Leak – Nokia Lumia 929 powered by 2510mAh battery, to be released in December

Lumia 929

Eagerly awaiting more details to emerge of the Lumia 929? Leakster 'Falorin' has you covered over on our community forum. A new photo of the unannounced Windows Phone in white has been leaked (see above for previously released render), as well as some information on the size of the battery. You're looking at an impressive 2510mAh power plant. 

Falorin also lightly touches on a mid to late December release and states the white variant is matte, just like its black sibling. Should you be hoping to snatch up the white version, it's believed to be the limited option so we'll have to see just how easy it is to purchase. See below another shot of the Lumia 929:

Lumia 929

We'll accept the above as this is the same lucky leakster who was able to publish a quick hands-on of the Lumia 929 (now pulled), as well as showing exactly what the camera can do with a sample photo. Should you require a friendly reminder, the device is expected to feature a 5-inch, 1080p display. This display will be joined by 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and a Snapdragon 800 processor.

Are you pumped for this Windows Phone? Head on over to our community forum to join in the discussion.

Thanks, Indistinguishable, for the heads up!


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Leak – Nokia Lumia 929 powered by 2510mAh battery, to be released in December


Well, but that's ONLY on AT&T the normal version, available worldwide, has it built in ;)

Yep, so goodbye AT&T. 

Poor coverage compared to Verizon, so the only thing that kept AT&T in the game was better phones.  Now, AT&T is crippling their phones, and decided to abandon QI charging just as it became the world wireless charging standard.  They are idiots that inherited a huge company they couldn't build and cannot run.  They are also terrible with updates.

Is it any wonder that in the only part of the world that WP is still struggling, Nokia has exclusives with AT&T?




If you think that AT&T is crippling their phones and that you'll get a better experience on Verizon, you're in for a serious disappointment.


  1. Last to receive software updates so they can "test" them.
  2. Logos all over their phones like a stock car (front and back)
  3. Removes any features that compete with their services in any way
  4. Most bloatware of any carrier (though it can at least be uninstalled on WP8).
  5. Way less phone options and the ones they do get are crippled one way or another

The 1520 is the first phone I have seen AT&T truly cripple. They are much more open with their Android phones than Verizon is. Verizon removes features at random. On the current Galaxy devices, they removed call blocking. On the LG G2, they removed the stock browser and the web page screenshot feature. They charge $3/month for visual voicemail on anything other than an iPhone. Yes, they support Qi charging in most current devices, but that's about the only advantage you can give them over AT&T right now.

Go ahead and switch. The grass is not greener. Feel free to find out the hard way.


If you think that AT&T is crippling their phones and that you'll get a better experience on Verizon, you're in for a serious disappointment.

 Wrong, I switched from an AT&T Nokia 920 to a Verizona Nokia 928 and couldn’t be happier!


 1.Last to receive software updates so they can "test" them. What did you base this on?  My 928 received GDR2 months before AT&Ts 920 received GDR2!  Moreover, GDR2 was released by V about a week after V got the code from Nokia as shown by GDR2 listings on the Nokia update servers. in the Meantime, AT&T's 920 GDR2 appeared on the Nokia update server weeks ahead of Verizon's 928 and AT&T proceeded to sit on thier ass!

 2.Logos all over their phones like a stock car (front and back) So does AT&T!

 3.Removes any features that compete with their services in any way.  Complete BS!  Nokia Maps was installed on my 928 when I got it and I promptly and easily uninstalled VZ Navigator!

 4.Most bloatware of any carrier (though it can at least be uninstalled on WP8). The only bloatware on my 928 was the NFL network, big deal!  AT&T had family apps, Uverse, ATT Nav, and other crap!

 5.Way less phone options and the ones they do get are crippled one way or another.  Again, complete BS!  What are you talking about? My 928 may be missing FR radio, but at least it has wireless charging!

The grass is greener and i proved it with facts.


You're speakin as someone who clearly only has experience with Windows Phone. I'm speaking as someone who has owned dozens of smartphones on both carriers over the last five years.

And just to clarify, since you seem to be extremely bias:

  1. Almost all Android phones on Verizon are the last to get their respective updates
  2. AT&T only has one logo on the back and it's fairly discreet. Verizon insists on cramming one on the front of most phones (929 render is a perfect example) and not only another one on the back, but a "4G LTE" logo as well.
  3. Again, you're only talking about one phone OS
  4. See #3
  5. See #3

So because this is a Windows Phone forum, the way Verizon treats other devices doesn't factor in to the overall picture? You can put your hands over your ears and hum or sit in your sandbox, but the world is still happening around you.

