8 devices, including Nokia's Lumia line of phones, which we saw today. MetroPCS is also working on bringing Windows Phone to their lineup. It is expected that Sprint will eventually catch on, perhaps early next year, but we'll believe it when we see it.

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Leaked Sprint document says no Windows Phone 8 Devices in the near future


Sprint SUCKS!!! My wife and I have been having so many problems with Picture text lately I can't wait to take my 4 phone plan to VERIZON!!! I Encourage everyone waiting for a Windows Phone 8 from Sprint to do the same!!!!

They should be happy to take them as Windows phones are known for their non-upgradeability, would save them a lot of hassle...

What was HTC HD2 Leo upgradeable to? It can be upgraded to WinPhone 7 but MS wouldn't bother. Then we got Lumias 800 and 900. I have Vista on my laptop and won't be getting a new Internet Explorer 'cos I didn't splash the cash on Win 7 or 8. Am I the only one who's fed up with the way MS treat their customers? I don't think so. Check what happened to the sales of Lumia 900 after the forget the real upgrade, you'll get an aspartam lower-quality ersatz instead...

HD2 really? Lumia 800 and 900s will get 7.8 which is everything that wp8 is without the features that require new hardware.... And Vista was so bad that even Microsoft replaced it with 7 asap. So youre mad that they want you to upgrade to a better OS? But I encourage you to stay on Vista, bold move!

HD2 running WinMo 6.5 will normally upgrade to Android but (at least with Microsoft's full approval) not to WinPhone 7. That was Microsoft's big mistake which they're basically making now with another phone, Lumia 900. And one would think they want to keep their customers loyal by making them as happy as possible. I don't think they'll reach 10% market share anytime soon.

LOL in case you didn't notice the HD2 has an inferior GPU my brother actually runs WP7 on it anything that is GPU intensive runs like garbage. which is like all of the games.

Why should I pay to get free Internet Explorer working on my laptop? Is WM 7.8 really the same or almost the same as WM8 applicationwise? No, it is not. Was HD2 upgradeable? YES, it was but MS blocked the upgrade, it came unofficially. I don't like that approach from MS towards their customers.

I'm not an HD2 user but maybe Microsoft had a good reason behind not letting the HD2 upgrade to WP7 (like all other Windows Mobile devices)? Regardless, people knew from day 1 that the HD2 cannot be upgraded to WP7 and still bought it - that's really your fault. And I'm not sure running an OS on an unsupported device is really such a good idea but complain all you want.
As for IE, they designed it specifically for Windows 7 - I don't see anything wrong with it. Vista got a new Windows Media Player and a better IE compared to XP, should you also complain about that? They're here to sell stuff and make a profit and that's hardly a complaint.
The whole 900 fiasco could have been avoided had Microsoft called the 7.8 upgrade "8 without  a few features" for older phones. 

Agreed with your final point at least

MS and NOK made lots of mistakes, the free market response to those is obvious; to me they seem to ignore customer loyalty and it may backleash big time

What are you talking about? HD2 was never meant for the new MS Mobile OS to start with, there is no case there.
On the flip side, the HTC did such a magnificant job with the hardware.. that was the only device which could run close to 100% functional with both Android and WM7 with a few exceptions. Hell it could dual boot too.. Thanks to the great folks at XDA. IMO the HD2 delivered much more than what it was intented for. 

Was the HTC HD2 upgradeable?  Technically, yes, but it wasn't upgraded due to the OEM (HTC) not licensing Windows Phone 7 for the device or shipping it with the OS.  Getting a new OS on the phone from Microsoft does require someone to pay for the OS license, and since it's not a retail product you can buy, that leaves it up to the OEM, who decided not to.  First straw man in your argument, blaming Microsoft for an OEM's decision.  To your second point, Vista got IE9, but is now past the 5 year mainstream support phase (it's 6 years old), and as such doesn't get new software, just like Windows XP's last browser was IE8 (released in March 2009, a month before XP went into extended support in April 2009).  Complaining you aren't getting free upgrades (not updates, but whole product upgrades!) on an OS that is over 5 years old (when Microsoft very clearly lays out what you get during Mainstream and Extended support phases, what dates those are for the products in questiion, and all very publicly documented) is your second.

