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Windows Phone Apps

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Windows Phone Apps

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Location Finder for Windows Phone 8 updated, adds shortened URLs for sharing

Location Finder

Location Finder is a handy Windows Phone 8 app that will find, save and share your current location. With Location Finder you can record locations such as a campsite, where you parked your car, the location of a business you need to remember or simply sharing your location with friends/family so they can find you.

Location Finder was updated to version 2.6 last night that includes a handful of changes that are user driven. For example, many users asked for shorter URLs to make sharing your location easier. You can opt for the shorter URLs in the app’s settings.

Location Finder

Additional changes to the version 2.6 update include:

  • Adds the capability to find the antipode of a location
  • Adds the capability to select a location by tapping anywhere on the map in the Reverse Geocode screen
  • Added enhancements to the Favorite Location screen
  • Improved Help Section

The update also includes a handful of bug fixes that are based on crash reports supplied by users and a few user interface enhancements.

There is a free, trial version available for Location Finder with the full version running $.99. The app is available for Windows Phone 8 and you can find Location Finder here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Location Finder


Reader comments

Location Finder for Windows Phone 8 updated, adds shortened URLs for sharing


Well, I took a look at the free version, and was almost ready to purchase the app. That was until I went to integrate it with OneDrive. The list of things that they wanted to do, like access my picture, friends, etc. as well as to access and EDIT my OneDrive anytime? Sure that probably refers to changing and updating the info in their folder. but I'm just not going to take that risk. Yes I know that it says I can change these permissions anytime in the settings, but...... I should have gotten my first clue when I opened the app, and it not only found me, but it showed me my EXACT street address, even thought it showed "within 10 feet.. I've been dealing with GPS for the past twenty years, and nothing is that accurate to where it shows you your street address

I'm staying as far away from this app as I can....... and have reported it to Microsoft siting security concerns.

@t8ntlikly Developer of the app here. The app uses the OneDrive API to backup/restore users saved locations. The permissions it require to connect are the same set of permissions required for any app to connect to users OneDrive. The app creates its own folder as outlined in the help section and that's all it access. I am also a user, so I totally understand your concerns. Also all WP apps goes through certification. I don't know to what extend capabilities are checked, but I think certification guarantees apps are safe to use.
Also the main feature of the app is to find your location and address with highest precision. The app can easily get your location with an accuracy of 2 meters. That is a feature.
Thank you for taking time to express your concerns. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks.

@GJ thank you for your prompt reply. As for accessing OneDrive, although that is what l assumed, ......... might I suggest that you change your wording to reflect just that. Just to say "access your info anytime" IMHO is too wide open. I do by the way have other apps that also access my OneDrive for that very same reason, but! they say so. I remain steadfast in that there really is no reason for your app to want to access my friends, my name, my gender and or anything else. Great looking app and the reviews are all good. Yeah I'd buy it but