You're aware that the people who work at these blog sites try other devices, right? Just because you're content to ONLY use Windows Phone doesn't mean that the rest of us don't want to experience what else is out there and I'm really sorry for you if that's how you live your life.

I currently have a 1520 and I love it, but I also have a Moto X and an HTC One, a Galaxy Note 3 and I like them all for different reasons. And because I'm on AT&T, I have the option to buy unlocked devices as well. Try bringing an unlocked device to Verizon and see where it gets you. That's right, you're content to only use the few Windows Phones that Verizon will sell you. Nevermind.

Your reply was to a post specific to AT&T and Windows Phones.

Don’t twist this around to try to defend how indecisive you are.

Dude, take some reading comprehension classes, please. My post was in no way specific to Windows phone or AT&T.

You might notice the part that mentions the changes they made to Samsung Galaxy devices? How bad Verizon sucks in general?

You know what, forget it. Go on pretending the rest of the world doesn't exist and enjoy your limited options with Verizon. I'm done here.

Taking the "failed reading comprehension" course is often the way to go in a lot of forums, but as a third-party observer to this convo, I have to say, you missed on this one.  Infosage's original response was directly related to Qi charging being removed on a Windows Phone...that's what kicked this off.  You can go on pretending that's not the case...we're done here.

I could care less what Infosage's reply was in regards to. Mine was to him, to point out that Verizon was not the savior he thought they were and it's based on experience, not speculation. Verizon cripples most of their phones far worse than AT&T. I should know, as I have owned both variants of many of the recent flagships.

Subsequent replies were an attempt to get meathead to pull the wool from his eyes, but it quickly became apparent that that was a lost cause.

Thanks! I borrowed my friends 822 when my 920 was getting repaired. I thought I would buy the charging cover for him as a gift. 40$ everywhere.... Nope

My 8x from Verizon has built-in wireless charging... I don't use it, but it's a nice option.
I'm not one to defend Verizon, believe me, lol, but Data Sense is a nice feature. Of course they preload phones with their own apps, but you can simply uninstall them.

Nokia doesn't have any Balls to start with... If they did we wouldn't have all this exclusive B.S. Put 1 High end phone on all carriers like Samsung does. There's a reason the 1020 isn't selling. It only on 1 freaking carrier in the US.

We have gone through this a million times, but Nokia isn't calling the shots.

Surprised this isn't a 930. Specs are pretty huge. I think they definitely need to simplify things next year.

Sigh... You really have no clue, do you?

Nokia is too small in the US to have any influence at all over what the carriers choose to do... They have to take every deal they get to even have phones on the market.

Obviously you don't have a clue. Nokia could easily release a unbranded international pentaband phone.

Through which retail channels and who is going to pay for the marketing? If Nokia had released an unbranded version then ATT would have stopped selling Windows Phones all together. It's not a big enough market for them. They remain supportive simply because it provides them with exclusive phones. Nokia cant afford to piss off its partners in retailing.

Which channels? Microsoft, Best Buy, Amazon, etc... Microsoft can pay for the marketing. Especially since they own Nokia now. It really doesn't matter much if att stopped. Att isn't moving alot of high end phones and they NEVER RELEASE UPDATES. So there's nothing to lose and everything to gain. Google doesn't it. Why can't Microsoft / Nokia?

I believe MS is doing this on purpose. They know their phones are not competitive by features as of now so not pushing for them. With 8.1 if they have enough feature parity then i think they will push with full force like Xbox. Till then i believe its a matter of keeping the ship floating.

Actually ... Releasing unbranded pentaband phones as a replacement to get away from carrier modification is stupid. Most people only buy subsidized phones. They think phones cost $99. They definitely wouldn't sell as much at $599 because people would just find that too expensive since iPhone is $199. Sad but true. This market is for the most part based around carrier subsidy. Purely unsubsidized phones don't do well unless you price them very low.

Myth Busters debunked this myth already. T-Mobile quit subsidizing phones. Every since they stopped they actually got more paid customers. In record numbers too. I believe they actually had a higher growth than att and Verizon combined last quarter. I'm not positive on that I can't remember the exact numbers. I will say for a fact they gained the most customers last quarter without subsidizing phones.