I am using Lumia 800 and HTC HD2 upgraded from WinMo 6.5 to Jelly Bean (and like both phones/OS's). Never held a Kyocera, but do like Gingerbread (my HD2 runs it also)

I do care only because I'm stuck in the contract for a little less than a year. Really considering a switch.

you're not enslaved to a contract and no one has a gun to your head to fulfill it. If youre really not happy with Sprint pay the EFT, call it a day, move on and be happy.

I had about 6 months left on my contract with Verizon when I switched to AT&T. ETF was about $150. Not bad considering I got the Focus for free. I even get better coverage with AT&T in my area.

i care as well. and sprint having trully unlimited data is something that would help sales and just be that other choice for people who dont wanna be capped and want a windows phone :(

Have priced AT&T and Verizon with same services, 6GB data, and they cost about the same or a little more than Sprint. I use an average of 400MB data per month so the unlimited data at Sprint is not a big deal. There's another thread on WPCentral about average data usage with most people showing in line with my usage. Look on your Sprint bill for your data usage.

You'd also assume that the execs at Sprint would be able to find their ass on a daily basis but each and every day they continue looking with no end in sight. Maybe they need another loser spirit hand dancer from YouTube to spice things up again.

I was a big follower for sprint but they continue to run their network into the ground. Their exclusive phones are always a few months late thus they are old when they release them. The unlimited plan is nice but speeds suck and I am always near WiFi. No need for unlimited data. Love my Lumia 900 but it needs a equalizer but I'm pumped for the 920.

Waiting till Verizon's phone choices. If nothing on Sprint by 12/31/2012, I give them a call, cancel my account, sell my phone on eBay, and after 14 years I say farewell.

I bought a small amount of Sprint stock several years ago. Need to sell off the rest but it's practically already worthless.

What a joke. I've been a sprint customer since early 2000s and both my wife and I have HTC arrives and in love with WP. If sprint won't be offering wp8 then we will be jumping to vzw as they will offer multiple wp8 devices. Sprint you are going to loose customers!!!

They're still in the red on their Apple deal and are risk averse. Nothing to see here. When Windows Phone 8 get's some traction, they'll likely get a middling token Windows Phone to pull out when they need to show their platform diversity.

Rico, you hit the nail on the head.
Sprint spent all their capital on Apple and the iPhone, they have no money to take on another phone line.
With that said, the iPhone isn't paying off for them, they will be the only US carrier with the next Gen iPhone that won't be on LTE - Heck, even an unlocked iPhone "5" with at&t LTE will work on T-Mobile 's LTE network which they are now just building out.
In my opinion Sprint already bet the farm on iPhone and lost. They only way to make it up is to step out and be another premier provider of Windows Phones.
Their only other option to make back cash is to bet on the much delayed BlackBerry 10 - ROTFL!

It doesn't matter. If they aren't willing then they aren't worth the time or energy. As long as we have Verizon on board then Sprint can go disappear.

I hate to break it to you bro, but we're all gonna die this year. The Mayans predicted it... Truly sorry but you won't be able to leave Sprint soon enough. Hahaha, jk...

It's sad.... I just don't get what they are thinking! Still a fancy phone don't mean JACK without the unlimited data plan to go with it!   Once all of the WP8 device come out I will see what my next move is and it maybe right off of Sprint... The maybe some day network!

And this is why I bought my Arrive out of contract. Beautiful phone, though old. Lame, Sprint. I'm out as soon as I figure out who's getting the 920.

Well that just confirms that im dropping Sprint in January when my contract is up! Good riddance! Even when I used Android you were woefully behind the curb.

