Are Lumia 1020 users itching for the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom?

Lumia 1020

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is notable for its camera. It has a 41-megapixel image sensor with Carl Zeiss optics, optical image stabilization, xenon flash, advanced controls with the Nokia Camera, and even RAW format support. If you’re into cameraphones, it’s probably the device currently in your hand. Last Tuesday, Samsung announced the Galaxy K Zoom, another noteworthy cameraphone. Are Lumia 1020 users interested?

The Android-powered Samsung Galaxy K Zoom sports a 20.7 megapixel 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor, 10x optical zoom (24-240mm equivalent), optical image stabilization, and Xenon flash. One of the main concerns with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is its size, coming in at 20.2mm thick.  

Galaxy K Zoom

Over at the forums, BlackZeppelin voices out the Galaxy K Zoom looks mighty impressive, but understands that the Lumia 1020 approaches the idea of zoom in a different way.

The Samsung is almost 21mp rear camera but of course it uses optical zoom for cropping resolution. The 1020 uses oversampling in a 41mp sensor to achieve cropping resolution, so completely different approaches.

BlackZeppelin is asking if you think the Galaxy K Zoom trounces the Nokia Lumia 1020. Are Lumia 1020 users also curious with the new cameraphone? Head over to the forums to let him/her know what you think.


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Are Lumia 1020 users itching for the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom?



I completely disagree. Huge Android guy here. Android is amazing. Now I have and love WP and love my 1020. Since unlocking and upgrading to 8.1 the 1020 has become my daily driver. I love both OS's and will always have a Nexus with me so I can switch back and forth.

1520 ftw! I have not seen any device that comes close to it. Though the note has one feature that I envy, the second screen.

After owning a Galaxy S4 and not getting the 4.4 Kit Kat update ever because the carrier and samsung didn't release it I am glad I switched to Nokia Lumia 1020/WP.  So much better and the OS doesn't take up half of the internal storage space lol

Are you sniping at this person because you think he/she went for the Kitkat option? The post says the opposite, recommending 1020.

They said they didn't get KitKat.  And he means just having Android takes up a lot of space.  Especially with the Galaxy K having a tiny internal memory of 8GB.  That's just crap.

"After owning a Galaxy S4 and not getting the 4.4 Kit Kat update ever "


After not getting the 4.4 kit kat update ever. Did you read it?

Why is it torture for you? Android is a great OS and can do many things that are not available on WP or iOS. As I said before, I now love my 1020 as a daily driver but only because of 8.1

WP is finally catching up. I still find issues that bug me like playing my music through my 2012 Civic and it is not able to show me the soing that's playing. This is more of a Honda issue but it shows that WP is behind and the support for Honda and Nokia devices is lacking. I hope 8.1 makes people realize how great WP is now.

Interesting point of view, coming from an Android devotee. Personally I dislike Android. Also I have never been impressed with Samsung's imaging results, and I am that shaping an annoyingly big lens assembly inferring of their usual disappointing sensors and algorithms is anything more than the typical Android "Spec Whoring" that tricks so many uneducated consumers into believing it's better because it has bigger numbers. A real comparison between this thing and the Lumia 1020 will be very interesting!

I don't ever get tricked by Windows, personally. But I'm glad of using it because of its smoothness on even low-end devices. Have you tried Windows Phone yet?

I have and I REALLY want a WP phone, but still waiting for the ideal hardware. Hopefully soon! Wish I could try if for a month and give it back if I didn't like it.

I dislike android to,i just dont like  the design of the os,it looks so shitty,i could never own a phone with it.Im happy with my L925.

Used to be a huge android guy myself. Now I'm all WP, but still like android as well. Anyways, not waiting for the new Samsung, but am waiting for a1030 :)

yeah I can't wait for the 1020 sucessor as well! This will definaately have the 1020 beat in zoom for obvious reasons but in Image quality I really doubt it.. oh and then there's manual control and reframing.. 

