Live Tiles and toast notification support in the works for Photoplay


Photoplay is an Instagram-like service that enables consumers to utilise smartphones for photography and share shots on social networks, as well as their own. Launching on iOS, Android and Windows Phone simultaneously, we've now got word from the official Photoplay Twitter account that an update to the Windows Phone app is well on its way.

What can users expect to see in the upcoming release? Push notifications and Live Tiles support, so good news for those who are avid fans and enjoy keeping up-to-date with what the community is publishing. When can we expect to see the update go live? Within the next few weeks. You can download Photoplay from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only).

Source: Twitter (1) (2); Thanks, zhoulhas, for the tip!



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Live Tiles and toast notification support in the works for Photoplay


Does anyone know of an app that will let you FREELY crop and rotate an image? I can't find anything that will rotate anything other than 90°... Thanks!

Yes, the ability to rotate 90 degrees is. I'm looking for the ability to rotate any amount I'd like. For instance aligning a an uneven horizon line, or rotate an image 45° and crop.

I was about to ask the same before reading your answer. I just changed my HTC 8X for a Yellow Lumia 920 this past weekend. I'm still getting used to the Nokia apps.
Thanks for the tip!

So do I. I'm waiting for the Lumia 925 and an official date hasn't been confirmed; some say June-July. Ugh.

Interesting... Looks like someone on this site may be actively deleting my posts on the Itsdagram rename thread. "Cool" here was just a test. I also posted "good news" in the storage check post. Tried for a third time with just "Cool" in the rename thread. Maybe a glitch... maybe not. "If" someone is actively deleting, must say that's pretty lame.

Ya, could be. But I put my first submission in when there was less than 400 responses. I saw it show up when the page refreshed. I put another in when I checked maybe an hour later and it was gone. Again...that one showed up when the page refreshed..then it disappeared. Same legitimate submission unlike some others I saw. Put another one in under a test account, but from same IP and that never showed up. Logged back in under this name and put a test post here and on the other thread I mentioned and they showed up fine.
I don't know.. you tell me :-) Sounds pretty fishy, and extremely childish if someone is actively deleting.

New name for itsdagram... Photoplay! Oh wait...
Man, there are more and more WP8 exclusives now. Everyone Vote for "LiveShare" for the new Itsdagram name if its a top 5 pick! Thank you :)

I'ts sad that PhotoPlay hasn't reached Instagram level usage yet. It's a great service like the latter but their apps are much better and well done IMHO.
If only we could store PhotoPlay photos on Facebook like Instagram. I would use it everyday. Posting links to Facebook just doesn't cut it for me.