Nokia Lumia 1020 now available in Taiwan and back on track for Telstra in Australia

Lumia 1020

The world cried together when Nokia announced the Lumia 1020 as an exclusive on AT&T the world. Why limit the smartphone with the best camera to one carrier in one country? Thankfully that exclusivity was only timed and slowly the device began appearing around the globe. The device was recently delayed on Telstra in Australia, but is now back on track. It’s also now available to the people of Taiwan. Details below.

It was about two weeks ago that Telstra canceled all pre-orders for the Lumia 1020. The cause of the problem was a software issue on their Lumia 1020s. They sent everyone a free Lumia 520 as compensation for cancelling the pre-orders and the launch was put on hold indefinitely.

Thankfully that software issue seems to be resolved as the Lumia 1020 will be available online and in Telstra stores on October 15. There won’t be a new round of pre-orders, instead it will be first-come, first-served with black as the only color option. It’s a start.

Over in Taiwan, the Lumia 1020 recently sold out of pre-orders in only four days. The device is going for 24,900 TWD (about $845 USD). That pre-order included the camera grip with extended battery and a leather case for your smartphone. It’s available now, so check out your favorite retailers in Taiwan for availability. 

Source: Nokia Australia Facebook, Via: AusWinPhone

Source: Lumia 1020 Taiwan pre-order, Via: Chinese Engadget, BlogJack

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Nokia Lumia 1020 now available in Taiwan and back on track for Telstra in Australia


Wow, so they get to keep the 520's as backup units/sell them to get a few $'s or do they have to give them back? Either way good for them.

I'm from Australia and care about the article, as do other people from this region who read WPC. It says the country names in the title, if you're not interested don't read it.

Wtf... Is Verizon USA going to get this phone... Looks like the bush in Africa is going to get this phone first... Smh android loving $&%#&

The 1020 is great but then next year Nokia had a couple of new model namely Gold finger and the other Money penny so i wait and for now trying very hard to off-load my recently bought 925 to my spouse.