You can now order the most powerful Windows 8-inch tablet, the Lenovo ThinkPad 8

Lenovo ThinkPad 8

Earlier this month, Lenovo announced the ThinkPad 8, a new 8-inch Windows 8 tablet. We managed to get some hands-on time with the product at CES 2014, but now we're pleased to relay news that the tablet is available for purchase direct from Lenovo. How much will you be required to part with to pick the ThinkPad 8 up? Pricing starts from $429.

What makes the ThinkPad 8 special is an 8.3-inch display that packs an astonishing resolution of 1920x1200. It’s also running Windows 8.1, which means we’ve the latest Intel Atom Z3770 quad-core processor inside for added power when required. If you're one who prefers to have physical input, there's the option to purchase both keyboard and docking accessories. Other than the impressive display, the ThinkPad 8 also features 64 GB or 128 GB internal storage, microUSB 3.0 port, LTE, microSD expansion connectivity and more.

Here's a quick look at this stunning Windows 8 tablet:

An interesting extra when ordering through the Lenovo website is the addition of Windows 8 Pro, which can be added to the package for an extra $50. We'll be sure to pick up one ourselves and fire up an in-depth review for you all to enjoy.

So, who's picking one up?

Source: Lenovo; thanks to everyone who tipped us!


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You can now order the most powerful Windows 8-inch tablet, the Lenovo ThinkPad 8


Compared to what? Atom's are really nice on Windows 8. Not as powerful as an i5, but anyone with an Atom tablet will tell you it handles things quite well.

This right here is why it was a terrible idea to keep Atom branding for Bay Trail, which is a complete redesign.

I could have sworn Intel was dropping the Atom label, and going back to Celeron or Pentium.  Spefically because the new one is so nice.  Guess they went back on that.  Atom has a bit more market recongnition than Intel expected... 

Nope, the planning is worse than that.  They're not only using the Atom brand, they're also using Celeron and Pentium branding.  For the newest chips, Atom at least will only be BayTrail.  Celeron and Pentium can be either BayTrail or Haswell.  It's a total mess, when it didn't have to be.

I think Intel is right in their decision to continue using Celeron and Pentium for their cheap and mid level desktop processors and push Atom more in the mobile space. As long as they come out with very good processors like the Bay Trail, I'm sure eventually Atom will shed off its negative image.

Yes, as Dan says, the Atom Bay Trail is like day to the night of the old Atom!

Again, the problem isn't the existence of Celeron and Pentium branding, it's the fact that the brands now mean absolutely nothing.  There are Haswell Celerons and BayTrail Celerons.  There are Haswell Pentiums and Bay Trail Pentiums.  It's a mess.

Compared to what's available in other Windows tablets? The title does read "...the most powerful Windows tablet..." Maybe it was meant to read "...the most powerful 8" Windows tablet...", perhaps?

True, I'd expect Surface Pro to be the most powerful Windows tablet. But you don't get i5 in 8" size, so there's that.

I've read somewhere Intel's claims that this new 4C Atom is reaching Core 2 Duo performance (in some scenarios, at least). If true, it is quite an achievement and way ahead old netbook-age Atoms. I'm using a year old ThinkPad Tablet 2 with previous gen 2C Atom and even that is quite decent - it is pretty much capable of replacing notebook for me when away from home (I use desktop PC at home), except for editing RAW photos in Lightroom...

I think this comes from our experiences with the old atoms in netbooks. I was reluctant but purchased the venue pro 8. It performs like a champ--not like my boy's Dell netbook. Give it a shot.

You're thinking the OLD Atom chips, which is one reason that Intel would have been wise to retire the Atom moniker and come up with a new name for their Low Power mobile chipset.

Yes, the Clover Trail Atom in my Acer W510 is total crap. This has a Bay Trail Atom, hoping its much better.

Clover trail was actually pretty good and was a huge improvement over the old atoms. It could run windows and office smoothly but it wasn't so good at games. But baytrail is an even better improvement.


i have Lenovo Lynx with that Clover trail is inside, and is great. i dont see why i need more power

I have the Samsung and Asus Clover trail tables and most HD video playback stutters every few seconds.  Clover trail can't handle high quality HD contents.  Dispite of this, I still love my Windows8 tablet.

I now see the light.
Didn't really see the point of a full Windows tablet until now.

This is my next tablet purchase.

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Atom Processors do have a bad rep, but that's starting to seem like people backpedaling to the Aspire One days instesd of realizing that technology improves. When my manager got a Iconia W3, she had me install her Adobe CS6 suite. Much weaker processor, yet it handled CS6 like a champ. There's a video of someone running Skyrim on a DV8P... leading me to believe Atoms have stepped their game up BIG time.

