Live Blog - Xbox @E3 with Windows Phone Central

Event starts at 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET. Watch the live stream on Xbox.com, your Xbox 360, SpikeTV or Windows Phone 8 device with the Event Viewer app here!


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Live Blog - Xbox @E3 with Windows Phone Central


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I'm thinking it has to be since 4k is around the corner. Soon it will be industry standard. Even PS3 is 4k compatible for pictures, so I can't imagine X1 won't be able to.


  1. New smaller/cheaper Xbox 360 to compete with Apple TV & Roku
  2. Netflix/Hulu no longe requires XBL Gold just the free silver account.
  3. Twitter-like XBL friends list
  4. NFL Sunday Ticket available with restrictions


"Netflix/Hulu no longe requires XBL Gold just the free silver account." 
Doubt it but i hope you are right!!  ;)

Stuttering so hard on my 920.  Uhhh and it's on Wifi.  Anyone got a PC link?
EDIT: Hmm refreshed the app and now good. ;)
EDIT 2:  AHHH Spoke too soon. :(

Love World of Tanks not sure if I would play it on my Xbox though but still awesome. That of course is a free game model on the PC so wonder how it will work on the 360.

Geez, MS, get your shit together. Live player doesn't work on WP (822), Xbox.com doesn't work on IE on WP (site says to download latest FLASH player...LOL!!) and browser can't or won't display live feeds from other sites. Beyond ridiculous...MS, did you forget to make IE work on WP or was it just too hard to get it right? Seriously disappointed.

Kind of useless for regions outside of the US, unless you're willing to stay up for most of the night.
The least microsoft could have done is allow streaming of past events instead of keeping everything live...

not high when you consider 2 free game downloads a month. Each game cost 59.99 or higher, so multiply that by 2 then 12. How much does that save you annually?. Also they released the new 360
less if you don't want to pay for the XBOX ONE