Lies, damn lies, statistics, and Apple ...

Marketing is a game. And Apple's Phil Schiller is one of the best. But we just can't let this one go.

As we were sifting through all of the (excellent) WWDC coverage at The iPhone Blog, we couldn't help but be struck by this slide in the keynote. It's a look at how many applications are currently available for different platforms in their respective app stores.

What? Palm only has 18 apps? OK, the app store for the Pre is all of four days old at this point. (Three days old at the time of the keynote.) And it's growing day by day. But that's still blatantly ignoring the thousands and thousands of Palm "classic" apps that will run in the Pre's emulator. Shenanigans.

And what's worse (to us, anyway): Windows Mobile isn't even mentioned. Sure, Microsoft hasn't yet launched its dedicated app store, Windows Marketplace for Mobile. But that doesn't mean there aren't stores from which to buy apps – ahem, here's one – and it's an insult to all of the developers of the 20,000 Windows Mobile applications available.

We're gonna climb off our soapbox now. Cause in the end, it's all part of the game. But we'll call it as we see it: It's out and out BS for Apple to play numbers like that (gasp!), and even more disappointing to see so many take the spoon into their mouths without question.



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Lies, damn lies, statistics, and Apple ...


classic apple marketing...they're honestly desperate to gain market share. a lot of guys were talking about this on engadget yesterday, they've gone from "hey were gonna take the high road and make good products that speak for themselves" to "we're gonna say every bad thing about the competition to make consumers swing to our boat and buy our products" pretty pathetic if you ask me.

You are totally right! @Symbian: The Ovi Store is also only a few days old, and if you count ALL symbian and java apps, which can run on S60, this would be MUCH more than Apple has in it's AppStore.

Yes, this shows Apple to be the liars they are...I mean, there are more Palm OS apps out there than iPhone apps, if you want to get technical. WebOS is out for 1 day, and you use "18".

Very pathetic play be apps.

50K apps on the store...90% of them are iFartish and Lightsaberish. Whoopdeedo.

Not hating on the iPhone, just on Apple's FUD and dishonesty, but then again, that is their strong suit, besides making nice UI and product design.

Glad you said something. msmobiles.com thought they were totally justified because there isn't a centralized store, but it is a total misrepresentation. I get about 2600 apps in freewareppc alone, we know there are tons of winmo apps. Just silly marketing.

And...they only included the "official" app stores because that's the only place to get iphone apps!!! Of course that's after daddy apple has made sure they are ok for the kids (cough..baby shaker...cough).

Further, shouldn't we include all the skins and themes and sounds for the other devices? If you incorporate all that freeware, it's probably in the millions for all other operating systems.

Steve Jobs should take note of that slide and fire the sucker that came up with it.

Whats the shock all about? Would Apple really think to show any slides during their fanboy orgasm event that didnt portray apple as being superior in everyway? (Any company would though, but apple is more guilty at being dishonest about the portrayal)

Any company would though, but apple is more guilty at being dishonest about the portrayal

Kind of like Republicans? (yup, I went there.)

Actually, now that I think about it, a better analogy would be Fox News.





1,000 Symbian Apps? EPOC/nee-Symbian apps were around - and I was using them - when Stevie J was peeing himself as a tot. They must be off by 100,000 - though I use the M$ platform now.

Face it guys, Windows Mobile is a twitching corpse - nothing to see here move on...

Whining about all the prehistoric that have run on the platform since Windows CE hardly counts nor do applications that run under emulation. I mean jeez are you so desparate to prove that the corpse can be zombiefied back to life by showing that it (Winmob, Palm or Symbian) can run an app released in 1998?

Apple changed the game & reinvented mobile computing & the smart phone with 40 million plus iPhones & iPod touch's out there, a stable & easy development platform plus a viable publishing platform to get your product to end users you should be thankful.

If you had left it to Microsoft et al you'd all be out of a job by now.

Get over it, get an iPhone

From a developer who's getting paid!

So we are supposed to take a grown man seriously who comes to a website for a platform you don't even like, who behaves and writes like he has the maturity of a 13 year old.

If getting an iPhone makes one act as juvenile as you, then I rather keep WinMobile.

Uh, guys, the iPhone still has 2.5 as many apps as Windows Mobile does in two years of existence compared to 10 years of Windows Mobile. Considering M$ has been around the block in this game much longer makes the Microsoft fail all the more epic.

I wonder how many of those iPhone apps are actually useful or productive.

How many of the WinMo apps are already obsolete and haven't been updated? Sure the iPhone has more fart apps, but they have more of everything else too. Also remember that Blackberry, Android, and Palm aren't going to stand still here. I'm all for finding useful apps, but I'd say the iPhone would have the lead in that category as well.

umm....android has 20,000 OFFICIAL apps, and many more thousand in other stores. that was a month ago. explain to me what genious at apple did the math and came up with 4,000?????

the same genius who completely forgot that a modern computer/smartphone needs multi-tasking, flash support and MMS.

guess they thought that the touch screen wow factor was enough..

i guess it was, and now people realize how dumb they are.

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