What bothers me about this tablet is:
- Crazy high resolution on a sub-15.6in screen is also going to lead to situation of either having untouchable tiny icons or nasty DPI scaling (my fellow Surface Pro 2 owners already know all about this).
- No form-factor appropriate keyboard

...and unless I'm mistaken, it doesn't seem to have any digitizer stylus support. That's something I NEED for my work, college and leisure.

Same here, if it doesn't have a stylus, there's no way I'm buying it.

As to the keyboard, in pretty much all cases you are better off either connecting the 8" tablet to a full size keyboard at a desk or using the touch screen keyboard when on the go.

No digitizer or stylus support and only 8 hours of battery compared to other 8" Windows 8.1 tablets with the same processor that go for 10 hours. Lenovo is really stupid. Had they provided an active digitizer option this would have been game over.

I have both the Dell Venue 8 Pro and Dell Venue 11 Pro. The Atom is more than sufficient for just about everything. This is not the Atom chip from the netbooks of old. It runs smoother than most android tablets I have used. And from what I have seen, it will even play some modern games.

As a long Atom skeptic and critic and someone who suffered through an Eeebox lagging and stuttering its way through trying to play 720p videos, I have been won over by the new chips.  Atom chips are actually good now.  I wouldn't use one in a gaming rig, but they are fast and efficient. 

The new Quad core is close to the performance of a low voltage core 2 duo. The REAL bottleneck is now the eMMC SSD drive.

"Most powerful" if you ignore the Surface Pros, Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro and a whole lot of hybrids.


I think they're referring to 8" tablets.  This looks very nice btw.  I want to see the rumored Surface mini but I won't wait forever for it so if MS wants to play the make us wait game I'll go ahead and get one of these instead.  16:10 @ 1920x1200 is really nice.

Well it's going to be mid-April before we see the Surface Mini, so up to you if you want to wait til then or pick this up now.

Not To mention AMD Opteron, Orochi, KV and RL parts, Intel i5, i7 parts and definitely Emperor Palpatine of course!!

When you configure what you want ( 64g vs 128gb) there is the option to select what smart cover (or none) to go with it.

You're getting a better processor, a higher screen resolution, USB 3.0, and it starts at 64 gigs instead of 32

Correct. Don't get  me wrong, DV8P is a nice device and a solid price, but this is a whopper of a tablet and well worth the money if you need it. The big deal here is the 128 GB internal, Win 8 Pro option, display and USB 3.0. Pretty killer, imo.

This would have been a killer product if they had a pen that worked. The Venue Pro pen doen't work at all. I'm surprised that with all this Lenovo didn't include Pen technology. Why? Do you think Microsoft can nix that??

Dell has suspended sale of the stylus for the Venue 8 Pro while they work out the problems with it. It will be back and working soon.

The Venue uses a new screen technology which is causing issues with the pen. Be patient.


I will be patient. No WACOM pen on Lenovo makes it overpriced IMHO. I need a tab with a decent pen! For now I decided to get the VP8 on sale the other day. 1/2 the price of this and buys me time until a good 8" win8 tab with good pen or Wacom comes along.

How,easy/difficult would it be to install my own copy of windows 8 pro considering I already have a license. Not sure if these tablets allow bios settings.

Dell Venue 8 Pro is packing Win 8.1 so no difference here. USB 3.0 ? WHY? It's a tablet not a desktop. For a tablet USB 2.0 more then enough! and 128GB... I have DV8P 32+64GB SSD - and still can't fill it up. Again - it's a tablet not desktop. Regarding higher resolution - WHY? my Dell Venue 8 Pro with 1280 res ... every time I'm browsing web - lets say licking on text links is kinda a problem already, with higher resolution when text is getting even smaller to fit more context ... NO! For photos and videos - yeah but from practical stand point - 8" - NO. So paying double for all this extra you don't even need on a tablet ... Not the smartest choice!

With USB 3 you can get display adapters to use multiple monitors and they work well. They make them for USB2, but they don't work nearly as well. That alone makes USB3 a valuable addition. I will be using this as a field editor to make rough cut video edits, so having USB 3 for a portable external hard drive will also be an added benefit. This might not matter to the average consumer, but this tablet does come from Lenovos business division.

I have 5 Win8 devices with HDMI put and have never run into a single issue. I have two of them hooked up to my Sanyo TVs full time and the others plug-as-needed and they all work 100%. My dad has the same positive experience. Maybe your TV sucks.

