Live in Seattle? Here is your chance to experience the Xbox One hands on.

Xbox One at Microsoft Store

Want to get a hands on demo of the Xbox One and a chance to play a few launch titles before any of your friends? If you live in the Seattle, Washington area then you are in luck.

Microsoft’s Major Nelson will be holding an Xbox Meet Up at the Microsoft Store in University Village on Thursday, August 29th from 7:30pm - 9:00pm. According to the Major’s blog post, attendees will be able to join members of the Xbox team to play a selection of Xbox One games that will be featured at PAX the day after.

In addition to being able to test out the Xbox One, there will be a free giveaway of sorts for those who attend and those who attend will receive a $25 off coupon for purchases of $75 or more in the Microsoft Store (Excludes Surface, Surface Accessories, Xbox One, and Xbox One Accessories).

If you attend, make sure to snap some pics and send them our way - have fun!

Source: Major Nelson's Blog


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Live in Seattle? Here is your chance to experience the Xbox One hands on.


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