Lenovo says Windows 8 tablets will cost between $600 to $700 with RT versions $300 cheaper

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In a recent interview with Bloomberg, David Schmoock who's head of North American operations for Lenovo, gave some fairly specific pricing points for both Windows 8 tablets and the more consumer-focused RT variant running ARM processors. It's the most specific data on pricing that has been presented so far on the new but elusive Microsoft category.

There has been some wild speculation as to how much these Windows RT tablets would cost with Surface proving to be the focus of some of the more controversial pricing 'guestimates', going from thousands of dollars to just $199

Lenovo's Schmoock is quoted by Bloomberg as saying “RT will play in the consumer and retail at very aggressive price points”.  Even more noteworthy is that he goes on to price standard Windows 8 tablets saying they will cost between $600 or $700--a much lower price point than many of us have anticipated.

If accurate, this tells us two things:  standard x86-based machines will be quite affordable and second, that consumer-focused RT tablets could fall between $300-$400. That last number comes from this statement from Bloomberg: "Windows RT software will cost $200 to $300 less than competing products using Windows 8 software".

At $400 that’s priced to compete head to head with the cheapest iPad 3, which fetches for $499. Windows RT is going right up against Apples iPad and if indicators are correct, at the same price point (or even lower). 

With Lenovo going on record with Bloomberg, do you think these pricing rumors have any validity? Let us know in comments.

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Lenovo says Windows 8 tablets will cost between $600 to $700 with RT versions $300 cheaper


Why? It seems ridiculous to me that everyone wants to run legacy applications on their tablets now that Windows 8's  coming out. For years, Microsoft's been pushing Windows tablets, and no one wanted them. What's different about this? Desktop applications will still be useless without a keyboard and mouse. 

I am an architect and use Revit. Autodesk has the Autocad WS for iOS and android, but up to now has no support for a Revit version (at least a viewer).
Ever since I bought the iPad I barely uses my laptop. The Pro will solve my problem with a lightweight device to see and edit my works on the go so I can dump my laptop.

Why? Simple-- it's called OPTIONS. Those of us who actually want to get something REAL done, now we can without missing out on the more frivolous stuff. For those at home who want cheap and simple, you've got that too. I'm a power user. I need access to desktop stuff, since I'm an IT guy and frequently have to work while on the go.

I understand that, but I understand his point too. x86 tablets have been out for a LONG time but now all of a sudden, enthusiast (on this site especially) say they'd only get an x86 tablet. I think that's why he's confused and to be honest, it makes me scratch my head too. I guess everyone was just waiting for Win8.

Are you aware how slow, heavy and clumsy current x86 tablets are? Even with Windows 8 RTM they feel like a cheap netbook with a touch screen attached (along with the added weight). And still they are pretty expensive. Meanwhile the surface pro seems to be superior in every aspect to current crappy x86 tablets and decent ultrabooks. The hype is justified.

> Are you aware how slow, heavy and clumsy current x86 tablets are?

That isn't true anymore... at least not of the better ones. We have a Samsung Series 7 Slate in the office...


... it is 13mm thick, 2 pounds, includes a full Intel i5 in it and can run just any Windows application or game. It runs Windows 8 fantastically either by touch alone or with a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

The iPad3 by comparison is 9.5mm thick and 1.4 pounds and can only run iOS.

While Surface RT tablets will be very good... consider that this Samsung slate is almost a year old now. I foresee that the new round of thinner cheaper x86 tablets will be very competitive with ARM devices.

- Tom

That Slate almost sounds like a great deal if it weren't for the price. $1350 not including any cover, stand or keyboard? What a rip-off! That's twice what a tablet device should cost. And those that are reasonably priced, i.e. Iconia Tab W500, are kinda crap..

Expensive. Yes. Big and Clumsy? Not necessarily. The HP Elitebook Series (currently in the 2760p generation) is about 3.5 lbs, and it's about 1" thick with a 12.1" screen. Certainly no iPad, but as a convertible model it's absolutely fantastic! Several of us use them where I work, and we swear by it. Absolutely NOTHING beats the ability to use OneNote in "Ink" mode for looking through meeting notes.

Many of us have very useful legacy programs that we use on a consistent basis, that would be very useful to bring along with us

What is the issue with somebody wanting to use their x86 device as a normal laptop with the capabilities of any other laptop on the market, but also want to take it to the bathroom while he or she takes a massive dump and play games like a tablet? Is there a problem of having that option?
If he or she wants to use it as a pure productivity machine, but also use it as a mobile consumption machine like any other tablet, dont see an issue there. 

Did you forget both Surface and Surface Pro will come with a keyboard and trackpad? Understandable, as everyone seems to forget Miscrosoft said it would be part of the package.

Because I would love to do some light work on it. I laugh at people trying to use an iPad for work. The surface pro will actually make that happen. If you are just using it to browse the web and get email and play small games, then I can see why you wouldn't want that.

I'm hoping for the $199 RT.  Would getting a pro be more of a laptop replacement as opposed to the RT serving as an incredibly capable tablet?

Lenovo was commenting on rt devices not specifically the surface rt. I still think surface rt will be 199 out the gate with subscriptions

Office perhaps
They are going full subscription model next year from what i was told.  NOt sure if this applies to RT as well, i am assuming so. 

Subscriptions? Nahhhh. MS has got to get W8 into peoples hands to show off the touch OS. I think it is a marketing ploy to make people comfortable with the OS so MS can market Enterprise version usability and user comfort.

