Lomogram updated, adds new filters and tilt-shift


The popular Windows Phone photography app Lomogram was updated today taking it to version 1.7. The updated gives Lomogram a boost in special effects filters, adds a tilt shift tool, an option to preserve your image's exif metadata, and squishes a few bugs for good measure.

All totaled, Lomogram has 47 effects filters, 72 lighting effects, 49 borders, and crop, rotate and flip your photos. Edited images can be shared with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and vk.


Lomogram is an uncomplicated way to add a creative look to your photos. The update gives Lomogram a little more bite, making it an appealing option for editing photos on your Windows Phone.

Lomogram is a free app for our Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices. You can snatch Lomogram up here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Lomogram updated, adds new filters and tilt-shift


George, do you use Lomogram much? I personally like having the option of editing the brightness/sat/contrast of a photo, instead of just having the available filters. And that is why I like Fotor very much.
Edit: I'd also like to see Lomogram integrate more deeply with the photos app. For instance, when I open a photo in camera roll, click on the 3-dot menu and select "edit", I see Fotor, Creative Studio, Fantasia Painter, Fhotoroom and even HD Photo Viewer, but Lomogram is missing (i have it installed of course). Lomogram, however, shows up if I click on "apps" from the 3-dot menu instead of "Edit"
Edit: I just noticed that Lomogram also allows me to edit brightness/sat/contrast. The option is hidden under the 3-dot menu under the "adjust" option. I stand corrected. Time to give this app a chance. :)

I use this awesome App from day 1 :)
It is my favourite to use with Instagraph to tag and share on insta, could be nice to see a faster integration like in Pictures Lab....Please...

Not kind of, they DO suck!! I think all support has left. Lol Lomogram is really nice. I use it instead of Instance's filters.

I want the original Instagram filters. Is the Instagram piece that I love most. Together with tilt-shift.
But, I am kind of disapointed with Instance developer, Daniel Gary. He NEVER respond me!! Not in Twitter, not in here, not even in an email that I sent to he about 2 months ago. ;(

I don't know how many problems would there be getting the original Instagram filters. So integrating Instance with Lomogram would help.

Yeah I share you disappointment. But more because he doesn't seem too conserned with keeping the App updated and improving it. All I see him do is updates for Beta testers, but I never see any improvements on the normal paid store. The paid version is unstable and with quite a few glitches and yet, no updates are released. Disappointing really.

This is probably by favorite photo app for just filters due to its ease. I left it a while back because the tilt shift feature that I was told about didn't come until now (I was told about it nearly a year a go I believe). Now it's found a place again on my Lumia 900.

Initially I used this app. Then I realized that it reduces the size of the photo drastically. I am not using this app any more. I like this app for the vast collection of filters and borders. But I prefer image size than collection of filters.

We have increased the output size up to 1400x1400 pixels (if you save your photo to the library from appbar menu). The reason why we have reduced the size is that most of filters are really complex and it takes lots of time to produce the output.
Another problem is that overlays and borders are designed for 1200x1200 images, so if you use filter + overlay + border and original photo size as an output size (e.g. 2000x2000) it will take couple of minutes to do the computations. 
For that reason, we are working on web version of the app, so you can produce high quality output online.

Great application but the flash in my Lumia 920 didn't work anymore when I installed the program. After removing Lomogram the flash worked again just fine. I used this app a lot before my phone came back from service and I'd like to still use it but sometimes flash is required.
Making multi exposures would be nice btw.