Letter game Wordness now available for Windows Phone 8

If Wordament and Othello had a kid, it would likely be Wordness, a letter-based game that we saw teased in a video back in May. The tease has ended, as Wordness is now available for Windows Phone 8.

Wordness lets you challenge your Facebook friends or random opponents to a dictionary duel, where making words from tiles stakes your claim on them. Strategically lock them in, or you will be quick to lose ownership when your opponent usurps them by making a word of their own. You can also purchase in-game coins to spend on extras.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming full review.

Wordness is free, but there is a full version that you can purchase using in-game coins. Get it here, or by using the QR code below.

Thanks for the tip, Jonathan!

QR: Wordness


Reader comments

Letter game Wordness now available for Windows Phone 8


I could only get the Google login to work.  In-app purchases seem to be broken too, was trying to buy the full game.

The Fix for in app has already been pushed to the marketplace and is currently under certification. you will get the game update by tomorrow. this will fix the in app issue

Hi, Are you the developer? Can you please tell me if this update also fixes Facebook login? Further, when can we get Wordness for Windows 8?

Yes i am the part of the development team. Wordness for Windows 8 has been uploaded and is currently under certification process. You will be able to download it in coming days.
For the facebook, Can you please wait for sometime to let the page load, and donot press back button its just a work around im suggesting till we fix it,

That was a joke.
This is exclusively available (says on app page) on WP8 and Windows 8. So no, you can't play your iOS and Android buddypals.

wait, so I need a Facebook or google account to play..? that really sucks.. I was looking forward to this game but not enough to create accounts for services in uninterested in to access it..

I like that this is here, though I would love if Letterpress actually came to WP as a cross-platform multiplayer!

The ads version has some layout issues - the ads lay over content, like instructions. And they are jarring. I'm also not fond of the heavy emphasis on in-app purchasing.

I was able to login with Google, which I prefer over a Facebook login (I prefer to keep my FB account inactive) but there is no current way to find Google contacts/friends so you could play games with friends. I think that would be a great improvement.

I uninstalled. Ads are unbearable. Vibration cannot be disabled. Some random players go hours without playing, and you're limited to just those two games. Clunky interface made it hard to delete inactive games, and I accidentally deleted an enjoyable match. Very frustrating, and a bad mark on the Windows Phone app ecosystem.

May we only wish for the real deal! In this case, I'd rather not pay this developer for stealing Letterpress IP and covering it in obnoxious advertisements.

i purchased it 2 days ago, but its still in trial mode with ads. And i cannot play more than 2 games at the same time, or even choose themes. What the!