"Gained the most" doesn't mean it has the most. Numetheus is more than likely still correct. Most people aren't going to buy unsubsidized because of the deals they see when it's subsidized. Otherwise, most people would have unsubsidized phones regardless of carrier.

Wrong..... Just in America is phones subsidized. Worldwide phones are overwhelmingly bought outright. Only in America do carriers subsidize phones. T-Mobile the one carrier that stopped subsidizing phones and gave you a cheaper plan has seen it's customer base skyrocket. Faster than any other American carrier. People are Smart enough to know. Phones aren't subsidized really. You pay for it with a super high monthly bill. So don't be Fooled and think you're getting a $600 phone for a $100. You're actually paying $30-$40 bucks a month extra for a compatible plan compared to a carrier that doesn't subsidize.

Wrong.... We also have subsidised phones with carriers in Australia.  Phones are too expensive to by outright most of the time (if you want the high end latest phones).


If people were smart enough they wouldn't buy iPhones the way they do. the truth is people who give a thought to all this carrier subsidy is a very small fraction. I was talking to a ATT rep in a store when I was checking out 1520. He tried to convince me to get the Next plan but he quickly understood I know what I want and he was not ashamed to say that most of the people he deals with dont know what they want and he successfully pushes for the Next plans.


For people like me with family plans on AT&T, it's nearly impossible to all jump wagon to a carrier like T-Mobile (or any other) without incurring heavy fees.  The fee's can be made up in two to three month's at TMo pricing, but still.  Too bad they have a terrible selection of WP phones.  When I checked (about 5 minutes ago), they had the 925/521.  That does me no good.  Once they get more phones better suited to me (my family gets what I give them!), then I'll switch!  Right now, there is a 90$ spread between AT&T Mobile share family of 4 and T-Mobile.  It's been a decade + with AT&T, I can wait a little longer.

definitely agree, even though it can be bought online unlocked ,most high end phones need global unlocked release not carrier exclusivity, i think that's why nokia not getting many sales worldwide

Verizon back Qi wireless charging standard. At least you know they will not ask to have it removed. ATT backs PMA which is unfortunate to that they decide for us and not the consumer.

this is the specs sheet bing was aparently sent.... atleast it seems to have information outside of known leaks.

20 MP Camera · Touch sensitive screen(Multi Touch) · 5.0 in Display · AMOLED · Candybar · 32 GB · Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Black · Windows · OS Supported - Windows Phone 8 · 2.2 GHz · Krait 400 · 2 GB RAM · 1080 x 1920p resolution · 880 hours Standby · 13.83 hours Talk Time · Smart phone · Video Format - MP4/DivX/XviD/H.264/H.263/WMV player · 1080p at 30fpsvideo resolution · 166 g

  • Band: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 · HSDPA · LTE
  • Color: Black · White
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth · Wi-Fi · USB
  • Dimensions: 5.37 in (H): 2.81 in (W): 0.41 in (D)
  • Features: Sensors · Messaging · Browser · HTML · GPS · Light sensor · Proximity sensor

I got my 1520 a week back and I couldnt be happier. Earlier I thought its too big but now I am used to it. It is so much fun to surf the web and watch videos and still fits inside the pocket.

I don't think 5" qualifies as a "phablet" Rich ;)

That said, I want an international version of this phone.

I prefer the design of the L928. Actually, as far as I'm concerned, the design of the L929 would do. Anything but more horrible lumps =P

I get where you're coming from but the camera hump on the 925 seems unnoticeable :P

When you think about it the 928 is actually just one big hump...

I also like it. I actually like Verizon's designs. If only they (well, American carriers) didn't ruined the phones by turning them into a campaign add for everything (4G, Verizon etc)...

I don't have issues with fatter phones though. Unlike some, I never ever felt the L920 was either too fat or too heavy. I don't want a piece of paper in my hand pretending to be a phone. I want a solid well-built resistent machine =P

The 925's wireless charging cover makes the back of the phone perfecltly flat and protects the camera too.

Yeah...seems but it isn't. I spent a week with a L925. I felt it every single time I grabbed the phone. That's why the first thing I did with the L1020 was get a cover to nulify the even bigger hump (though the L1020 isn't by any means my daily driver. it's not overall good enough to replace the L920. I just use it as a camera really lol)

Got proof mohamed? I saw this same thread started in the forums. Unless you are the same person, he had no proof. Do you? If you do, be responsible and report it to Microsoft and not attempt to stir up drama here.