I care but only because my employer is stuck up Sprints butt when it comes to phone service.

Really sad. Sprint put all their eggs on iPhones basket and now they have nothing to invest, even if there are better and cheaper phones out there. They made a 20 billion dollar blunder and must now pay the price.

idk im still thinking Sprint has to have enough common sense left to carry one of the HTC devices that will be announced on the 19th since they clearly aren't in the Lumia picture. Get it together Sprint!!!

I'm with you, I'd like to leave too, but I'm stuck because I don't want to double or triple my monthly bill. 

Sprint sucks where I live anyways nobody cares for there service & with more competition on networks like radio shack, cricket, boost mobile & so on I don't see sprint holding there spot with tmobile, at&t & Verizon

I still have sprint right now.  Planing on going to T-mobile once they announce a new WP8 device. Sprint let me down, they blowwwwwww.

Sprint is a failing carrier.. No one cares.. IPhone 4s 3G connection is horrible on Sprint.. I have my coworker tethering off me to get a better connection, and I'm on my HD7 t-mo.. Sprint sux...

Sprint is like a dying dinosaur, it just can't see its dead yet. What good is unlimited data when the speed sucks? When your customer service is a joke, and the only device you can be proud you got you had to sell your soul to get.

Why dont Microsoft just offer them a heap of money?? Advertising expense sharing or similar?? Why are Microsoft, one of the richest companies on the planet, not doing more to entice carriers and partners??

I think they are waiting for the payoff of having Windows 8 on tablets, PCs, Xbox, etc to grow on customers of those products before they really start becoming competitive in the phone dept. If that happens Windows phone sales will grow quite a bit. They are as big and rich as they are now because they are smart and understand how to set and adapt to market trends.

Because, offering money to sell something they have never really been excited about, is pointless. They all but wrote the arrive off, just months after releasing it. Their own advertising proved it. I understand wanting to sell devices that people want and have good customer satisfaction but, they clearly aren't just looking at that. The HTC Arrive and every other WP has had great customer service. Most of the negative customer negative feedbacks were more hardware specific, than OS or OS features.

I feel that with WP8 and the 7.8 update for older devices, will have people wanting WP more and with the availability on more carriers, with a broader selection of phones, MS should see a nice percentage growth here in the US.

People want leave sprint early and not wait for there contract to expire? Well have fun paying $350 early cancellation on your contract. :-D

You missed the point of the article, read the headline. Sprint has no plans to carry w8 or wp8 devices (this includes HTC). Sometimes carriers give a credit to customers that switch. It is possible the early termination fee by some may be minimized with a credit from their new carrier.

Let's all wait for HTC windows phone event Sept 19 maybe they might have htc wp8 for sprint because htc arrive was there brand

I see atleast 50 people within this post who want to leave Sprint just because of WP8. WTH is wrong with you Sprint, does none of the your executives read these comments?

Who is the guy that's says "Lets not make a partnership with Microsoft". They are only one of the biggest companies in the world. But when Apple comes along with their iPhone, "Lets spend wads of cash we don't have on the iPhone" Well it is clear who is part of the iSheep crowd and you decided to put yourself in debt for a phone with little payoff and puts a huge hole in your budget... With those business decisions, good luck in the future Sprint....

Wow I have 4 siblings on Sprint with the Arrive and this will be disappointing news to them. So glad I left Sprint in April and took 4 other lines with me.

I have 5 lines with Sprint, 3 are "4G" phones, my Arrive, and a flip phone. I've never been able to take advantage of the "4G" network, though you pay extra for the branding. This comes as another hard hit news, I knew there were no plans of them getting on board but 1 can be optimistic right? This just puts another nail in the coffin for me. My wife wants WP8, I want WP8... All 5 of my lines want WP8...

One of my lines is month 2 month... I'm probably gonna try another carrier with that 1 and if Sprint won't announce they are getting a WP8... I may have 2 bring all my lines with me.

