A look at the next generation of TouchFLO 3D

And you thought the Android kids were the favorite child of HTC now with that whole Sense thing. We couldn't tell you at the time, but HTC has been hard at work updating TouchFLO 3D. And quite an update it is. Our sources had told us that Manila 2.5 (Manila's the not-so-super-secret nerd name for TouchFLO, btw), basically takes the Windows Mobile out of Windows Mobile, and boy howdy does it ever.

You get a pretty good feel for it in the above video from German site handy-faq. [via pocketnow] Even the deepest settings don't appear to take you out of the TouchFLO 3D environment and kick you back into Windows Mobile. That's been one of our biggest gripes about TouchFLO in the past – it looks great at first, but you lose the experience of it pretty quickly. Well, no more. And although we don't see it in this video, we're also told that there may be some pretty massive Facebook integration to look forward to.

In the beginning of the video you hear mention of the Firestone, which we believe is the first device we'll see with Manila 2.5. (We've also heard the name Leo being thrown around, which may well be the Firestone's more official moniker from HTC, just as the Maple evolved into the Snap, Rhodium to Touch Pro 2, etc. Or it could be the other way around.)

Now that you're salivating ... Will we see Manila 2.5 on upcoming phones such as the Diamond 2 and Touch Pro 2? Let's hope so. And if not, we'll remind you of three little letters.

X. D. A.

More screen shots of Manila 2.5 after the break, courtesy of Italian site UDK-lab.


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A look at the next generation of TouchFLO 3D


Looks nice, but I am thinking that the samsung omnia pro is what I want. Faster processor, oled screen, and built in dlna to control my windows 7 media center based network. Any reasons why I should stick with htc other than the interface might be nicer and a five row keyboard? Anybody else thinking about going with samsung instead of htc?

yeah...i got one enough...RAM!!! i actually read the first sentence of your post, then started looking @ past articles and started thinking. they make a great push on their task switcher, but w/ only 135mb of ram, plus that interface...i think i'd rather go w/ the tp2 and its 288. i mean, my tilt is OKAY w/ its 128 mb...but this is a 2 year old phone. if i'm gonna be getting a 2009/2010 phone it better have at least 256 mb or ram.

135mb of ram does suck, but I have been making do with 48 on my xv6800. It's not a deal breaker, but it is definitely a reason to think twice. Is that a confirmed spec? If it is, it should be perfect for verizon disdain of memory on windows mobile phones.

That sounds more reasonable. 135 is an odd number for total physical memory.

Just a friendly reminder, that this new TF3D2.5 works very well on a Topaz (aka Diamond 2) it is a really nice upgrade and will most defanately be included in future roms for the Diamond 2. But seeing as the original TF3D is built into the stock rom, it is going to be hard to get it to work without a reflash of the entire system. But if you are daring enough, or if HTC updates the stock rom for the Diamond 2 or Touch Pro 2, by all means it is worth the upgrade if you are a TF3D fan.

As soon as it can be released (it works but there are other reasons why we at XDA can't release it at the moment.) You will most likely be able to find it on all the WVGA devices.

Clearly some Blackberry fan boy loser who hasn't even used the device he's bashing.

Shame that there is no decent Blackberry handset. The Bold is buggy and massive, the curve lacks 3G, so what's the point.

Why don't you go and actually try using a touchflow phone, there's a pretty good reason they're so popular with uber geeks.

Well to the blackberry basher sorry I disagree the curve is has awsome reception and its user friendly.you metioned size well if u smush it evenly it still wouldn't be as big as most pda phones so.. And even so the pearl is a lot smaller and just as great. O yea the storm is touch accurate and its awsome maybe u shld research alil more ;)

Please please tell me the email management has been improved over the current release of TF3D. The current one is such a disappointment to a professional, working adult -- being made to flick through messages one by one loses its novelty after about 90 seconds, after which one starts longing for a return to Blackberry or any other UI that actually displays all your emails in a logical, productive fashion, and makes their management extremely easy. Ditto for the photo viewer and media player. Otherwise, TF3D is about to be embarrassed sorely by the upcoming Samsung UI. If HTC really intends their Touch Pro II series for working professionals, it has so badly missed the mark in this (email) regard as to be baffling.

Have you actually used the UI you're bashing? Just push on the email that's in the envelope and BAM! magically you're presented with an inbox view, much like Blackberry or any other UI. I know, clicking on something is such a novel UI feature that'd you never think to do it. Mouthbreathing is such hard work that you don't have the brain power left to think of a remarkable concept like clicking...

this looks same as HTC Hero ANDROID ... its verry smart move, htc now is on two operating systems with equal UI ... every moment is ready to complete switch to android :-)

I use TF3d almost like this on my Xperia with the Touch-IT Rom.

it does ALMOST evrything in this video, and works amazingly. I no longer know wm is even there.

I actually hate the older TF3D but with this guys rom, i completely converted.

I'm sorry i still think Android is the favoured child b/c HTC Sense is way better than TF3D v2.5, and TF3D v 2.5 looks clunky in comparison whereas Sense looks more refined and Modern.

Really want to see Sense on Windows Mobile :(

Running 2.5 on TouchHD, currently a bit buggy but neither 2.5 nor WM6.5 are finished, and the shifting goalposts don't help ROM developers. Nonetheless:
1. prettier.
2. updated home screen i like (some don't) - means quicker access to (e.g.) camera, which is a plus
3. phone call interface improved
4. widgets and extra features not all working on my version, but what's there is good.
5. extra settings a plus
6. calendar looks great (but currently incomplete) - real improvement on finger-unfriendly windows version
7. keyboard improved (but i dont' use it)
8. sms doesn't work on the build i'm using (wm23017)

Caveat: i'm using a deliberately experimental ROM because I wanted to see 2.5. I've since customised the look & working of it & i'd say it's nearly perfect. Obviously bugs to be ironed out by builds of manilla & WM are improving almost every day.