Live Mesh mobile client is on the way

You've undoubtedly by now heard the Windows 7 news coming from the Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. What has us excited is the news surrounding Live Mesh.

Today, Microsoft announced that Mesh (which is a building block of the upcoming versions of Windows) will be going into open beta this week. Mobile (and Mac) clients also will finally see the light of day.

If you haven't experienced Live Mesh thus far — we've been using it for a while on our Windows desktops and caught a glimpse of an early mobile client — think on-the-fly file syncing across multiple platforms. Drop a file into a Mesh-enabled folder on one computer, and it's available in the same folder on another computer, nearly instantaneously.

From the Live Mesh blog:

With this beta release we are making another significant step toward this goal. In particular… with this Beta we are providing limited availability of our new Mac and Windows Mobile 6 clients – providing users with a wider range of devices that can participate in their mesh. Later this week as the beta rolls out, access to the Mac client will be provided from the device ring experience at www.mesh.com. Instructions for accessing the Windows Mobile client will be made available at this blog later in the week.

Not quite sure yet exactly what we'll be seeing. Obviously, you wouldn't want 1,000 2-meg files syncing automatically over the air to your phone. But the blog does tell us we should see "The option to sync Live Mesh folders P2P only, excluding your Live Desktop, can now be enabled from the local device."

Stay tuned.


Reader comments

Live Mesh mobile client is on the way


I've been waiting for a true Livemesh mobile client since it was announced! I'm not going to dog MS because Livemesh has been incredible! I've not experienced a single glitch!
Ironic that MS's Livemesh beta is rock solid while Apple's MobileMe is still glitchy!

+1 Draiko.
I have been using the pay level of Sugar Sync until recently when I switched to LM. SugarSync only synced my stuff as expected about half of the time. Mesh has been 100% reliable - so I can work on things here in the office -and finish them up at home later in the evening.

I'm not sure if this is new or not but going to Mesh.com from my WM6 Blackjack lets me log in and manually download files to my phone. I don't think it used to do this but it's been a while since I checked.
Takes forever on a mobile though for anything large. It would be good for notes and documents.