I love Sprint for their truly unlimited data (this is a fact, I consume ALOT of data) but the network is slow, spotty, and 4G is a joke but their unlimited data plan is solid. Damn it Sprint, been with you for over 12+years? I cant even remember anymore. Well, time to start pricing plans through my company and see which one is best. Goodbye Sprint, its been fun.

I had a contract with Sprint for 15+ years. For the last 5, my wife and I were on a SERO plan which was incredible when it came to pricing but like you said, paying extra for 4G I couldn't use sucked. We left them and picked up Lumia 900s on AT&T. Using the phones day to day no differently than we ever did on Sprint hasn't gotten us anywhere near our data limit so the cap is a non issue. With the new shared data plan, we're actually paying $50 more per month which really puts us on par with non SERO accounts on Sprint but the difference in network performance and enjoying our phones is well worth the price. Just like many other things, you get what you pay for and I wasn't going to keep paying the Android clearinghouse (now with iPhone) to tell me that I didn't want the OS I want. Leaving them felt good :D

What the frack is Sprints problem with Microsoft? Whats their beef? Well frack em cause they'll lose customers this way. Their loss. Luckily we don't have that crappy Sprint in the Netherlands...

Ugh. Oh well, sprint is bleeding customers anyways. Unfortunately I have a feeling verison is only carrying the *822. Leave it to Verizon to demand a mildly different model from Att. Plus, no 920?

All it says is that sprint is working with MS and evaluating the OS, and no announcement right now. It doesn't say no wp8 devices coming...it essentially just says, "we're thinking about it but are rightly hesitant, we'll let ya know later what's up".

I do kind of find it funny how worked up it gets people...maybe sprint thinks so, too.

Regardless, I'm sticking with tmobile no-contract for my wp8 device! Can't wait!!!

Here is the problem. They have been evaluating since wp was announced over two years ago. How they treated the arrive and how they put all their eggs in the iPhone basket shows they have zero interest in w8-wp8. They having nothing to announce, and likely will not carry wp8 anytime soon.

Sprint has no money and they don't want to risk going deeper into the red over an OS that has low market share. I can understand that.
It's Sprint's problem to fix. Those who want WP8 will need to use another carrier and not sit and wait for whenever Sprint wants to get into the WP game.

So Glad I Ditched Them!!! I loved my Arrive but their lack of support of my platform made me leave... Loving my Lumia and LTE

That's why I've been with AT&T for many years now. They have the fastest network and also get the coolest phones. They are not perfect but then again, what carrier is perfect? I also love how you can switch sim cards between phones. That way I can use my iPhone 4S and my new Windows Phone 8 device!!

I get the anger of a many here...I really do.
But Sprint wants to make money like anyone else, and after the Arrive came out and undersold, they specifically said they need Microsoft to go out and build excitement and sales for this platform before they sign on again.
Ask yourself...has Microsoft or Nokia really done that? Yesterday's press "event" garned bad buzz along with the good due to no specifics. Nokia's stock dropped specifically because analysts noticed that they weren't ready for primetime. The Verge called them out on it as well. Then, there was the controversy over the faked "stabilization" video. It wasn't a very good day for Nokia, and consequently...for Windows Phone. Samsung barely mentioned the Ativ, and is far more into Windows RT tablets. HTC has an event coming up, but who knows what that will reveal or when it will be available.
Microsoft has done an abysmal job of stoking and sustaining excitement for the relaunch thus far. It's great that they bagged Verizon, but I think they'll be pushing the new Motorola family of RAZR devices announced yesterday over anything else. 

Sprint likes to make money like everyone else? I'm sure they do. But dropping 20 billion on a single phone is beyond ridiculous. They are in the red and who knows how long it will take for them to recover. They put themselves in a hole due to bad business decisions and now risk a mass exodus because they are ignoring W8/WP8, arguably the biggest product launch (encompassing the entire ecosystem) in tech history.