I should have been more clear. What I'm asking is do you have proof its pirated? I'm convinced its in the store. And Surur at Poweruser famous for these kinds of stories to attract attention to his website. This irresponsible blogger, even while sounding like its a terrible thing, posted the link to make it easy for others to install possible malicious software. I hope we can get to the truth of this soon.

The Samsung ATIV S hack has has recently allowed anyone with an ATIV to download and repackage XAPs from developers, and if you have a developer unlocked handset it is easy to sideload these pirated games and apps to your own Nokia or HTC handset.

The only reason this did not introduce rampant piracy to the Windows Phone ecosystem is that the vast majority of handsets are developer locked, meaning all apps have to come via the Windows Phone Store.

It seems this is not such an issue anymore, as it appears Microsoft is allowing pirated XAPs to be uploaded and then downloaded directly to the Windows Phone Store.

A Vietnamese developer called menguyen has uploaded a copy of the Halfbrick game Fruit Ninja to the store, and it appears to have passes certification and can now be downloaded for free.

Not only can this damage developer confidence in Windows Phone; because the XAPs can be modified before being uploaded such a practice can introduce malware to the store, such as stealing your contacts.

The game can be found here, but because we do not know how the app has been modified I would not suggest anyone download it.

Do our readers think this is a real problem, or has Microsoft’s certifiers just been slacking over thanksgiving? Let us know below.

Via Plaffo.com

It's not mine. If you didn't pay attention it has a source... I just posted it because he asked for a proof and there is one. Your negative comment has no place. If you are not my reader then don't comment.

Most of Verizon's phones have been coming out GSM unlocked. I hear SMS texting is a problem on the apn settings

I second this, and at least a 64gb version. I mean why the hell are we capped on this whole 32gb internal space thing.

This isn't actually a limitation for WP devices, as a 64GB variant of the L1020 exists for both Brazil and Vodaphone Germany.

If don't see to its camera and focus on the bottom of the bottom, it looks like an aifon(iPhone) a lot.. I think.

2510 mAh for a 5 inch full HD display is not impressive.

Also, looks like its going to be bulkier than 1520.

As others have said, this needs an international version and it needed to have been release like yesterday (seriously, how could they have missed the black Friday shopping spree?)

Why would they leave out SD card. They should have included that at least. The build wants to look iPhonish

Agreed.  Really dissappointed that AT&T has abandoned qi... I feel like we'll never get a great looking phone with built in qi again.

Er...make fewer of them? Sell them in fewer stores? Only sell in store, not online (or vice versa), only sell to upgrade customers.... Loads of options on making it limited...

Thanks... I'll rephrase for those of you who are operating on half of a brain. I wonder which approach they're going to take to making it a limited edition.

Well, for those only operating on a quarter of a brain: It hasn't been officially announced yet, and it isn't known for sure that there will even be a limited version. Hence, the answer above is the only answer that can be given to the question unless someone who knows the answer leaks it, in which case it would be reasonable to have expected it to be part of the original article.

I would like to see a 1020 variant with upgraded internals (faster processor, bigger battery, wireless charging) on Verizon more than the 929. To me, the 1020's screen size is perfect and the camera is awesome. I would ditch my 928 for an improved 1020 on Verizon in a heartbeat. Can't say the same for the 929.

I'd take a 1020 variant with 5" screen and updated internals on ATT. I'd buy it on the spot! I prefer without wireless charging though so it's thin.

Awesome news. Just got a replacement for my 928 (cracked the screen) and will gladly sell it to put towards owning this beast. LOVE my 928, but ready for 1080p display and a larger screen/camera.

This phone has some great specs; I just don't understand verizon’s fascination with custom "not-really-good-looking" thick designs.

Technically this is exactly what I was asking for. (except the microSD).  I wanted a really good camera without a bump, and if they needed the extra thickness, make the whole body that size and just jam in more battery and wireless charging.

Thinking about it I essentially want a Windows Phone powered 5" iPhone.  This does show how Apple is able to build an incredible device.  Nokia's best effort comes in a much thicker product. I'll likely go with this over the 1520 despite all the great reviews, I'm just not sure I can manage the phablet quite yet, at least not until RT merges.

Nice. Good to have a choice of carrier for Windows Phone. For a while, all I had to AT&T. Not that they have not been awesome, but Verizon was a buddy for a few years.