Honestly I really hope Microsoft make a sucessor soon and include a sd card in it as well the spacee is the only thing that annoys me about my 1020 really.. I don't mind the older processor at all, since eits so smooth.. 
they sould just for fun do a test with a zoom lens on the 1020 hahaha that will be epic.. 

I just want a new Lumia already. You would think new devices would have been lined up for the US already. What's the hold up?

You have to remember that the OS wasn't as grown up back when the 1020 was released compared to now, so expect an updated 1020 soon.

True! So the 1020 replacement I assume will be beyond what it is now. Though I still believe the 1520 will hold its own no matter what comes next.

Why would we expect a 1020 replacement soon?  It's still a relatively young device in the WP lineup.  Frankly I'm getting tired of waiting for an 820 replacement. 

This. I have carried phones that were that thick (though they were much smaller), so the thickness doesn't automatically scare me off. But Android does.

On second thought, my Motorola Tele-TAC 250 with extended battery was probably twice as thick and nearly as large. That was in about 1993 or 1994, way before screens were what made a phone so large.

Which ones ? Which get useless for call and crash regularly within 1 year ? (referring to my friend's S3) or maybe phones which take 30 seconds to call after an year ? (htc sensastion S) or maybe note 2 which starts crashing and has pathetic battery life after an year ? Oh no, you mean the S4 which needed a factory reset after 3 months..
I've seen 4 such 'high end phones' reduced to crap, i cant buy an android phone.

Well, I've seen low end ones too. Many of them. Have 2 android tabs in my house. Both work like crap. Have 2 windows phones, both work like a charm.
Besides, wp have life, unlike android ones, which get useless within an year or so. That's not hasty generalisation.

Oh saying that they are all worthless because the ones you tried is the generalization. But don't take me too seriously. While I don't completely agree with you and anyone here, I understand where you all come from. I like android. Billions of problems, but I like it.

Also: I just like pointing out fallacies. :D

-- Bam --

Yea is a massive generalisation. Every nokia 920 I looked at in store had screen burn in, therefore ALL windows phones are crap as they get burn in.

How about "NO" ,,, you do realise that the comparison was OS based ,, and not OEM based . , but like a dumb fck you want to get Nokia involved ... You fag, how can you even compare Nokia to Sameshit . Nokia has enough basic patents regarding mobile technology that if they decided to tax everyone for it, they wont even have to sell anything ,,, Money would be pouring out from Sameshit ...
Oh ,, and you think quality wise your Sameshit is better than even a NL- 520. NL- 710 , NL- 820 ,NL- 925 ... The truth is that SAMESUNG makes its money from fools like YOU.

Hey hey calm down. He was just showing the generalization. You realize it is unfair to say the same about all Nokia when only one or two or three had problems... So he is pointing out the same happens if you say it about android.

No need to be a martyr for Nokia >< let's all be civil!

-- Bam --

From your quote, dracus_loki:

You fag

While I kind of understand what you're trying to say here, I would like to politely ask to keep it civil. Seeing comments like that (above) may offend people; I am sure you can find far more creative words without resorting to the treading-of-toes of minority users :)

Please see the following page, under the heading "Discrimination and Harassment": http://forums.mobilenations.com/rules-policies/500-community-rules-guidelines.html

No but I've played with friends note. Not good. Freezes and when you send a link like a song, have to dig around where it saved too. It's just too much! Can't even delete bloat ware.

You need to differentiate between the hardware and software.  Android is a shockingly slow operating system - it's Java FFS.  It has an entire layer of software abstaraction every line of code needs to pass through before it gets run.  Windows doesn't have this massive overhead.  This is why Android needs very expensive high-end chips to run at acceptable speeds.  Windows runs fast on even low-end phones.  The problem for Windows is that the software is so efficient it's difficult to see the difference on high-end hardware - it already runs as fast as it needs to.

Meanwhile Android's Java core has some serious difficulties with "garbage collection".  All interpreters do.  This will slow Android devices down over time and performance will deteriorate.  The way I see it, as phone hardware gets faster, Android will continue to perform better.  But the degradation of performance will happen in a much shorter time.

As a software designer, this is why I'm sticking with WP.

