Liquid Daffodil returns with another FUN4FANS special app giveaway


Liquid Daffodil, the developer behind popular apps including Unification, tweepgods, Add to Contacts and more, has returned with another FUN4FANS special, where numerous apps have been made available for free. This price alteration will last for 24 hours on affected apps, detailed in this news bulletin. This isn't the first (or the last) time the developer has rewarded consumers with attractive price drops.

So what's currently available for free? For Windows Phone, we have the following:

And for Windows 8:

These apps will remain free for the next 24 hours, as noted above. It may take some time for the Windows 8 prices to pull through, so be sure to check the listings regularly. Also, there's a new app on the horizon. We'll have more on this new title soon enough ("JamTiles" - it will also be part of this deal and will be free at launch), but here are some teasing screenshots:

KameTiles App

You can find all the QR codes for the Windows Phone apps below.

QR: Cumulotweetus     QR: flyby!

QR: Nate & Frenchy's Life Coach     QR: Nate & Frenchy's Random Axe

QR: Nate & Frenchy's Voodoo Mama


Reader comments

Liquid Daffodil returns with another FUN4FANS special app giveaway


Expecting more innovative apps from liquid dafodil... Sticking on to twitter specific apps is not going to help.. At least till rovi is around...

last time I checked, spotify does not need a facebook account. At least, I only ever logged into spotify with my spotify account.

FYI Liquid Daffodil ALWAYS PUBLISHES ALL APPS TO ALL REGIONS. IF AN APP IS NOT AVAILABLE ITS BECAUSE OF REGIONAL AGREEMENTS WITH MICROSOFT. Sorry for the all caps, but your assumption about Liquid Daffodil is both incorrect and misleading. THEY WANT ALL FANS to have what they love. In fact, they have gone to great lengths to try and overcome the Regional limits, but so far Microsoft is not making it happen.

Liquid Daffodil is top of the WP developers imo.  Great sense of humor, great quality apps, great support, and massively active in the WP ecosystem/community (much like Nokia).

I have all of Daffodil apps for both WP and Win8 have an issue or a question send them an email get a reply right back with results. on my WP I switch between Gleek and cowlick. On Win 8 I been using Fanteestic but I also have gleek and cowlick for Win8 as well.they just work so well.