Lonely Planet app for Windows Phone in development

More good new for you travelers out there, especially if you're fans of Lonely Planet. Evidently, they're in the midst of making a Windows Phone app just for you and your globe trotting ways.

Hi James,

Our developers are currently working on creating apps for Windows phones. I can't give you a date that they'll be available (because we're not sure!) but it is happening should be ready later in the year.



Trent Paton | Talk2Us feedback team

Lonely Planet (Australia)

No word on release date/time frame, but at least according to their customer support, it seems to be happening. Fingers crossed.

Thanks, James A., for the tip!


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Lonely Planet app for Windows Phone in development


This is good news of course, now I just wish TripAdvisor would get cracking on a proper Windows Phone 7 app with Metro UI, and not just the same app ported from Apple devices.

That would be awesome, I use their books all the time while overseas. Too bad Sprint doesn't have a device that works outside of the US. *sigh*