Yeah I have used LG g2, nexus 5 and note 3 . Only note 3 sometimes lag when you open more than 3 apps at the same time . You think that WP doesn't lag ? Then how do you call the resuming screen ? I use Lumia 820 as my daily driver

Yes. It's the same old song and dance. On the high end devices I may only need to clear the keyboard cache twice a day instead of 10. A lot of us are here with Windows because we couldn't wait to replace our Android devices with something that works.

In the Android Universe:
"Lumia 1020 is a great camera phone, but it use Windows Phone OS. It's a major problem."

You know.. I really don't see the disadvantages of either... I see the advantages. Is that bad of me? I miss windows phone when I'm on android.. I miss android when I'm on windows phone.. Lol

-- Bam --

This right here is a good answer.  I agree though I tend to miss WP way more than I miss Android or iOS whenever I try something new.  I honestly like what Android can do but, hate how it does it.  I love how WP does it but, wish it could do more of what Android could do.  Just that simple really. 

But, bottom line, I need my tiles and my quick glance at my information instead of having to hunt for it all...oh and the camera button is a must have.

I use my iphone for a few apps and most of the time its just there.. for existing ad backup purposes.. 
1020 sucessor I gonna be something else just hope it comes out soon.. or not sicne I'll have the urge to upgrade and its barely been a year.. and with 8.1 the phone feels like i just bought a new one.. +1020

Yep This is the only thing holding me back from WIndows Phone. Love the hardware, love the look of the OS, but am far to used to androids ability to do nearly anything I want to do.

I haven't found anything that I wanted to do that I can't do on my Lumia 1020. I may have waited a bit for things like Waze but, eventually I got it. Nothing left that I am wanting. The last thing I was waiting on was the Verizon Fios remote but, now I have that with the Xbox One Smartglass. WP 8.1 is real nice too. I too am waiting on the next 1020. By far the best phone I've had and I've had most of the top ones out there.

If you care about STEALING apps (via external apks) and STEALING data (via vpn) but don't give a hoot about The Big G STEALING your privacy, then android is perfect for you ;)

At least for now I can not think of having a cam like phone in my pocket daily... I think its still very very much better with NL 1020.

I'm a 1020 user and the answer would be no. It be cool but that thickness is way to out of my comfort zone

20mm thick is not a phone.. Its a brick. Would be useful for smashing a few heads.. (dont expect the plastic to survive though)

Has anyone else had a problem with the 1020 glass cracking?

A friend cracked 3, my wife has done the same. The ONLY phone I have broken in 12 years was a 1020.

Are we the only ones?

Yup, I have been using Nokia way back since 1999, the 1020 is the first Nokia phone I have cracked the screen twice!! I don't think its coincidence, it's a fragile phone compared to other Nokia models

My wife's 1020 has taken a beating and a few good falls onto concrete from waist high and just has some case scratches (she keeps it in the photo case at all times with the battery pack and big button). However, I dropped my 925 from about 12 inches from the ground onto concrete and the screen cracked right in half.

Yup. I work in medium duty construction for commercial buildings and mines. I drop mine more than I care to admit, with no case or screen protector. The only issue I have is it slid out of my shoulder pocket at about 4' as I leaned over and it fell and skidded across the concrete floor... Wound up damaging I assume the camera mount inside so it takes unfocused pictures beyond 15 feet. But no glass breaks, only three tiny deep knicks in the glass from a screwdriver digging into it in my pocket.

Hit the phone on a table, seriously! That fixes the stuck lens issue of focusing. Since the whole camera floats, it sometimes gets stuck due to a hard fall. The only way out is another fall or a hit. Maybe wrap it in a cloth and then hit. It's your choice, don't blame me if you went to far and broke it in half. LOL

Yup this happened to me too.  Dropped it like 3 feet on the pavement and screen was shattered.  Spent $140 on replacement screen and replaced it myself (watched youtube) and it works fine now, but still infuriating.

And GG2 is easier to crack than GG1...

but that's because they're more concentrated on making it thinner, sadly.