If MS wants to hit big with W8 and the Surface, these prices seem about right:
RT Surface 32GB: $399 (iPad 16GB: $499)
RT Surface 64GB: $499 (iPad 32GB: $599)
Pro Surface 64GB: $699 (MB Air 11" 64GB: $999)
Pro Surface 128GB: $799 (MB Air 11" 128GB: $1099)

Even if they kept the storage options for the RT Surface the same as iPad offerings, that's still a better bargain. Likewise if we said $799 and $899 for the Pro Surface. I think this would be a good strategy for OEM's to follow. Undercut them by $100-200. Apple's only real counter will be the lack of apps, which is going to be a short-lived argument, I believe.

Great price predictions. If a 64 GB Surface Pro at $699 includes the keyboard, that could officially be branded the Mac Air killer.

I'd really like this to be true, but I'm 100% sure it's not. Paul Thurrott has said again and again that he's seen a product lineup for almost all of the Windows RT devices (not the Surfaces), and that not a single one is outside the range of the iPad ($499-$830). I'm inclined to believe him, he doesn't say stuff like that unless he's 99% sure.
That being said, I woluldn't be surprised to find that the Surface was $399. 

Yea, he said it again yesterday on windows weekly, he also said about the 199$ rumor that it's very unlikely but not 100% no chance of it happening.
However, prices can change. it could bery well be that Lenovo and others decided to lower their prices a bit and Paul's info is no longer accurate.

The bottom line is, The RT tablets should have comparable prices to the ipad. It's not a smaller or inferior device and should be price accordingly.
Pricing the cheapest Surface RT for example at anything below 400$ would send a message that it's not a quality device or that it has no future

That info can change anytime, esp if the OEM's feel they need to be more competitive to get marketshare to combat the hype that will be created by the new iphone.  And Paul is not always right and has had wrong info before, I wouldnt put 100% faith in what he says.

I give Paul a lot of credit, because he has a lot of inside contacts, and sometimes for confidentiality agreements he has to sit on information longer than he would like. 100% right? No, of course not, but I'd give him a 95% or better accuracy rating on actual Microsoft news.

These prices might not make it an ipad killer (just like a cheaper and better lumia 900 didn't hurt iphone sales) but the Win Pro tablet pricepoints sure make those devices ultrabook killers

Robert, I don't mean to be nit-picky but it's x86-based machines and not Intel-based machines; Intel is a brand name and x86 is the processor architecture like ARM is.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I do believe that we are going to see lower prices on Windows devices than on Apple, regardless of configuration. $199 is a stretch-- believable if they want to also hit hard against Amazon and Google, but I would bet $199 is a subsidized contract price if it stands any chance at reality. I think Lenovo stands to be the most logical guess at this point... Undercut Apple, go head-to-head with the rest, and let the market take it from there.

RT only = Runtime when it pertains to WinRT, the code architecture. The RT in Windows RT OS doesn't mean anything.

Well, it does mean something in that Windows RT only includes the RT runtime and not the legacy code. I'm sure that as soon as all the office apps have MX (metro) versions, the desktop on RT will be gone.

The price is about right. But still, MSFT should priced it like $100 cheaper than what this guy was saying. You know, just to make it a "no brainer" deal compared to iPad. Make it so that people see that its an amazing deal that people cant seems to refuse. The big bang deal.

That 7 inch tab rumor would be the perfect form factor for a $199 Surface RT. If that's the case, I would buy it without question.

Now if it's the full 10 inch Surface RT then I'm buying two. Screw third party! At least if it red rings you'll get a replacement. ;-)

$199 16gb
$299 32gb
$49.99 for the cover..
Bring this out asap.. I need to update my l900 to tango...hurry up it's been 3 years...

Lenovo was announced as an rt launch partner,and has announced an x86 device.  I see no reason to doubt what someone fairly high up in Lenovo has to say about pricing.  I like Paul, and he is often correct, but I'll take the word of a company launching both products over his sources.  His info may have been right when he got it, but Lenovo could have seen final surface pricing and adjusted accordingly.  If the $199 (or really, even up to $250) rumours turn out to be true, and Lenovo honestly believes (as they said yesterday) that their products are superior to the surface, $300-$400 is a reasonable entertainment price.

No way are Lenovo tablets going to be superior to Surface, at least not the x86/64 versions. IIRC, Lenovo's pro tablet will sport an Atom processor, while Surface Pro will have an i5. Maybe Lenovo is changing their mind on Atom...?

Lol they should. Atom isn't good for anything but a slow netbook. At least an Intel i3 or at least a AMD Z01; the MSI Windpad has a Z01 and I believe they were running either CP or DP win8 on it.

I plan on getting an WinRT tablet (maybe surface) for ny fiancé and a balanced x86 version for myself. Every now and then I'd like to run a legacy program or game.

Sorry, before comparing prices to iPad and other tablets I'd first like to know what the actual tablet size is. If it is 11" it could compete with the iPad 4 if it was only 7" at $400 it can hardly compete with the rumoured < $300 iPad mini.

I actually got a $400 N570 atom tablet from china running WIN8 just whizzy. I will most likely get a Surface pro when it comes, but for now this one is doing me just fine..

If it goes for the same price as iPad I don't see how they could convert iPad/Android users to
Windows. Why pay the same for a product you never used, you don't know how it will work so might as well stick to what you already trust.

The Windows tablets seem to be picking up momentum in terms of hyper compared to WP. None of my friends can give a second thought about WP but even those touting iPhones have confessed that the new Windows tablets (and especially the Surface) are extremely attractive and they would love to have one over an iPad. I can see them being hugely successful with the right marketing.