1080p on an 8 inch is ridiculous. On a 10 inch? Sure but even then you'll read many reviews that desktop mode is miniscule. Even on the Venue 8 Pro, 1280x800 desktop looks extrmely small.

They have to have at least that res to compete with tabs like the kindle hdx and iPad mini. Things like text can still appear pixelated on 1280x800, and that increased density definitely helps. I do a lot of reading on tablets. With electronics, there's no such thing as "good enough".

Only difference is the slightly higher burst speed. Graphics remains the same. So not too much of a performance difference overall. Given it's gotta run a higher res screen the performance would probably be closer than you think to a venue 8 pro etc.

A follow up article on accessories would be nice. I am curious what people would use for a keyboard. I know there are many out there but are there any that give you true mobility like the surfaces click in one.

My tablet sucks, don't even use it anymore. Asus 400 me bla bla. Slow sluggish freezes. Sorry I bought it. Piece of crap. Can't even do anything on the internet or it will crash and set my house on fire. Makes a good for jam though!!

Well they say the new chips will be 2 times faster than the last generation with the same power consumption. So they should be faster than current atom with much better graphics and they have 1 ARM core for some sort of security and with HSA and dockPort ..... I just hope that there will be some good real products not like the last time...

Suface is much more expensive and its like a notebook(hybrid) not a tablet ... Atom is the new atom.. For a tablet is the best.. Surface pro you only will need that if u use like a pc, not as a tablet.. I would prfer a notebook rather that good and expensive small tech

So for $50 more it'll run full windows? None if that skimmed down crap?

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It's already running full Windows 8 but you upgrade to Window 8 Pro. I'm not too sure what you referred to as the skimmed down crap but if you were referring to Windows Rt, then I would say you are dead wrong. Anybody who has used Surface 2 except the trolls and haters, will never call Windows Rt a crap. My wife has been using iPad for 3yrs but ever since I purchased the Surface 2 and upgraded my Og Surface Rt to 8.1 for her, she doesn't want the iPad anymore.

Agree, I own multiple latops, a Surface Pro and a Surface 2. The only thing I use for work is the Surface 2 with 8.1 RT. I have a venue 8 tablet for reading, but the Surface 2 is basically all I need. The only thing it doesn't have is pen input. I'd really like to have that. If this Lenovo had pen input that wored I'd buy one but without it I don't think I will.

Still the question is, how is it that such a device with full Windows which has waaay better specs all around, is cheaper than Surface 2. Is that kickstand really that much more expensive to build, compared to the 8 inch 1200x1900 screen?

Microsoft needs to be selling the Surface 2 for $200.

Because they decided to undercut the Surface 2? You can always offer something for a cheaper price when your competition goes first. :-)

Why is the iPad sold for $500 and yet you don't complain but you make afuss about Surface which has more premium build, has a kickstand, comes with full office 2013, has full USB 3.0 port, type/touch cover compatibility, a relatively bigger screen, ability to connect to almost every computer accessory and has built in full blow browser with flash support (support) be sold at $200. Sometimes I dont understand why folks wants a premium built 10.6 Surface to be priced that same or lower than cheaply made 7" android and Atom tablets. Of course some of the Android and the Atom tablets are very well constructed and they definitely come with premium price tags.

Don't know what domains you've been logging on to but domain join is vital to a secure and managed environment and Windows Pro will always be the desired OS. RT has no place here.

I'm demoing one now for our company. Its a great device and even our Mac guys like it! They actually called it the iPad mini killer.

I want to order, but I don't see the LTE on specs? Am I missing it? That's the feature that made me so interested from CES.

Absolutely agree. What happened between the CES specs and the specs at release? I think a tablet manufacturer who worked the deal with AT&T, Verizon, etc. for a robust, business-oriented full Windows 8.1 device with top processor AND 4G LTE would own the business market. Why won't someone do that?

The one thing both iOS and Android have that WP does not is a top of the line tablet with 4G/LTE. That would complete the loop and draw more people to the Windows OS.

I am waiting for an all in one windows 8 tablet.. One with phone features and full windows 8 features..any MS employees reading this? I can assure u i ll buy one so make it this year.

I absolutely agree.  MS must get top-of-the-line tablets out there with broadband access.  iPads have been out there for years with this option.  Why not Windows??? Please, not just this year - NOW.

Lumia 2520 has built-in LTE support. But I think he meant a tablet that can make phone calls, a true all-in-one portable device. I think we will get there soon.


