Lenovo announces the Miix2, an 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet starting at $299

Lenovo Miix2

We’ve been wanting to see Windows on smaller tablets for a long, long time. The Acer W3 came out earlier this summer, but its poor screen and lack of Windows 8.1 as default held it back. Thankfully with Windows 8.1 hitting the world tomorrow we’ll begin to see more and more devices in the 7 to 8-inch size. Lenovo has a new one joining the likes of the Dell Venue and others. It’s called the Miix2 and it looks like a winner on paper so far. Specs and pricing after the break.

The Lenovo Miix2 is an 8-inch tablet that packs a 1280 x 800 IPS display, offering a viewing angle of 178 degrees. It’s powered by an Intel quad-core Bay Trail processor, meaning you’ll be able to run desktop applications on this little device. It also has two cameras, one front facing and the other on the rear of the device. Up front the camera packs a 2MP shooter, while the rear has 5MP sensor. When it comes to dimensions it’s only 8.35mm.

Lenovo Miix2

Pricing? It starts at $299 and goes up depending on what storage you configure (up to 128GB, expandable with a microSD card). You can optionally also buy a detachable cover and stylus, though pricing was not listed for those accessories.

The Miix2 will be available later this month, anyone thinking of picking it up? It could serve as a great consumption device and work great for SmartGlass.

Source: Lenovo, Via: Engadget


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Lenovo announces the Miix2, an 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet starting at $299


I have read elsewhere that the detachable cover and stylus come as a packaged deal at only $20.  Of course, that could be wrong.

The pen is capacitive which ruins this for me. Dell Venue 8 it is unless Samsung announces a 8inch with S pen support...

Capacitive runs from electrical current. And can actually read multiple levels of pressure much like a waccom tablet if it is supported by the stylus.

Resistive is the old technology that works via layers of material touching to give a coordinate. On these you can use anything to work the screen like the 3DS.

Active Digitizer.
Capacitive is definitely not the best.  It's just marginally better than resistive.  The resolution on capacitive is traditionally very poor.

Well, it does look like a phone... and once WP and RT merge that's pretty much what we'll see.
But yes they always post Windows only articles assuming there's a crossover of interest which I think is fair.  Most likely the majority of WP users have Windows 8 and will be interested in changes to Windows and Windows machines to view their camera photos and other documents from Skydrive they have edited on their phones. I do anyway.

Far not same, 1280x800 is standard while 1200x800 is like 1917x1062. HD movies aren't played pixel in pixel, an besides mny apps require 1280 as minimum resolution. Hope 1200 is just a mistake, making 1200 is stupid.

Problem with the Dell is no mini-hdmi. All other Windows 8 inchers got it. Miix needs a better stylus and Dell needs mini-hdmi. I'll probably wait to see if any others announced soon.

those sizes are negligible to me... the Dell has slightly better screen and it uses an Active stylus, for me those rank higher.

Let's see what Nokia has before wondering. Windows 8 tablet/hybrid market is already pretty saturated. If I had a brilliant, unique idea, I would go with RT in a heart-beat. For your average parent/grandparent that just needs browsing and email, RT is a winner- currently little/no threat of malware/antivirus.
Side note- I vote someone makes a 7-8" RT device that is minimum specs and sells it for razor thin margins. Personally, I don't want Windows 8/Windows 8 Pro on a tablet- I don't want to worry about malware. I realize that's my opinion, but think about all the normal/typical users that take everything to Geek Squad and have no idea how to install anything without someone else doing it for them. When file management becomes easy on the modern side, I would consider replacing my desktop/only system with this plus an external storage drive. Only other thing holding me back is a collection of desktop/console-quality PC games that require a dedicated graphics card.

Exactly. I think it's clear where devices like the surface pro with a dockingstation are going. But why I should i get a rt when there is full windows available for a good price remains the question.

