Livescape - App Spotlight

Looking for a Windows Phone app that will help you track the calories you burn during a workout as well as the calories sitting on your dinner plate? If so, Livescape might be worth a try.

Livescape is a journal of sorts that helps you keep track of activities and diet that effects your life. You can use your Windows Phone location services to track outdoor activities such as jogging, hiking or bicycling. Use your Windows Phone camera to help track nutritional facts about the foods you eat.

Other features of Livescape include:

  • Support for the Metric System, as well as, English Units
  • Step counting (Pedometer) with estimated distance traveled and calories burned
  • Ability to look up Nutrition Facts on the Internet* Consumption Tracking (Food and Drinks)
  • Calculate Body Fat, Lean Mass, and Fat Mass based on Waist, Hip, and Neck measurements
  • Weight, Blood Pressure, Mood, Stress, and Measurement Tracking
  • Ability to track ailments such as allergies, headaches, fevers, flus, and cramps
  • Create multiple profiles for family and friends

You also have the ability to backup and restore your data and post your accomplishments to Facebook. The is a free trial version available for Livescape to let you try before you buy. The full version runs $4.99 and you can download both here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.


Reader comments

Livescape - App Spotlight


I've actually used myFitnessPal when I had iOS and tried the WP7 version too once it came out. I can confidently say that Livescape is WAY better. myFitnessPal doesn't have a 1/8th the functionality that Livescape has and from what I've seen, it's one of the best apps on WP7. Well worth checking out.

Also, MyFitnessPal is heavily network dependent and caches absolutely nothing to your phone. I'm the one who wrote the review in the marketplace (2 stars). Since writing that I've played with it a bit more and realized it's even worse. I launched the app in airplane mode and there is absolutely no information shown while the network connection is off. Even stuff that you'd think it would be a no-brainer to cache (like you daily calorie limit, a couple of days of history, etc.). Right now there's absolutely nothing.While you might think, "whatever, I always have a signal so it isn't a big deal"; that doesn't take into account how slow and sluggish the app becomes when every single piece of data is fed from the server. Want to add a new food, you'll be waiting several seconds on the add food page while it pulls info from the server on what you have eaten in the day so far. Want to start the app and just check how many calories you have eaten so far? I hope you have good signal because it will take a few seconds to pull even that mundane number.I wanted to like this app because its food database is really good and being able to log meals from your computer (via their website) is a great option, but in the end the app is barely functional. It's even slower than using their actual website.

I just bought Livescape yesterday because I got tired of messing around with apps like MyFitnessPal and a few others. Livescape is probably one of the nicest designed apps I've seen so far! Unlike MyFitnessPal, Livescape works great without a network connection and it tracks a lot more.

myfitnesspal is free but it has crashed on me a few times, and kinda sluggish. not as good as the iphone version. livescape is great so far. slick interface which follows metro style and great design. the pedometer/gps tracking --along with many other things-- are huge pluses in this app