Thanks for the answer. Problem is the 2520 is RT, not full Windows 8.1. It's not the phone that is needed, it's a full Windows 8.1 with top processor and broadband.

If only there was a "Book Shelf" like app for Windows. I much prefer the 4:3 ratio for reading. I have an Ipad & Surface2.

I just got the dell venue pro 8 and have no regret not waiting. This one might have higher resolution and slightly better CPU spec, but its not worth the almost twice price of $230 that I paid for the dell.

Now that's really yet to be determined isnt it. I have the Dell, fine device, but the Lenovo does have more going for it than you say.

What's the difference between these options? They're both $35

  • ThinkPad 8 Premium Smart Cover Black[add $35.00]
  • ThinkPad 8 Smart Cover Black

I asked Lenovo support the same question and they couldn't answer it. The information and part number is not available yet.

I got the premium cover. I'll update this post when I receive it and let you know what kind of cover it is.

I would love to have one of these but I've already got too many devices! This looks perfect for enterprise. I can imagine a company with their entire sales/marketing dept armed with these tablets.

It looks really tempting but I thought the price mentioned at CES was $399 with the Professional Edition of Windows 8 as standard - still great value but not quite as originally advertised. The Smart cover, on the other hand, is less than I expected at $35.

Any chance it will be available through someone other than Lenovo at any point?  My department at work is buying tablets for us and I'm looking to get the latest and greatest Windows 8 tablet that I can.

I heard so many good things about the Bay Trail Atom CPU. However how does this do when playing desktop games? I presume this is the W8.1 Pro not RT?

Just have a look on Youtube. The Asus T100 with the slower processor still runs Halo, Mass Effect 3, Fallout 3, Half Life 2 at decent frame rates (most of those listed run above 30fps)

Thanks a lot, 30fps is more than good enough :) means eul;ators and stuff will work wonders! Now im seriously interested in this :D Footbamm manager 2014 on this will be ZOMG lol

I'm pretty sure there is a whole forum kicking about on the internet somewhere devoted to getting the Asus T100 optimised for various games. I am not a gamer - but used the game playing prowess of the T100 as a reference for whether it would be able to do video editing etc (it does Full HD video editing at 2x real time. So 10 minutes of Full HD vid' renders in 5 minutes or less. V.impressive).
This Toshiba has the quicker Z3770 processor - so you can expect even more impressive results.

Only thing missing for me a stylus. would have made it perfect for jotting down notes in a meeting etc.. might have to experiment with a capacitive one but that would mess up palm detection etc...


Otherwise looks like a pretty good job Lenovo.


(p.s liking that you pick up Win8 news like this too)

I'm really interested in how well desktop apps behave at 1920x1200 in a 8.3" screen.  I am quite happy with my Dell Venue Pro 64gb, but I also have a 32gb version at home that I can sell, get the Lenovo, and pass along my Dell.  32gb is not enough for Windows 8.1.

So very tempting but my DV8P is a pretty awesome tablet.

The 16:19 HD screen though... Doing my best to resist.

What is better option, locally available Toshiba Encore in Bosnia for 350€, or wait that Lenovo from this article became globally available, if ever become available globally?

A bit out of my budget range. Was hoping for a 350.00 price point especially since that smart cover is an additional purchase.
On another note, now that the 1080p barrier has been broken, maybe we can see some screens with more pixel density

It was being reported everywhere that it was coming out at $399 for the base model, $459 here in canada so im no longer getting this.

I'm not sure I'm sold on this. What's the clock of the SoC, and is it REALLY enoguh of a jump to be worth a higher price than the T100, which comes with the dock?


Also, what's the deal with Office? They say it comes with it, unless you have 8.1 Pro?

might get this to replace my Lumia 1520....i wanted more screen real estate without the need for a second device, but i really miss being able to slip my phone into the pocket of my work shirt.

$459 canadian + tax, now this is $500+ purchase, i might as well pony up some more cash and put towards something a little better. So much for the $399 price at CES

No digitizer, no way. The main purpose of a device this size is one note and I want a real digitizer for that and not a capacitive stylus.

I do agree that the lack of a digitizer removes some of utilitarian appeal of this form factor.  But there are other aspects that are very appealing as well.  For now, this is the best Windows based reader around .. until maybe Surface Mini arrives.  This is probably the PC I would get for a young student.  I hate that Lenovo is marketing this as a business class device.

The lack of a stylus like the one in the Thinkpad Tablet 2 is a real downer. I was really looking forward to this tablet when I heard the rumors of it and that it would include a stylus. Now I'm a little saddened. I would want full Windows for legacy applications so I'm not sure without a pen it would be a great experience. I guess I will have to try one out to see!

