Check out these great shots of a Seattle Seahawks game from the Nokia Lumia 1020

Seattle Seahawks Lumia 1020 Brad Puet

We make a lot of fuss about how kick ass the cameras are on Windows Phone with devices like the Lumia 920, Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520. That’s great and all, but it’s the person behind the camera that makes the real difference. So what happens when you take an accomplished and skilled mobile street photographer and give him a device like that? You get some pretty great results, especially when you put him on the sideline of a Seattle Seahawks game at CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

Remember We Are Juxt (www.wearejuxt.com)? It’s the community of mobile photographers that we talked about last July when a handful of members (Juxters) were given the Lumia 920. The majority of them shot on iPhones, but the experience helped opened a few of them up to Windows Phone.

One of their co-founders, Brad Puet, recently had the opportunity to photograph the Seattle Seahawks. Brad’s a cool guy that I got to meet this past summer up in Seattle. He’s got a killer passion for mobile photography and it shows in his work. Just check out his Instagram feed (@bradpuet) to see what he’s capable of with a smartphone.

He used the Nokia Lumia 1020 to capture photos of the fans, stadium, and football action. He’s got some great shots over on We Are Juxt. Be sure to head over there and read up on his tips for capturing sports with the Lumia 1020 and his experience on the sidelines.  

Source: We Are Juxt


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Check out these great shots of a Seattle Seahawks game from the Nokia Lumia 1020


Do you? Because I see a lot of people from the US show extreme interest in high end Windows Phones. Yet when the statistics come out, the US is absolutely nowhere in Windows Phone market share.

It's called "Only on AT&T"...

I am on VZW and have other family on Sprint...we would absolutely LOVE to have this phone!

Hell, my last two jobs had corporate VZW and Sprint accounts....

Hard to buy phones when they aren't available.

Well I'm in T-Mobile. Tell Nokia to make their phones available to other US carriers and we'll buy them.:)

Nope just tired of literally years of putting up with the Nokia-ATT exclusive deals and at the same time showing my interest and appreciation for the beloved device. Boom.:)

I'm trying to decide if I should get the 1020 or 1520 next month. Kinda leaning towards the 1020 because of the camera...

if you need the best camera out on mobile get lumia 1020 ;

if you want SD 800 , 1080p display , Nokia latest flagship phone, all windows phone 8.1 features get lumia 1520 , and oh yes lumia 1520's 20MP is not a bad either;

The 1320 should have a 8 or 10 mega pixel camera with pure view lens. The phone despite of its good looking screen and hardware lacks some features.

Last time I checked Lumia 1520 has wp8 withGDR3 & Lumia Black not wp8.1?! I thought they say all wp8 devices will get the Blue Update wp8.1

yes it has wp8 with gdr3 on board but soon all windows phone 8 will get the new wp8.1 , i was trying to say that this phone (1520) will have all the features of it due to a beast inside the phone, 512mb phones might get less features , oh well time will tell us :)

+1 if they implemented the same camera module on 1520 it would be the best phone of the year but think in this way who would prefer buying lumia 1020 ? , hope wp8.1 bring some new mobile with same great camera optics one found in 1020 :)

I just picked up the 1520(global unlocked), and i'm coming from the 920(basically the 1020 without the huge sensor). What i like about the 1520 over the 920 is the viewfinder is much bigger. all the controls and i'm seeing to take a photo with is on a 6" screen, not 4.5", which i've found makes a whole lot of difference. processer-wise, I don't feel its any faster to start into the camera then the 920 was. One thing that is much better is the battery. I went through yesterday without charging and had roughly 50% at about 9pm. I wasn't doing too intensive stuff with it, but thats still much better then i got out of the 920. I feel the 1020 will ultimately capture a better picture, but i think using the 1520 to take the picture is much better.

I still wish i could toggle the camera start button to go to proshot as opposed to nokia camera, and i hope they open this up to developers soon.

I thought they already did open it up to developers. Isn't it possible to change the default camera for the phone?

If you're going to wait until next month...  Then you might as well wait until the end of the month for the MWC to see what the new 8.1 phones might be like from Nokia/Microsoft.

Personally I would have gotten a 1520 by now if it wasn't for AT&T getting rid of Qii wireless charging so I've been waiting for the 32GB international version that works on AT&T.  However at this point I'm definately waiting to see what will come out of MWC....

Guess I'll just do that then. Just need a phone to take pictures at my sister's wedding in march.

On the other hand if something is announced at MWC then the price on the 1020 will likely drop in March since the 1020 it would be nearly 9 months old.

If that happens then you may find some great deals on a used 1020s  on Ebay off contract.  Might not be an bad option for a wedding camera.

I got the Lumia 925 and love it the picture quality has been great on the phone but I do wish I waited a Month before getting my Lumia 925 as Nokia announced the 1020.

Great pick my wife has the 1020 and she loves it. I have the 1520 and the camera is very good as well and I'm from the US. GO BRONCOS!!!!!

1520 looks awesome in the store...just don't know how it would look when I am out at night at dinners or parties with everyone staring at me with a big phone...i got 925 its awesome but if t mobile would have had 1020 I would have had it already....so now I must say that 1520 is the best phone but would need to be able to switch to 1020 for evening where I don't want to carry anything big.....

So true.  If T-Mobile had the 1020 I would be all over it!  As for now I'm just hoping a version of the 1020 is released on TMo.  At this moment I'm satisfied with my 810, but how sweet it would be to own the 1020.  Those photos are just awesome!

I do really love my 1020, my 4th Windows Phone (Counting WP7 and 8).

Thing is it will take Apple type hardware changes to make me upgrade. I don't need a faster processor necessarily. But I want he same or better camera without the bump. I want to keep the xenon flash. So I don't want to lose anything, just want better and sleeker. I would like some weight shed. The 925 is such a great form factor, again work on shaving off the hump and get it closer to the camera of the 1020. Also keep the great OLED.

More on phone storage would be nice. I actually filled my phone up within 2 weeks of purchasing it. I bought the phone for a vacation as I didn't want to carry a separate camera and it worked great. But we shouldn't have such little storage when we have such large file size pictures.

It's like you are reading my mind. The screen size is perfect (at least for me) and I don't see myself downgrading to anything less than a 41 mp camera. I would love the latest hardware where it beats every other phone in every single benchmark. The oS needs an upgrade so Cortana and a notification center is extremely welcome but it needs to be on point. That's how Windows Phone will make an impact again and hopefully bring in new users!!!

I'm using my 808 still, and by and large still liking it. Still, I hanker for new apps and better video playback. I'd be interested in the 1820 if it truly maintains the camera quality and adds an SD card slot. In the photo examples I've seen online, the 1020 seems to cast a yellowish tint to flesh tones. This seems true in the football pictures here, too. I'm hoping the 1820 can reach the camera abilities of the 808 and have the 808's expandable memory.

Love my 1020 as well, just have to get better with learning how to use all the manual options for the camera. Honestly the camera hump has never bothered me.....gives it some character. Coming from the 920 I appreciate the slimmer form factor. Now give me an updated 1020 with say a 5"-5.5" screen then I'm really done!:-)

Broncos will tranple the seaturds! and their bought off reffs and their paid out 12th man name they clearly bough  no originality.

Looks to Carols strong point! Didn't Carol ALSO resigned because he was caught stealing something close to $30,000 to pay for one of his players back when he was a college coach? Oh yeah.....