Litigation claims Microsoft is tracking you

File this one under "you've got to be kidding me!" but a proposed class action lawsuit has been filed in Federal Court alleging that Microsoft is tracking customers through the Windows Phone camera. No... seriously.

The claim has Microsoft intentionally designing the camera software to ignore customer requests to turn off you location services and send it to Microsoft anyways. Early this year, Congress was concerned about privacy issues and technology. In response to these concerns, Microsoft wrote Congress and assured them that they only collected geolocation data with the express consent of the user.

Mrs. Rebecaa Cousineau, the plaintiff of record, claims "Microsoft's representations to Congress were false." Mrs. Cousineau further claims that Microsoft transmits data that includes approximate latitude and longitude coordinates of the user's device while the camera is activated. The lawsuit, brought about on behalf of all Windows Phone 7 users, is asking for an immediate injunction, punitive damages and other remedies.

Microsoft has yet to publicly respond to this latest round of litigation. It's true that your Windows Phone camera can record your GPS coordinates to your pictures EXIF file but you can also turn that feature off as well as the overall location services on your Windows Phone.

Whether or not you are truly turning these feature off has yet to be determined.

source: Reuters


Reader comments

Litigation claims Microsoft is tracking you


I just want to tell this Rebecca to Please STFU and stop trying to speak for me. By the way, all my locations services are on, except for leaveing the location data on pics when I upload. I have tested and it does indeed remove the location data, so I'm good.

If true, it's worthy of a lawsuit. However it doesn't look like she has any proof to back up her claims. Just mere conjecture.

wtf - who cares! even IF data was recorded, it will only be location data, not user information. I don't care if my location is recorded, I like that MS knows where I am so I get better search results and I know where pictures were taken. So in the well spoken words of @hardrock1a "tell this Rebecca to Please STFU and stop trying to speak for me"!!!

I just got a call from one of the lawyers from Chicago a few days ago asking if I could take a picture for them to analyze it for just this. I told them $15,000.00 and I'll do it. He said send the picture first and that I just might get something from the results. I said send the money first... the call ended after I told him I have it turned on anyways.They are looking for users that got there phone new and turned the feature off from the get go, not those that have it on. You just might get a call. Tell him Hi for me... HAHA!

Really, does she have proof, is has she violated the DMCA and cracked the WP7 code. Just another money grubber trying to get 15 minutes of fame. I have my location services on as well, how else are you going to find anything.

Agreed, it is just sad that people like this lady even exist and use up oxygen. Just worthless. Perhaps she needs to sit down and be taught how to use cell phones and how to turn off the feature. Once this is dropped she should have to pay back the court costs to MS and the state.