Look for SmartGlass support in all future Microsoft Studio games

Microsoft's SmartGlass took center stage at E3 2012 and was rather impressive. SmartGlass aims to bridge entertainment and productivity from the Xbox console to computers, tablets and smartphones. A connection that will go beyond simply pausing a video on your Xbox console and picking it up on your Windows Phone. While we aren't sure how far reaching SmartGlass will be with developers, according to Phil Spencer, Corporate VP of Microsoft Studios, we should expect SmartGlass support to be a constant feature in all of Microsoft Studios games going forward.

"It just makes so much sense for a developer who wants to supply, maybe not time-critical information, like 'that enemy is getting ready to shoot you,' but information that augments what's happening on screen."

"...you're even going to see situations like with Ascend, where there's actually gameplay that happens on the phone, even when you're away from your television and that interacts back with the online game that's happening."

We may see supplemental information appear on your Windows Phone while playing a game on the Xbox console or the game completely transfer to your Windows Phone when you walk away from the console. SmartGlass has the potential to seamlessly connect the three screens. Or is it four screens with tablets on the horizon?

Source: joystiq


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Look for SmartGlass support in all future Microsoft Studio games


So will the same code run on all platforms? Or will we end up with game content only working on iPhone and Android as those are the big phone platforms? That would make me cry...

I do not think they will leave WinPhone behind.  Just think, we already have SmartGlass Beta (Xbox Companion) and no one else does...we are already ahead of the curve.

You sure about that?  Pretty sure there is not an app on any other platform that will control your Xbox 360.  Yes, there is the Xbox LIVE app, which is just the mobile version of Xbox.com for those that think there has to be an app for everything.

im going to guess they are all still going to run on xna framework, so the same code should work with all three versions (wp/ios/android)
i could be wrong, but i don't see why they would create more work for devs by giving each platform their own coding scheme... i mean smart glass is suppose to "unite" the screens no? :P

Re; Four Screen Comment - I do not consider current Tablets to be different than Phones, just larger screens...and in the future, MS doesn't consider Slate Tablets to be any different than computers.  Win8 will give us tablets that are just touch screen laptops that do not have a keyboard.  The SmartGlass app should hopefully run the exact same on a tablet and PC...and have a smaller screen version for phones.

They should just bake it into the SDK for building all apps and create the framework content whenever you create an application going forward. Basically the framework is built for you from the start and developers just have to gather and plug in the content. It shouldn't be a framework add on. Basically, make it difficult not to include it at first and loosen the reigns later.

Excellent news. Looking forward to more integration as I have far more time with my WP than I do to spend with my 360.

Apple must be scared now lol they should be now that wdc is today. Lets see what apple have probably same old vrap of boring dead apps or same old design

But mac books are getting the retina display, we future win 8 users should be so jealous of them. Its not like win8 tablets will get HD screens and convertible keyboards and a better UI and smart glass and a huge application library and stylus use and a lower price tag and office 2013 and navteq navigation.

I see the competition getting very worried. Office and Xbox is the one thing the competition can only dream of having, I’m not worried about WP shares cause just like Xbox when it first came out everyone said it couldn’t compete with the dominating Sony PS, now look at Xbox. In time WP will dominate, in the meantime I can sit back and say I told you so.