Lots of updates going out and Amazon Mobile picks up Windows Phone 8 support

WP Central Lots of updates going out and Amazon Mobile picks up Windows Phone 8

Just like our London busses, you wait around for ages and then they all come at once. It seems that someone has flicked a switch somewhere and released a few updates today for Windows Phone.

Of particular note, Amazon Mobile on its way up to version 1.9.1 and picks up support for the oh-so close Windows Phone 8. It’s good to see some developers with early access readying their apps for the shiny new operating system which is only days away.

As regards to the Amazon Mobile update, we can’t say if it’s going to bring any new WP8 specific features or just being brushed up so that it works.

Also in the update to-do list today is

Xbox Live Extras – No change log (tsk tsk!) – I am unable to login to this at the moment with an error “We can’t access you avatar items, try later” so cant see what has changed, if you see something, do let us know.

Ceton Companion App – Brings a host of minor updates including Password authentication support and improved syncing and recording adjustments.

Podcatcher – Adds support for podcast audio and video streaming, podcast description improvements and some other UI changes.

Nokia’s App Highlights – No change log (tsk tsk!) But we know Nokia are constantly updating this to help improve app discoverability.

Good to see the updates train up and running again, if you are seeing any interesting updates going out, do let us know.


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Lots of updates going out and Amazon Mobile picks up Windows Phone 8 support


What exactly is meant with WP8 support? Is it the support of higher screen resolutions? Other than that, if WP8 runs WP7 Apps, then no "support" would be necessary, or am i wrong?

There are some differences in how the xaml renders between WP7 & WP8 so some changes may have to be made there depending on what controls you use as well as new features available that you may want to call.

I think the app's tile graphic changed too. White silhouette on your color choice. More in line with the rest of Microsoft's apps.

My kindle app (UK) no longer allows connection to the kindle store so can't buy books straight from my phone. Is anyone else got this problem. Would like it fixed

I have the same problem. I've been adding the book I want to buy to a wishlist through Amazon Mobile then purchasing it when I get to a pc as a workaround. I hope they release an update soon.

As an aside, does anyone have working notifications on their Facebook app. I've had no tile count for two months, and no response to my support requests from Facebook...

Haven't had any notifications on the tile for months ,and it still takes a half hour for notifications and messages to come thru.

Mine doesn't work either. I hope they don't fix it. I've always wanted the toasts but no tile count, but there's no option for that, only tile count with no toasts. The tile count never resets if you acknowledge your notifications in the Me tile or on the web which is extremely annoying, but the toasts are actually useful. Hate to say it, but I hope it stays "broken."

The toast and banner have always worked,but sometimes I don't hear it and want the tile count.Its been almost four months sense a update don't know what's going on with Microsoft with one of the most popular apps on WP.

I would imagine WP8 features would mean support for changes to the live tiles i.e. sizing & possibly new screen resolutions with little or no change to the application functions. But there again I'm no Dev. Maybe Jay could shed a little more light on this.

If you currently own an app on wp7 will you then have to buy it again if its released for wp8 and win 8 surface.

If they code the same app in native WP8 code, making it WP8 only, then i believe yes. If it is like with the amazon app that it just gets an upgrade that makes it support WP7+8, then most probably not.

This is the only thing stopping me in investing in a surface/wp8 not spending out again for all the apps that I have on wp7 , Android apps are available wether on phone or tablet and wether on ice cream or jelly bean.

Odd In in the UK also when following the link It says its not available for my device, using Lumia 900.... What device are you using?

I updated and played with the Xbox Companion app last night after my Xbox got the dashboard update, and on connecting I got the message on the TV that I had connected via SmartGlass - it was pretty cool :-)

It's been doing that every since the beta dash came out. Unfortunately there is no integration with your phone and Xbox IE9 like the video shows on Xbox.com. No zoom or keyboard action from your phone.

Why are my tiles NOT LIVE anymore??? Especially the Marketplace and Weather apps ones... Samsung Omnia 7