The circumstances with which they acquired the iPhone were not in their control. Apple called them and dictated terms. You may argue that it ultimately isn't worth it, but the iPhone has never left Sprint's top three selling phones since, and has led most months.
Conversely, no Windows Phone on any carrier has sold in huge numbers yet. Sprint has said they "will participate" but not "lead" in Windows Phone 8 at some point in the near future. Is that really any less definite than the information we received yesterday when we were told the Lumias have no pricing, release date, or carriers? Or that VVerizon will carry "Windows Phone 8 devices" at some point before the end of the year? What committments has T-Mobile made?
Despite this platform underwhelming in sales on even carriers that give it priority (AT&T), Sprint WILL carry another Windows Phone 8 device. David Owens specifically said they won't watch from the sidelines. I realize that's not good enough for a lot here, but there are very few detailed committments or even product availability regarding ANY Windows Phone 8 device on ANY carrier in the US. Shouldn't we wait a bit and see how things shake out? The Arrive hit some time after the initial launch of Windows Phone. The same may happen here.

The arrive undersold for reasons brought on BY sprint. The employees had no idea what wp7 was, and failed to understand how the phone worked. Not only that but it is common for sprint to not sell the phone to people interested. One comment from sprint store manager was wp7 is "buggy" and all the phones bought gets returned.

That Sprint store manager was full of it. WP7, although lacking key features at the start, was one of the most bug-free OSs I've seen hit the market. The reason people returned the Arrive was that they found the OS a bit different and they freaked out instead of learning how to use it. Sprint store reps for sure didn't help since all they were doing (back then) was pushing people to Android.

Exactly. The local stores, employees, managers, did everything they could not to sell the arrive. They did it by making up nonsense. I had to educate the employee helping me about wp7 and the arrive. The floor model was not even out on the floor. So when sprint claims the arrive sold poorly it was because they made it sell poorly.

I agree that Sprint did little to sell the Arrive, and did all they could to sell people on their Android flagships.
But what US carrier DIDN'T do that? Nokia's US sales on T-Mobile and AT&T have been pretty sparse. Not even a million between them. We can safely assume Samsung and HTC sold even less. 

Is this anything that we didn't already know ? The CEO said they have no interest in Windows Phone.
Remember Sprint had a WP7 device before Verizon did...wow the tables have turned.
I'm sure in time they will but, it might be too late for people.

It's fully comprehensible that they need more time to evaluate the right order of the term "Windows Phone 8" according to their intelligence.

I have sprint, I bought the HTC arrive the day it came out.  I am going to end my contract early to go to whoever has the 920. No more Hope and Change for me- Sprint you suck

lets face it folks if you want the latest Windows Phone, Sprint isn't the company to be with. Also, they have the worst 3G network and a literlally non exsistant LTE network. Sure you get unlimited data but at what cost? In most cases you can't stream music or simply load a web page on Sprints network. Sprint has a history of making bad decision after bad decision (Nextel & Wimax) and anyone who thinks it's gonna get better for them, is in for a rude awakening. 

Well I've been from one coast to the other and I've always been able to stream music & video and surf the web. I just moved to a different city and something seem to be blocking the signal but before that I've never had a problem with the service. But basically they've got till the end of this year to pull there heads out there ASS!

So it looks like 2014 is when we next see a good opportunity for Sprint on Windows Phone. WP9 better have caught Android by then in terms of overall functionality. The HTC Evo doesn't really make me miss the Arrive very much but I'd love to see some Nokia LCD screens on Sprint at some point.

You know what's really funny here? Sprint is in the red on their Apple deal because they waited too long to move! They didn't move with Apple when multiple chances were presented (pre and post AT&T exclusivity) and just like musical chairs they were left standing when there was no where else to sit. Puts them in a poor negotiating position when it comes to making a deal with the devil..... And now it looks like they are going to make the same mistake with WP8. By their own words they are going to wait for MS to build the brand.... And that brand will cost them more then than it will now.

