LivingSocial for Windows Phone 8

Need a deal? LivingSocial releases official Windows Phone 8 app

Like getting a great price on things? Don’t like the green color of Groupon? Or just a die-hard fan? Either answer will bring you to the new official, LivingSocial app that is now available on the Windows Phone 8 Store.

LivingSocial ( is a similar service to Groupon in that it highlights local deals for pre-purchase. Think plays, lessons, events and various services around your area for a better idea. The company has been around for years but it seems like Groupon, for better or worse, has had greater media coverage, resonating more with the public.

LivingSocial for Windows Phone 8

The app is not too bad, either. It does feature a doublewide Tile, Lockscreen image support and even Wallet integration (aka "deal finder"). The Lockscreen image is a high resolution collage of the various deals going on and it looks rather nice without being too gaudy. The Wallet integration is a nice twist, as it allows you find offers or coupons and save them for redemption, share it, or pin to your Start screen.

The app looks to pull down data via the web, though performance seems on par with a full native app to our eyes. It’s also laid out rather nicely, with clean, black backgrounds and bold text.

The app is of course free and worth checking out if saving money (and learning about events around you) are your thing. Head here to the Store to pick it up. Windows Phone 8 only.

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Reader comments

Need a deal? LivingSocial releases official Windows Phone 8 app


Yes, now I can finally get this splinter out of my ice cream. I've been waiting for someone to tie my doctor's underwear to my stereo.. This app is great! I can't wait to try biscuits and titanium dioxide BBQ chicken. Keep those official cranes coming.

Im confused. Im already running this app on WP7.8? Isnt that official app? Or is this a "change" to to support WP8 devices also? If thats the case, hope this is better than the one Im running on my lumia900. Since the app is more like a webapp rather than a native app.

There was an official basic WP7 U.S.-only version.  This one is a WP8 version that's international it seems. :)

It is, still doesn't mean people won't use it. Bank of America had a massive hack last year but people still use them,

Wallet feature is not working for me. Anyone else??
Update: Showed up on wallet after 2 hrs. If anyone is having same issue just wait it out.

Groupon has better deal and better selection of categories. I'm not saying LS is not good cause I get some good deals here and there bit Groupon just has better selections. I'm just glad they didn't sell out to Google Offers

Not sure what the android versions does, but this seems to display the same content as their website which is what you'd want.

I like the app, clean, easy to maneuver, a nice subtle touch was finding my city similar to the people hub by clicking on the letter a and then clicking d. Only thing I saw that could be useful is the ability to jump to the top or bottom, similar to the wpcentral app. I always liked them better than groupon.

Each app that gets released is like a new adventure. iOS and Android users are like meh since they have had them for so long. We, as a group, get excited, and I like that feeling.

Now we need Red Box to release. Lets see how it takes before Run Keeper gets back with the program.

this app is AWESOME compared to groupon.  FINALLY, REAL Wallet integration!  This is how it is supposed to work!!!!!!  Groupon better up their game cause their app SUCKS compared to this!

Can't wait to update to a Nokia EOS so I can start taking advantage of these WP8 only apps :(
On the upside, this keeps me from spending money :)