Yes it would be great if there was a pentaband unlocked version that came out that could be used on T-Mobile.   I would like to see something like this phone become the new 920 style standard.    My only question is whether or not it has a SD card slot.

It's a very pretty phone and not too large.  I like that it is 32gb and if it had a SD card slot I would say it was perfect for me (other than it not being on T-Mobile at this point).

I would love to get one but will have to wait until June to be eligible. This makes me wonder, with the vast majority of people being under contract and usually only getting new devices with new contracts or when eligible for upgrade - how can so called sales figures and market share numbers really be valid? For the most part phones are not something you can just go shop for on a whim.

Although, I am still very happy with my L920, this could be my next phone once my current is ready to retire. 

Man I thought I was the only one still rocking the HTC Titan on AT&T waiting for a quality Verizon Lumia to purchase. haha

No, Xeion, you're not alone. I've been off-contract for over a year; just waiting for a WP bigger than the Titan. The 1520 is great, but just too big.

Woot to the Titan/AT&T crowd. I'm so freaking ready for WP8--out a year already and I still haven't had a taste. Heck, I'm still stuck with the disappearing keyboard bug due to AT&T ignoring updates forever. I'm not sure they've ever officially released updates for the Titan, but since my USB port broke a few months ago (at least the data pins--the device charges OK when not plugged into something that wants to communicate with it), I haven't even had the opportunity to install unofficial changes. Ugh.

I was soooo ready for a yellow Nokia after so many bland phones, but reception for AT&T at my house is terrible (we have a Verizon home phone and it works great). Unfortunately, I'll also have to ditch my grandfathered unlimited data plan. Bummer. Also, I hear that Visual Voicemail is free on AT&T and Verizon charges you $3/month. Anyone know if that's still true? Also, does it use the built-in app, or some Verizon-specifc app?

Anyway--all cons aside, this will probably be my next phone. Just a bummer I have to give up so much for it, but I just can't deal with a terrible connection at my residence. Ugh.

This will sell better than 1520 on AT&T.
Verizon has nearly same market share as AT&T even though it has only one flagship Lumia till now.
AT&T with all flagships and 520 doing worse than they should have.

I may be an AT&T customer, but I'm very happy for my Windows Phone brethren on Verizon to get just as powerful a phone! I wish it were 6" as well, but I know 5" is MORE than adequate for most people. I count myself as one who feels 6" IS overkill.

I'm waiting to see what 8.1 brings before I try WP again. Still too many issues and limitation in the current OS to be a consideration for me.  

Ugh...I want this phone....SOOO bad! (I say I want everything, but this especially!) mid-December.....le sigh. Oh well, a good late Christmas gift for myself :)

It looks like it's aluminum on the sides like the Lumia 925! That's awesome, I love that hardware design!

I don't know why people hate the 928 so much. It's not flashy which is why I like it. I think the 929 looks great too.

This looks little more usable than the 1520 for me. Hopefully a carrier in Australia will pick it up unlike the 1520 which can only be bought outright.

Looks good to me. By the time this rolls out, my contract with AT&T will be up. I might be saying goodbye to them.

Gonna be a while before I get an upgrade thru my Verizon, but this just might be the one I want next. I like it!

ugly device.  nice specs.


will wait for the global varient that will inevitably come once 8.1 hits.

well bing has a new image and the discriptions up...
20 MP Camera · Touch sensitive screen(Multi Touch) · 5.0 in Display · AMOLED · Candybar · 32 GB · Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Black · Windows · OS Supported - Windows Phone 8 · 2.2 GHz · Krait 400 · 2 GB RAM · 1080 x 1920p resolution · 880 hours Standby · 13.83 hours Talk Time · Smart phone · Video Format - MP4/DivX/XviD/H.264/H.263/WMV player · 1080p at 30fpsvideo resolution · 166 g

  • Band: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 · HSDPA · LTE
  • Color: Black · White
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth · Wi-Fi · USB
  • Dimensions: 5.37 in (H): 2.81 in (W): 0.41 in (D)
  • Features: Sensors · Messaging · Browser · HTML · GPS · Light sensor · Proximity sensor

I really hope this phone comes to Canada. I love my Lumia 920 but I want just a little bit bigger of a screen to get that third row of medium size tiles. Once you use tiles, you just want MORE TILES!!!

this would be a step for verizon because AT&T launched 2 Nokias teh 1020 and 1520 and Verizon laund 0 Windows phones all so AT&T has updat 3 for all of their windows Phones but verizon ahs better coverage.