Live Nation comes to Windows Phone, book concerts on the go

Live Nation

Live Nations sneaked into the Windows Phone Store earlier this month. As you probably know, Live Nations is an app/service for music fans that allows you to buy tickets for an upcoming show, concert of festival.

Don't get your hopes up too high though. This Live Nation (livenation.com) app is just a web wrapper, but maybe we'll see a more fleshed out update in the future if the response is high enough.

Here's what you get with this Live Nation 'app' for Windows Phone:

  • 1000s of recommended shows for you
  • Ability to keep tabs on your favorite artists and venues
  • Up-to-date live music events, concerts and festival livings
  • Ability to search by specific event, artist or venue
  • Artist info and more

Live Nation

Take Live Nation for a spin and let us know what you think.

Thanks for the tip Antonio

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Reader comments

Live Nation comes to Windows Phone, book concerts on the go


Probably Microsoft's doing.
"Hey, you're not going to put the time in for a full app yet—and we understand that—so at least make a simple and useful web wrapper so we have 'that app' for Windows Phone."
Or something like that. Microsoft probably even helps with some of them.

I imagine that its because these companies want the 80 million Windows phone users to download their apps, but they don't want to have to put too much effort into it since it does, after all, have low market share and thus, low priority.

The way that it worked on Android and that it'll probably work here, is that there'll be an influx of web wrappers, then once they make enough money, go native.

Again. Web wrappers get the dev team feet wet to the platform and WP users request, feedbacks, downloads and it give the dev's the notation to proceed or scrap the app. Download the app and tell the dev's team how you feel in a positive manner of course. And perhaps they'll decide on a native app creation. Web App or what ever is a good thing.

Jas00555 and k0de, spot on in my opinion. That's why I downloaded and used when I can these "apps"

Not ideal, but I'll take it. If devs see that enough people are downloading these apps, it may convince them that building an actual WP app is worth their time and resources.

It's just a web wrapper. Couldn't even use it to get presale tickets that were available using the mobile app only. What a joke.

TBH there are CSS templates available which can be used to at least make your app look "native". Would it take much to do so?

For a moment I thought it was a MobileNations app ... but WP doesn't support enough handsets to warrant an app :P