Lomogram rises from the ashes of controversy, re-released in the Windows Phone Store


Lomogram is a popular Windows Phone photography app that featured over forty creative filters and other editing effects to give your Windows Phone photos a little zip. The app was recently updated with a few design changes that included a name change to Metamorphosa. Changes that weren't exactly well received.

While we aren't certain as to the particulars, there seems to have been a parting of the ways between the developers and publisher of Lomogram with some suggestion that the original app was stolen. The end result of all this controversy is the re-release of Lomogram, as Lomogram+, in its pre-Metamorphosa form.


Lomogram+ dials back the design to the original appearance and includes features such as:

  • 47 filters
  • 72 lightening effects
  • 49 borders
  • Tilt-shift tool
  • Crop, Rotate, and Flip tools

Lomogram+ also includes support for ten languages (English, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Hungarian and Ukrainian). You will also find support to share your images with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and vk.

If you were a fan of the older version of Lomogram, you will feel right at home with Lomogram+. It is a free Windows Phone app, available for Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

  • Lomogram+ - Windows Phone 8 and 7.x - Free - Store Link

Thanks, Matthew, for the tip!

QR: Lomogram+


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Lomogram rises from the ashes of controversy, re-released in the Windows Phone Store


As a first poster is that really the best you can come up with ❓ I'm sorry but if that is the case then you really should get a life.

That's how he feels then that's how he feels. Being first doesn't demand feeling extra ordinary. Plus its better than "first" or "seems faster" anyway!

I always just say "first" cos it always feels like a really weird sense of accomplishment to be the first hahaha

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Don't you think it was kind of nasty of you asking this person to get a life because of the content of his/her post? Maybe he meant "ohh" as in oh, I didn't know all of that background stuff was going on, but I heard of the app.
I didn't know, and "oh" was my first thought.

"Get a life" says the one who is so worried about what the first comment is on an article about a smart phone app.

I'm really sorry friends I didn't meant to hurt your feelings. But actually yes, that's the best I can come up with. That's the first thought that came in my mind after reading this article. And that's not just oh. The word says that I am no more interested in this app anymore. They pulled it from the store and I forgot about it. There are much more photo editing apps out there. The best one? Fantasia painter(my choice). But still guys if this comment is still annoying you,I can delete it. I don't want to start a fight here.

Holy goodness that'd be sweet if it were me. My luck would be that my comments on the proper article didn't get thru or something...

Lol..and I was like I don't remember downloading an app called Metamorphosa Beta on to my 920 running 8.1, now it makes sense that Lomogram was updated.. :P

Me too, baby, me too. I thought why would I, as flamboyant as i can get, ever download an app called "metamorphosa" with a butterfly as it's logo. I can't even get drunk since I'm a gastric bypass patient. I was seriously SMH at myself till i saw the reviews.

Me too! And I first thought that 'momento' app was the one updated with new name, then I realized was Lomogram.
Installed the same day though!

The filters this offers are awesome! And there are so many, but after a while you only end up using about 5 lol... Still cool :D

So is this any good..? Or are there better apps which have taken it's place since it's been away..? Like those numerous Nokia photography apps..?

I have tried A LOT of photography apps and this is the best on Windows Phone for filtering photos hands down.

I LOVE this app .. Yes.. it's VERY, VERY good. I was gutted when my phone autoupdated it earlier in the week . I was so excited to see this rise from the ashes .. I'd pay money for this app ..it's *that* good



As far as I'm concerned Fantasia Painter is the best editor. Followed by InstaSquare and Fotor.

My preferred editing app these days is Fhotoroom. They have the app for your mobile and one for the start screen of your windows 8.1 PC/laptop/tablet.

No, its not. Unless you enjoy your exported photos saved in extremely low resolution, no saving of EXIF data & not being able to even tell how the filters will look because the app's UI is in such low quality.

This feels like a WP 7 app. Meaning photo apps have came a LONG way since then but this one is still stuck in the dark ages. It's bad.

Only problem I still have with the current Lomogram (since release of 8.1) is the fact that I can't edit photos with Lomogram directly from my camera roll. I don't want to first go into Lomogram to import the photos.

From what I can gather, the publisher DevRain wrote a whole new app called Metamorphosa and published it over the top of the old Lomogram . at least that's how it appeared to go down.

Why they would do this - I can't speculate, but I am just glad to see that the Lomo devs were able to get the old app back into the store

Oh - the difference .. Metamorphoso (beta) to give it it's full name is exactly that .. a beta .. and it's a poor shadow of what Lomogram is


True, not much of a difference...unless you count the transparent tile and the fact that Metamorphoso (beta) shows in the share menu so that I can edit from the camera roll instead of trying to choose a thumbnail from within Lomogram. If you count those there are some nice differences.

Metamorphosa seems to be the same as Lomogram but under a different UI. From first glance I think the filters are pretty much the same but under different names. It looks like there are more options for social sharing and online storage in Metamorphosa (I'm not sure if they require an in app purchase).

Wow. I completely forgot I had this app. It was one of the first editing apps I downloaded when I first made the move to WindowsPhone. Good to see it getting some attention after all this time. Can anyone remind me what the little square with the diamond shape in it, up in the top right hand corner of the screen does?

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Is this app could add some caption? Because I couldn't find any full featured photo editing app like L*NE Camera in WP..