Hate to admit the abuse I have given my treasured device especially since I don't protect it with much but no cracks, just a few minor, almost unnoticeable scratches and no I can't see me every giving this baby up until they get a 5" with quad core and equivalent camera. Also never heard of anyone having a similar problem cracking the screen of the 1020.

I cracked mine with a month. I think there is some issue with leveling between the bezel and the glass. It would squeak when I would press one corner of the phone. My glass was always loose from one corner, till it cracked from a one foot fall on a semi-hard surface. I had a 920 before and that thing could take some beating without a problem.

my 1020 sounds kinda weird when i press the windows home button, but i still doesnt crack my phone, hope it doesnt. 

My 1020 has survived several drops on concrete from at least 4 feet, dropped it in water, and a friend "accidentally" through it against a wall and it fell to the floor. Not one crack, scratch or dent. Indestructible (knocks on wood)

Nope. I've put my 1020 through some abuse. I did have the power button stop working after a week of hiking through a desert canyon in Utah. Apparently fine sand is bad for buttons. My daughter, on the other hand has cracked 3 screens on her 920. My son and I have never cracked a screen on our 920s (the 920 was my phone before the 1020).

I cracked my 920 and got an insurance replacement. Can only blame myself. Fell off the roof of my car when driving up a boat ramp. Oops. Everything still worked.

Nope. And mine has taken several violent flights across my bedroom when my foot has caught the charging cord in the middle of the night stumbling to the restroom. Only have a tiny nick on the shell, but no screen damage whatsoever. Trying to be more careful as I know my luck won't hold forever and I absolutely love this phone.

I cracked my screen once but since I bought it from India they have free insurance when you buy the phone.. got it replaced for free XD
It flew from my hand witht e camera grip bout 5 feet and fell on the cornerof the screen, so ouch.. and honestly i feel its all in the angle of the drop I've dropped it several times before and after with no issues sometimes even no damage.. so I really don't think its the phone but the angle of the fall and the surface ofcource.. 

1020 is the only phone I HAVEN'T cracked, lol.

But only because of that awesome wrist strap. I f****** LOVE that thing.

I cracked mine (in a case) 5 days after I got it when it fell about 20 inches to a wood floor. I was super shocked when I flipped over and it looked like a hammer had been taken to it. And Nokia did nothing but refer me to a third party fixer who I had to pay $180



Yeah. Samsung. Sure. I'm also itching for the amazing UltraPixels of the M8. /s

If I wanted that monstrosity, I would just duct tape a camera to a phone, which seems like their design philosophy.

The grey/blue combination on the Zoom looks really good. I'd still go with a Lumia, since I think it's a better phone that this dumbed down Galaxy.

No I want to stick with Windows now that I switched from Apple almost 2 years ago - I have tried Android and thought it was very close to Apple

The problem with Samsung's approach (as opposed to Nokia's), is if you're buying this for the camera, you might as well buy a camera, because it has the exact form factor as a camera. While not exactly trim, the 1020 manages to feel and perform beautifully as a phone and camera in a phone form factor.

Exactly I can't understand how anyone can justify buying this monstrosity over a 1020. I can't even imagine how regarded one must look while making a call using this. As you pointed out, might as well buy a dedicated Cabrera camera. I will not replace my 1020 until its true successor comes out.

And people making call on the 6" 1520 don't look weird? Who the hell cares, it's just like when the iPad first came out, new technology always look weird when released for the first time. Once more companies start making phones like the 1020 or K Zoom they will just be another category of niche devices, no one will think anything of it.

that's what i'm sayin.

1020 keeps a form factor that's still like a phone. this k zoom is big enough where you might as well buy a real P&S camera.

The form factor is impractical. Might as well get a much better quality DSLR. That's what I love about my 1020: Because I can easily and conveniently carry around a superb quality camera at all times, without thinking about it or being bothersome.

The optical zoom is appealing. I love the 1020 and the tech it uses. But optical zoom has its advantages. If Nokia(Microsoft Mobile) could incorporate optical zoom into thier current method of high-resolution and cropping, we'd have the best of both worlds by the best smartphone imaging engineers on the planet.

