Locksider apps updated, fixes inconsistent lockscreen updates


Locksider and Locksider+ for Windows Phone have both been updated. We've been informed by the developer, Liquid Daffodil that both releases fix an issue relating to consistent lock screen updates, or rather lack of. The team relied too heavily on consistent patterns in the background agents, which often caused scheduled updates to be skipped. What has been put in place is a more reliable update pattern.

So how does one get on top of said issue? Simply update either version of Locksider and re-establish the set update schedules. This is a simple process and only requires each user to hop into the app settings and select a schedule. The updates should then be consistent throughout the course of each day.

Liquid Daffodil also asks those who use Locksider to update any reviews that noted the problem and email them with thoughts on how the update has sorted the issue. You can download Locksider and Locksider+ (for $0.99 and $1.49 respectively) from the Windows Phone Store.

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Locksider apps updated, fixes inconsistent lockscreen updates


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I'm glad they report stuff like this! These are things users may never know otherwise, that have paid for apps...

I agree that their developer was acting like a douche on here and I don't like any of their apps... but they are at least trying to provide for WP needs.

Wow, yeah stop supporting one of the foremost/first/prolific and responsive developers of the platform... Great idea!

+ 1 my friend! Everyone that deosn't understand what Walter is talking about, I suggest you check the comments in the post about the "community demanding Unification".

Speaking of weather flow, mine won't update anymore unless I open the app. I've tried uninstalling, but still won't update tile or lock screen. Anyone else having that problem? Lumia 920

Same for me. I don't get it either. I think it is the product of slick advertising and weak programming. Like android. Have you tried contacting the dev? I get nothing.

Yes, I purchased the app and it worked fine for weeks. It's enabled in background tasks. My battery app is doing the same thing. I'd rather not reset my phone.

There is a confirmed bug, when you disable data connection (no 3G and no wifi) then ALL apps with live tiles stop updating themselves. All apps, including those ones also, that does not need data conenction to refresh their status (for example battery apps), If you re-connect to 3G or wifi, they start updating (at the usual update rate of 30 mins).

Due to my very limited data plan, I keep my cellular off unless it's needed. However, I'm connected to WiFi for 90% of my day, so I don't think that's the issue.

Uninstall Weather Flow, clear IE10 cache, do a soft reset, re-install Weather Flow and re-pin the tile.

Sure, these steps were recommended to me by @winphonesupport when I experienced similar issues. Worked for me and quite a few in the forums. The soft reset step is critical though. Without doing that, it didn't work for me.

Not as stupid a question as you've ever asked before Jrexxx.  But the answer is YES. I own a paid license to this app. It doesn't update unless its launched and the developer is non responsive to Email. I'll stand on my earlier comments.

Umm I wasn't replying to you... And please do point me to my previous stupid questions that way I can learn to ask smarter questions =)

The music app live tile is the best while music is playing. Once the music stops, it sucks big, hairy, slimy, sweaty, crabs infested donkey b@ll$. Oh, I like lock sider :-P

Yeah, it could be improved. Maybe scroll random album art when not playing music. I keep it a small tile anyway so makes no difference to me.

Ys. The WP7.8 Music and Video tile kept the last played artist scrolling in the tile after play. That added class and color to the Start Screen. Miss it big time.

Yes! They finally fixed this app. Its working great on my Lumia 920. Also unification is working for WPCentral again. Thanx devs.

I had the Locksider+ lock screen problem too even after this update. Turns out, I had to uninstall Locksider (non-plus version) and my automatic lockscreen changes work properly now. Looks like you can't have both versions installed.