LinkedIn screenshots reveal...bad Photoshop work and nothing else.

Linked in Conspiracy?

Here's a weird little story but we're worried it may get legs so we want to nip in the rear before it spreads.

Some are peeking at those official LinkedIn app screenshots and noticing a lot of oddities. Indeed, on the Start Screen the icons near the top for the time, WiFi and cell signal look tiny, the fonts are a bit smaller over all and the IE logo looks different too. You can see it above compared to our phone.

So what does this mean? Some are wondering if these might be accidental Windows Phone 8 captures instead of normal screenshots from a Windows Phone 7 device--you know, higher resolution and stuff. If anyone were to have access to Windows Phone 8 dev tools, a major Microsoft partner like LinkedIn would be up there so in that sense, it's interesting to entertain the idea.

But to be honest with that missing direction arrow near the top, the oddly sized telephony icons and the now-centered Tiles, we're more likely to believe this is just a bad composition made in Photoshop. More than likely these were mockups used for internal presentations and demonstrations rather than a Windows Phone 8 conspiracy or accident.

In other words, nothing to see here folks. But keep those eagle-eyes out as you may never know.

Thanks, ClubDirtHill and Jose P., for the tip


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LinkedIn screenshots reveal...bad Photoshop work and nothing else.


Really? People are that caught up in that much detail of a tile? I'm a functionality type of guy; just work well.

"ooh! Ooh!! That pixel is off by a mm to the left, must be something different!!"

Then you should definitely avoid going to iStartedSomething.com
Hey sometimes it so happens that something unusual does make lead to something worthy!

It actually looks freaking terrible in the LinkedIn photoshop. Just saying - if Windows Phone 8 looks like that, I'll be jumping ship.

Something about the Application Bar seems off and there's a really bad looking white border around some of the screenshots. Makes me think it's bad Photoshop.

I don't know how one can ask whether it has been photoshopped or not. Look at the LinkedIn tile, it isn't even aligned with the Settings and Calendar tiles...

Yep, the "e" lost some weight with the release of IE9. On a side note, the WP Central app uses the outdated IE logo for the "Show in Browser" icon.

Personally, I hope the direction arrow and the empty strip down the right side disappears in future Windows Phones.  I see no need for it and it makes the main screen look smaller to people who look at it beside other phones with the same sized screens.  Filling the screen with tiles is more important to selling the phones than including an arrow to remind us which direction to swipe to get to the list of programs. What a waste of real estate!

The LinkedIn capture looks ugly. The text and icons are too tiny. The only thing that looks better is the arrow on the right side is gone.

No one mentioned the font color on the header? How could a wp7.x device display its fonts in blue? Even Nokia Lumia can't deal with it that way.

Actually, the LinkedIn app does turn the header info blue - INSIDE THE APP.  So I guess it can be done, and would look awesome if it could be changed on the home screen.

Are we really that desperate to know all the details about WP8 as much as we can that we're all now seeing things! LOL
Actually when you guys reported it, I went to the Marketplace and of course I noticed all those peculiar anormalities but it was just "meh" 
When I started reading this article I was going to shout and say "what are you smoking Daniel?!" :-O
Haha Nah but in all seriousness, it does (kinda) make you suspicious about this and hopefully it is all just a bad move from a distractive designer.

Well I'm glad at least that LinkedIn is an official app now. Although, on a side note, there's people who use LinkedIn??

I completely agree with B Eubanks , the first time I saw my phone screen in shop I was like "it can't be this small" . It took a sec for me to notice the useless arrow U_U

The LinkedIn app appears to have some issues. I'm getting an "oops and error occured please try again" when I open the app and it loads the required info. Inbox isn't working at all.