LiveGaming gets emoticon keyboard redesign and more themes in recent update


We still lack an official Twitch app on Windows Phone and Windows 8, even though both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 have killer apps. No worries, we’ve got some great third party apps in the Windows Phone Store like LiveGaming. The app just picked up another update that brings some cool features. Let’s check it out.

The last update for LiveGaming (version we covered took place around Christmas and introduced new features like the ability to follow channels and great chat support. Today we have version to check out. This version brings:

  • Emoticon Keyboard Redesigned
  • Specify Cellular Data / Wi-Fi default stream qualities separately
  • New Flat Black Theme (Settings - Themes)
  • Accepting Translations (Settings - Provide Translation)
  • Fixes for stream backing out occasionally and / or when changing stream quality
  • Haptic feedback on Stream Viewer Chat / Settings / Emoticon Buttons


Another solid update to LiveGaming in this latest release. The emoticon keyboard has been completely redesigned and will make any fans of Twitch very happy. You can also specify the quality of your streams for when you’re on either cell or Wi-Fi connections. Donate to the app in the settings and you’ll unlock theme controls, where you’ll find a new all black theme recently added.  

A Windows Phone app to stream Twitch live is most definitely a niche application. But we’re happy to see student dev Charl rack up over 21,000 users in the past two months. Keep up the good work!

Want to give LiveGaming a try? Grab it in the Windows Phone Store. It’s free, but you can donate to unlock some different themes. 

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Reader comments

LiveGaming gets emoticon keyboard redesign and more themes in recent update


How does the app keep track of donations? I think it might not persist between devices/resets, because I hard reset a few weeks ago and I don't have the theme options anymore. I just re-donated since it's a dollar, but you can never underestimate how angry people can get about these kinds of bugs.

I really hope WP8.1 brings proper cloud app sync like on Windows.

Short of implementing my own infrastructure (which I might consider for additional functionality such as notifications) there isn't much I can do about that as the hard reset destroys the entire isolated storage data for the app. 

I had the same thing happen to me and threw the dev an email, he was very happy for me to donate again and he would refund me on paypal but for 79p it wasn't worth the effort. Still, nice to have friendly devs who reply within an hour!

awesome app. donated. dev is very friendly and responsive and seems to genuinely want to perfect this app. best twitch app for WP.