Yes, optical zoom. I want... On another note, it is weird that these phone cameras have bulges... Especially with the flashes, might as well throw in a battery.

Good question...everyone here is hardcore wp so I doubt anyone here is thinking about it.

They'll consider it because it's a new toy from Samsung. When the 1020 successor comes, they'll switch to that. For me, so far nothing outdoes my 1520. It's probably the most high end WP to date. Even the icon and 930 can't compare.

1020 is elegant and rare.  Galaxy is gimmicky and unsightly.  (of course this same question on an android forum would provoke completely different responses)

I suppose it depends on how you define Gimmicky.  I dont think the 41 MP are gimmicky because I use that feature regularly and it enhances my experience and it works well.  I dont know anyone who has samsung who uses their "eye-motion" feature or "hover" feature because it doesn't work well enough to enhance their experience.  Those "Gimmicks" were designed to improve the phone's marketability rather than truly enhance the experience.

That's exactly my point, everyone defines gimmiky different, something you see as a marketing ploy others may see them as truly useful, practical features.
I agree of course that the 1020's camera is purely for improvement. But others would think its not necessary at all and entirely a gimmick to sell the phone.

Lets not make this an android vs. Windows argument. That's not the point here.

Would I ditch my 1020 for this? No, the Lumia lines always offer more reliable, functional, and logical experiences in comparison.

Optical zoom is always better than digital. But I'll stick with my 1020 over any other camera phone. I've invested too much in the Microsoft ecosystem to switch.

Pixel oversampling is still limited by the sensor to 5MP, but optical zoom can retain 21MP while getting a closer view of the subject. So, whatever you want to call it, optical zoom is still better.

Judging on the comments I guess the answer is no :D, and I for sure will never give up my 1020!!!!!

No. Simply, No. I have decided that I will only upgrade from 1020 when Nokia/MS release a next gen of 1020. I am not downgrading on my camera for a new phone. Eventhough my friends wont switch platform from iPhones, my 1020 has always been their envy when it comes to taking pictures.(And when we hangout my friends prefer to pose for 1020 than their own iPhones - true story). So I absolutely not giving it up for any lesser Windows phones, let alone android. 

I'm still rocking the 920 and friends with iPhones and GSx are always wanting me to take the photos and videos. I'm the go to guy for filming our big ATV riding trips as none of us have GoPros. Besides excellent video, the 920's audio recording makes it sound like you are riding along with all the v-twins and big pipes. Just awesome. Nokia ftw.

It would be nice to have the option of getting the K Zoom with Windows Phone. True optical zoom is a great option to have and the phone doesn't look half bad.

No idea if it's better, we need to see comparison shots to tell that (go on, WPC guys, make it happen!) but the option would be nice.

When do you think we'll start seeing this deluge of sub 9" Windows/Windows Phone tablets and regular sizes Windows Phone 8.1 on OEM Android hardware?

There is a difference between a phone and a camera and it should be understood. Nokia is more phone than camera whereas Samsung is more camera than phone
And its Android so no

First of all, all Samsung lenses are crap. Look at the aperture values, at full zoom aperture goes to f/6.3, that will suck big time in bokeh (background blur). At least aperture value is always the same on Nokia phones. Then this wannabe phone or camera, don't know which comes first...is too thick, ugly with sluggish Android and Touchwiz on top. Sorry Samsung, i stick with Nokia smooth operator.

The Rock says his gonna take your little "k" dust it off turn it around and stick it right up your Candy zoom.

Yup. I can just picture having that thing in a pocket and the lens trying to open accidentally. Or the battery being depleted and the lens sticking open. Have fun walking around with that odd bulge in a pocket.

Never! The 1020 is a near perfect mix of phone and supperb camera. I've ditched my DSLR, and make good use of the Raw images for touching up.

It's a new toy. Sure people will drool over it until MS mobile introduces the 1020 successor. So no worries here.