Sprint does this simply because they are microsoft haters. That they support Tizen and even Firefox OS but deliberately skip a mobile OS which is more matured and has a better chance to win says everything.
Of course a company can make its own decision on choosing partners based on rational consideration. But I think this decision is more religious rather than rational.

CALL TAMARA AT 757-223-3233.

She works for dan@sprint.com about as high up as us regular people can get.

I have expressed my frustrations,she says they need to hear from more sprint customers that feel the same way about sprints stance on WP8

Also any of you on twitter look up @sprint,then look at the 15 or so people that @sprint follows,all are higher up sprint employees, let them know on twitter how you feel about sprints mishandling of WP8

Dude you're crazy posting that number, but if you want to be even crazier. Post it on the forums here and on Twitter, hahaha!

I was so close to signing with Sprint... a little better reception in my home town, and I would be sporting an arrive right now and wondering why oh why did Sprint see the Echo as good and Windows Phone 8 as bad??
Seriously, I may call a Sprint rep and tell them my family and I refuse to move unless they get WP8.  I see that as at least half the truth.  I would dump AT&T for them if their reception was better, but not to go Android.  Sorry, I am spoiled now.

BTW, let's not forget that Sprint lost money by going with the Palm Pré so they've been on a losing streak. It's all on them but I wanted to remind everyone Sprint has been broke for a while.

I don't want to defend Sprint, but the Arrive totally sucks.  My wife's had two since it came out and I'm on my third in three months.  A key on the physical keyboard stopped working on my wife's and both of my headphone jacks have stopped working.  I'll probably leave Sprint so I can get WP8, but the fact that so many Arrives were returned is definitely at least partly HTC's fault for making a POS device.

Really? Sounds like bad luck. I know 8 people with the arrive since launch. Zero issues. Every product released will have a few bad apples. I have had numerous devices, iPhone, androids, wp7. I have an arrive and despite the screen being underwhelming it is a great phone. It has been dropped a few times and still works. Plus, it is the best reviewed phone on sprint. You must be the minority

So glad I left Sprint.
Yeah I have capped data with ATT but I have 5gb and tethering for the same price as I would have with Sprint and tethering. Oh and I get 4G. Never gone over the 5gb limit either. I even tether and watch HD netflix on my ipad. I love it.
I don't understand the hate for ATT really. Back in the day I know they had bad service in my area but they have really improved. I get service everywhere and have yet to drop a call.

Buh-Bye Sprint!   My contract isn't up until March 2013 but I don't care.  Just waiting for the new WP8 phones and then I'm gone.  I'm hoping whoever gets the 920 has good coverage where I live cuz that's where I'm going!  (Also hoping for some good Holiday deals.)  Can't wait!

I'm not surprised at all; they've always had horrible WP support.  I don't really feel like they're all that relevant in the industry these days.

OK, so I've stayed with Sprint for years since being moved over from Nextel when I had and actually used the PTT phones and decided to converge my PDA and Phone so I wouldn't have to carry both.  I like and use Sprints Unlimited data and serive plan pretty well.  Who else has anything that comes close to Sprint in service?  I've heard TMobile does but when you look a thier Unlimited plans, it also has the caveat of included 5gb, 10gb, etc of streaming data included.  That doesn't seem to me to be unlimited?
Is there anyone else in the market that has 4G data and unlitmited data/talk/text/etc?
Just wondering.  I'm pretty dissapointed that they are shunning WP, but, with the marketing teh Microsoft has done in the past, the desire just really isn't there.  People want Droid or iPhone becuase that's what's on the TV all day, every day.  It's typical marketing.

Hold on there..nothing has been announced as far as feature-sets for WP7.8. Where the hell did you get that it matches the feature list of WP8? On these types of things don't get your hopes up.