For me: because with these devices you get very little storage capacity built in, I compared to what my non-RT programs need for storage. Because it can be very cumbersome running most non-RT programs in an 8 inch tablet. So an rt tablet for me, is about consumption and office work on the cloud. For me, I can get a 13 inch ultrabook that can run the other heavy duty programs

If I could get an 8in RT tablet at a similar or lower price, I think I'd jump on it. As of right now, I gotta go with the Dell Venue Pro 8.

Better battery life, even lighter and thinner than this, even cheaper than this (if they ever get around to an 8" RT device), and (hopefully) ability to run WP apps in the future.

If that stylus is active (like Wacom) and not a the "fingerprint emulator" that is those rubber tipped capacitive styluses i may just think about selling my Ativ Smart for that.

Dell Venue 8 pro stylus is definitely active. It uses Synaptics tech though so I'm not sure how it compares to Wacom.

The Miix2 is at the top of my list for one reason only - the 128gb internal storage option. I wish the Venue 8 Pro has a 128gb storage option. 

Just read on Pocketnow that the 128gb storage option will not offered in the US! The Venue 8 Pro is back on top. 

I think the Intel processors is the deal maker for me. WiFi only 8 inch IPS for $299. Will preorder this

This winter, I will likely be buying somethign like this, or the Dell Venue. The XPS12 also looks very interesting to me, but that's probably out of my price range for this purchase, as my current laptop is still treating me well.

I have the xps 12, its a beast. 12in tablet with a laptop processor and battery. If you can afford it, I highly recommend it.

No word on a full USB port, so basically its anotherfail of a product. Microsoft should have made a full USB3 a mandatory feature for all OEM using Win8.1
What the hell is a point of having a Windows 8 tablet without a full USB port support.

If they could get full Windows into a package like this for $300, couldn't they get Windows RT into a similar package for $199?  An 8" RT device at that price becomes very compelling to me.  I am holding out for the Surface Mini, but I image that going for $299 or more.  Although Windows 8 is a nice to have on an 8" tablet, unless you are using a docking station connected to a separate monitor, keyboard, and mouse, I rather just have a RT device.

It seems like OEMs are scared of RT. There are still certain apps missing that I think prevent people from feeling like it is useful. I chalk that up to iPad-itis, aka needing an app for everything. My wife downloaded a facebook and LinkedIn app that are literally the web portal with ads around them. She complained they were clunky and then realized the web-based portal works better than the app on any smart device.

You have a typo. It should be 1280x800 NOT 1200x800. Read the press release from Lenovo. Don't just copy-and-paste from Engadget.

I am sure the Lenovo will be much better than Acer's crappy attempt. I have found Lenovo hardware to be better built than most any other OEM, dollar for dollar.

The reason I've heard is that at this small screen size, 1920x1200 makes everything too small to ready anyway.  Of course, the Yoga 2 is 13" and has 3200x1800 resolution, so I'm starting to disbelieve that theory.  So I'd say it is more to keep the price down.  I doubt this thing would be $299 if it had 1920x1200 resolution.

What does it say about the future of Windows RT that Lenovo made an 8-inch device for full Windows?  For me, it speaks volumes.

Yes, it's common knowledge that it's going away, and eventually only the UI will adapt per device.

Is it really a capacitative stylus? The picture doesn't really show it well and it does look like there is a white plastic nib. Lenovo's PR doesn't specify either.

"When it comes to dimensions it’s only 8.35mm."
Amazing innovation... finally a tablet that only occupies ONE DIMENSION! ;)

I would ask if the screen is better than the Acer Iconia W3, but who are we kidding? If the screen consisted of a bunch of post it notes glued to the device, it would be better than the Iconia W3. :(

A lot of websties report that the cover+stylus combo will be priced at 20$.
Still I don't get a couple of things: how will it attach to the tablet? Magnetically? I saw the left, right, and bottom sides of the tablet in the press-shots and I couldn't spot any button nor slot for the micro-sd. Does it means they will all be on the top side? Moreover I couldn't find anything about what kind of usb port it features: full or micro? And does any of you know if there will be a way to connect it to an external screen? Mhl? Miracast? Dlna?