Thanks for the update! I can't wait to buy this tablet.

However, it seems the LTE option is missing which is a must for me and why I got so excited when I saw the original announcement. I don't even see mention of it in the technical specifications section on Lenovo's site. Do you know anything about this?

Also, I have to agree with some other comments: the cover selection is confusing. On the site they talk about their "Quickshot Cover" and a "Protective Case" but then in the purchase selection you choose between a "Smart Cover" and a "Premium Smart Cover" with no additional information provided.

I noticed the same thing when looking at the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 at a local Staples store.  The Pro 2 was running Windows 8 Pro and and did not include Office.  The Surface 2 was running Windows 8 and did come with Office.  Maybe they assume a W8Pro buyer will be getting Office through work.

Yeah but surface 2 is windows RT where the thinkpad is full x86 windows 8, even the non pro version, so it is not exactly the same.

I just spoke to Lenovo chat and here's what they told me.

LTE vs Wifi
The Thinkpad 8 available through Lenovo's site is Wifi only.  The LTE version will be available in "Early February".  The rep I spoke to could not give me more specific details than that.

Smart Cover vs Premium Smart Cover
The rep I spoke to told me that there's no big difference between the two but the premium is "more durable".  I'm not really satisfied with that answer but it's all I could get out of them.

I had placed an order but I think I'm going to hold off for the LTE version instead.

This actually is the first tablet with an Atom processor I have even considered purchasing. Nice.

$399 plus $50 for the Pro version so you can encrypt the contents (which RT includes) then $139 for the Student version of Office (which isn't included in the Pro version of Windows 8). The cover is a surprisingly good price but no Office and no digitizer makes this look expensive to me.

YES. Might regret not getting the 128 but ordered and waiting. Got the smart cover. Love this thing. Definitely impulse buy since I just bought the 2520.

I have been waiting for a year or better and it just does not exist.  If someone would make that tablet, perhaps add a pen, they could own the business market.  Why not MS?

Price is too high! I'm pretty happy with my Dell Venue 8 Pro for $190. Plus you guys just announced in-store Dell Venue 8 Pro sale for $200... so yeah, No to ThinkPad 8 for $429

A slight off topic, but still..
Why don't 8" tablets come with a USB and HDMIout port built in. What's with the need for adaptor??

I was really excited to order the Thinkpad 8, but the price at $429 is higher than what was mentioned by Lenovo reps at CES. Also, the upgrade to 128GB would cost an additional $140 is just absurd when you compare the upgrade from 32GB to 64GB for most tablets is about $50. Then add the QuickShot Smart Cover (not yet available) for another $50 would put this tablet over $600.

This tablet just seems so expensive just for a 1080p screen, MicroUSB 3.0 (which would probably NOT power my portable hard drive via USB only), and MicroHDMI is irrelevant for my needs. I think I will have to contemplate about this some more before pulling the trigger, or get the Dell Venue Pro...otherwise I don't see much advantage in getting the Lenovo for "my needs".

Amen! That is exactly what I'm thinking! Price is way too high for features you don't even need or use on a tablet. 

Looks nice, but I don't see anything "astounding" about a full HD display on an 8 inch tablet in the year 2014. 

459 on the CDN site.. Wow this is expensive especially since it's not the LTE version yet.  I'll wait a few months and hopefully they'll be a sale and LTE version available.

Sounds and looks awesome for an 8 incher... unfortunately, I'm on the market for an 11 inch hybrid.

Lenovo is making me wait for a Haswell i7... :/

Ordered one of these, got it for 419 using the 10% off coupon from lenovo from signing up for emails, came out just a little bit cheaper than a retina iPad mini 16gb, and I'm getting 64gb plus expandable storage, higher res screen, awesome design, and the advantage of having access to desktop apps. This is more than the dell but it is a more complete tablet to buy minus the lack of stylus support but I don't take notes or draw so I should be fine

Any chance they are coming out with a 10 inch version with the same functionality and design?   The 10.1 that they currently show (Think Pad 2) does not seem to be the same as this. 

Was going to purchase the second it came out since they said if you would order from them it would be $399 and everywhere else it would be $399.  But now that it is $569 (the 128gb) I'll wait till a sale and when it is in stores to see if I really must get this. Also, a lot easier returns if I got it and then chose not to keep it. 

I ordered it. Its everything I want. The digitizer for me is a novelty, so I was ok it wasnt there. However, waiting over a month to have it "shipped" isnt cool. Why even offer it, if its not ready to go.