Live Blog - Microsoft Media and Analyst day

We're here in Barcelona with Microsoft today. They're getting ready to have their mini press event in a few minutes and you can follow it here!


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Live Blog - Microsoft Media and Analyst day


Yeah, i got notification about it aswell, but no space for update

Well whatever ill wait for WP9

didnt see any changes after the update. not sure what its abt. :/


it was not for black - i have a L920, I already am running black, first i checked for updates before logging in Preview for Dev, there was no update. I installed the preview for dev app and then checked for update and then i gpt notification, theres an update. But its not 8.1. Not sure what it is abt.

I got this small update too and i already have black a month ago. nothing new. Region = Malaysia.

In their Media and Analyst presentation today Microsoft announced that Facebook Messenger is coming as a stand-alone app to Windows Phone.

That's good. Currently the Facebook app can somewhat function as Messenger by pinning the chat as a tile, but a real Messenger app would be much better.

So is he saying 8.1 will be released this spring? That's huge if true. I was expecting summer launch at the earliest.