Well, even if it had WP8.1 on it, my concern would be the physical mechanical features involved with the zoom. If it is supposed to be a phone, it has more of a chance of being dropped, because it will get used fore everything. How will it hold up to that? Secondly, we already have a 20mp WP, 1520 and I believe Verizons slightly smaller version of the Lumia 1520.

Is that actually a real question?  The answer would be NO.  Nokia got a better camera without making a behemoth like the Zoom ... that is one ugly device!

I want an 82mp rear camera and a 20mp front camera and 8gbs of ram and a tv of storage ND an quadcore processor.... Fuck it ill just strap 2 1020's to my laptop and take that bitch everywhere

That's Samsung second attempt to compete with the 1020. Can't wait for Nokia second attempt to see what improvements they make.

I don't even own a 1020, but to answer the question in the title of this article, N-O, NO. That is a monstrosity and I wouldn't be caught dead using one of Samsung's phones. No thank you.

I'd love to get a 1020, though.

Its sensor size is less than 1/2 of 1020's. Aperture is smaller too. So it will be terrible in low light compared to the 1020. May be an option for Android fans but I wouldn't be buying it as an everyday phone because it's too heavy and thick.

I'm following up reviews and tests of both Samsung Galaxy K Zoom and Sony Xperia Z2 (which already had good scores on DxOMark).

Obviously lots of people here will say no because they are invested in Microsoft's ecosystem and this blog is filled to the brim with Google haters and Microsoft fans.

I must be kind of an exceptional case because I got my Lumia 1020 with no expectations on OS, mostly for the photography feature alone.

So, further testings of the camera tech, specially the battery part which I'm mostly worried about (OIS and mechanical Zoom can be huge battery drainers), and then about the features and apps of Android that addresses photography itself.

I will maintain that 1020 has a great camera, the controls were well thought out (I found out it's not good enough to make me use manual mode a lot, but then again it's the best one I've ever seen on touchscreen and smartphones overall), and then that Microsoft Research and Nokia have been developing pretty interesting apps and uses for it's camera. But I can't really compare with anything Android because I never really put it to thorough testing.


Now, back to what I already said: Sony's Xperia Z2 got better marks than Nokia Lumia 808 Pureview (which I already owned once) which also has better score than Nokia Lumia 1020 (very small margins, I must add) on DxOMarks (your kinda have to read the whole thing to understand why - http://www.dxomark.com/Mobiles/Sony-Xperia-Z2-overview-Revised-model-tak... ), and if I'm not mistaken, the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom uses the very same sensor (1/2.3-inch type BSI CMOS sensor).
As sensor is not all that matters, we still have to wait for reviews... glass quality, compression, hardware integration among others.

I imagine that because of glasses Samsung Galaxy K Zoom will probably have a worse performance in low light - optical zoom requires more glass elements which gives the optical zoom advantage (duh) but also enables less light to reach the sensor. But in the final result, perhaps the OIS (optical image stabilization), xenon flash plus some other things might give it the edge.

In any case, if I decided to jump ship, it'll be later this year... closer to the end, or perhaps in 2015. I'll definitely want to compare with my Lumia 1020 after 8.1 comes out officially and after some corrections.

It's not that I think these new Android devices will be a whole lot better... photo quality wise, they'll probably be just marginally and arguably better. But I still want to try them just to see how it goes, along with the entire ecosystem.

DXOMark is pretty biased in their test. They've put the 808 in like 5th place, when it's a phone that's been universally praised as the best one (even better than the 1020). They contradict professional test, they are not serious.

That said, preliminary tests said that the K Zoom performance isn't very good...

I agree. The 808 beats all other camera phones in side-by-side image comparisons, except in low light without a flash, when the 1020 wins with its optical image stabilization.  I also like that the 808 give the user the choice of output size: 5M, 8M, or 38M. As I understand it, the 1020 can't produce 8M and takes both a 40M and 5M with every shot.  The 808's xenon flash is also more powerful thant the 1020's.  I don't know yet about the Samsun K. The Sony Z2 only has an LED flash, so it won't take nearly as good indoors photos as the 808, 1020, or K.  Most pics I see shared on Facebook etc. are indoors photos... maybe I need to get our more. :-)