LockWidgets 8 gets bumped with Celsius support and some fixes for Windows Phone 8

LockWidgets 8 Windows Phone

LockWidgets 8, the side project by Jaxbot from the site Windows Phone Hacker, has been bumped to version 1.1 after being out for just a few days. The app has had numerous bugs fixed with this update and the big feature: added Celsius support.

Yes to the dismay of many, the original version only had Fahrenheit, meaning a good portion of the globe was not inclined to use the otherwise stellar app. That has now been fixed with an override function found in the settings menu for the app. [Edit: see Jaxbot's comment below for clarification]

LockWidgets 8 allows users to add the current temperature as well as tomorrow’s as a simple, corner number for high visibility. Optionally, you can also add your current battery level including an estimate on remaining time. For the background, users can select from Bing, NASA or use their own while adding “weather effects” to spice it up a bit. The project grew out of some homebrew attempts but with recent changes and programming abilities in Windows Phone 8, the app can now be released to the public.

The app fetches for $0.99 with a free trial and so far, we’ve been very happy with its performance and its look. Pick it up here in the Store for Windows Phone 8. 

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LockWidgets 8 gets bumped with Celsius support and some fixes for Windows Phone 8


Just some corrections:
The previous version did indeed support Celsius. However, the temperature was based on device region. Some people like to cheat and set their device region to en-US to get American applications (can't blame you), and for these people, their local temps were being displayed in Fahrenheit. 
This new version allows you to override your device setting, but the previous version did support Celsius for most people.

App won't load NASA daily image...says "exception" and then shows a list. I took a screenshot it if you want to see it.

Hi jaxbot!
On my Lumia 820, lock screen shows 17h 16m remaining time. In settings/battery it is 2days 17h 16m. Truth may lie between those two, but maybe the lock screen is just missing the days?

There are some cases where the weather API goes down; I've patched this up with a great deal of caching on the backend, so it should be pretty much fixed, but if the problem arises again, please hit me up on Twitter. 

I'm happy with weatherflow in combination with the battery tile, which also show a lockscreen notification on the bottom. Both apps update really often. So I'll keep using these.

Awesome update...I'd like a future version with the option to just show the current weather; if I need more weather info, then I'd just open WeatherFlow. I don't use WeatherFlow's lockscreen options because I feel it clutters up the lockscreen too much. I like the minimalist approach, I don't need the location displayed (I know where I am) and the last updated time on the bottom corner looks ugly.

Not in love with the rain effect it constantly adds to my background. I live in a giant desert, but for some reason it always has the rain drop spots over my image. Weird

@jaxbot thanx for this! I have it fixed for Celsius now but it's showing -0 degrees right now, can you check that out on the backend, please?

Battery meter is grossly inaccurate.  Works for about 5 mins then gets left behibd. Only wanted it for that purpose so uninstalled.if this gets fixed will pick it up again

Love this app. This app combined with a blurred image if your start screen is gorgeous! Would love the option of future widgets with unification support in future updates!

Its not a widget, but I think jaxbot has pulled some clever tricks here. Thats precisely the reason I believe he may not want the app to update the data too often, coz its going to kill the battery with the kind of background processing it needs to do to update the lockscreen. And thats also the reason you cannot click on it to trigger some action straight from the lockscreen. I dont develop apps for any platform but I can only hope that MS allows developers a bit more leeway on the lockscreen.
@jaxbot: Brilliant work :)
I'd love to have the option to have some miminalist weather effects like the new sense 5 icons if possible rather than the raindrops/clouds covering the entire lockscreen.

I'm having problems with the app. I used the internal photos instead of Bing and NASA. But it shows my pictures upside down. I know it needs an internet connection to update the weather, but when the time came when it needed updating and I wasn't online, it just made my wallpaper blank (black). I can understand the weather info not getting updated without an internet connection, but why is the info on the battery gone as well? I can also verify the battery info is unreliable.
I would suggest the previous info to stay when the phone isn't online. Also, please help fix my internal photos displaying upside down. If you need screenshots, just tell me. Here's my email address: iampoch01@gmail.com.
Your app is the first app I bought for WP. Right now, I've disabled it because of the above issues.

Just installed the trial version of the app and it's amazing... But I would buy it only if you can choose to crop your chosen image for the lockscreen, because as of now, I can't really use any of my wallpapers as I would like, I need to be able to crop the image.