Nokia's latest video features the Lumia 1320 in one continuous shot

Lumia 1320 video

Big screen with an affordable price makes the Nokia Lumia 1320 really interesting. It’s not going to match the specs of the Lumia 1520, but that’s exactly the point. If the Lumia 1320 device hasn’t been on your radar yet, maybe Nokia’s latest video might get you interested. It doesn’t really show what the phone can do in detail, but we think the video is very cool, nonetheless. Go watch it after the break.

The Nokia Lumia 1320 features a 6-inch 720x1280 display with a dual core Snapdragon CPU, 1 GB of RAM, microSD expansion, 3400 mAh battery and a 5 MP camera. We’ll have our full review shortly, but you can take a look at our Nokia Lumia 1320 first impressions in the meantime.

We hope Nokia shot a behind-the-scenes video. It seems to be one continuous shot. We get glimpses of Windows Phone messaging, music player, Temple Run, Skype, and Office.

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Nokia's latest video features the Lumia 1320 in one continuous shot


I know exactly what you mean. I've been using WP since launch, and besides my friends, my family, and my neightbor who works for MS, I can't remember seeing more that a couple windows phones out in the wild. Earlier this year I saw two people at the mall both using Lumias. I was so disoriented I couldn't tell if I was dreaming or walked onto a set of a commerical.

It's a utopian world where everyone has a Windows Phone and kids giggle at the poor kids that have a picture of a half eaten apple on theirs.

That utopian world is in fact somewhere on a university campus in Thailand. Go and experience it for yourself! :)

Really? that's...... amazing... penetration in Indonesia isn't that good yet... though I see some people using it.. I success in convincing my mom and 2 of my friends to it switch though. :)

Hey, i've been wondering. In the MS campus, do you see people carrying a biten apple and having snap shots at each other and selfies? what would bill gates do to these people? LOL
For that matter, what would Nadela do?

I've seen some people use WP while riding to my office. And couple times at it, each with different person (I guess. I don't really remember, but their figures somewhat different :p). I guess I'm not alone on my town :D

Really? Seattle is full of em. 1520 on the bus, 4 1020s friends have, Htc 8x, wp7, 2 520s... A coach has some WP8..
I've seen em in airports twice, bus stop once, 1 @ a Great wolf lodge...

I come across a lot of people with smartphones.  I'm in healthcare, and most have the fruity phone.

I can count on one hand how many Windows phones I've seen out in the wild.  Somone at work has a 1020, another a 900.  I've seen a chick on a plane with a 521.  Bro-in-law has an HTC 8X.


I have a 1020 and find it hilarious when my friends with iPhones go "oh look at that, hmmm take a picture with your Nokia and send it to me."

I hope to god there is a world version of the icon. The 925 is nice, but more screen real estate would be nice, along with some more storage.

Well a dual core is gladly plenty fast for windows phone 8. What is good because we android ppl still fight with lag on quad core processors. Lol this lumia looms interesting. Does anyone know if it will hit the USA?

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I have kit Kat running on a Lenovo tablet, and its awful. My 3 year old uses that tablet for her penano (piano) now.

KitKat indeed is very fast and improved. It was designed to run on lower speced hardware. And lenovo or for a fact a lot if those cheap china tablets and phones don't run well regardless. My Sony Xperia Z2 I never had any lag with yet. It is a beast of a phone. But android needs basically 4 cores each clocked to over 1200. To finally start running smooth. Where u can run windows phone 8 with no lag on 2 cores with around 1200 clocked. Even on a single core windows 7.8 runs smooth. So yeah. But then again. Windows phone doesn't do as much as android can. Need to consider that too again. So everything has somewhere give and take.

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I have KitKat 4.4.2 on my Nexus 5.  Very smooth.  However, battery drains fast with the 5" 1080P screen on.  Maybe AMOLED would have been better on power.  I do prefer the saturated colors, like on the Moto X.

Android, from day one, always felt "behind the times" to me.  Now, iOS feels that way, despite the facelift.  Only WP has felt "fresh" to me, and that's been since version 7, even.  I said it years ago, and I maintain, to this day: Microsoft out-Apple'd Apple with the Windows Phone interface.  It's more user-friendly, more intuitive, more customizable, more modern, and more consistent across all it's platforms than anything Apple has put out (which is not meant as a slam on Sir Jon Ive, who I think is an incredible designer).  If WP had the depth of apps iOS does, given the manufacturing quality of Nokia's devices, I think more people'd be using WP than iOS even.

As for Android, well... let me get some coffee before I fall asleep...

You'll find the design more appealing than the L1520 if you see the L1320 in real life. Great looking Lumia!

Absolutely love this!!!!!! :-)  
But umm... is it just me or is the that an Android screen on the girl's phone at the 0:28 mark? :S  I could be wrong.

Does anyone know what the song title is?



Don't know what -- or if -- the music has a title, but Microsoft/Nokia has been using it for at least a year now; they just did a different arrangement of it for this commercial.

The touch screen and capacitive buttons on this phone are the worst in lumia phones. Too sensitive. Back button in IE sometimes is useless, cant get back the prev page no matter how many times click on it. Dont know when nokia has a patch to address these problems, seems 1520 has the same problems.

What model are you using? I have had no issues on my 520, 920, 925 or 1020 with the screen the capacitive buttons or IE. The only one I know of with sensivity issues is the 1520.

1. Back Button problem is not caused by faulty touch. Its IE10 on fault, or to be concrete its website developers faults.

2. Lumia 1520 has some touch issue but probably its a SW fault, not HW fault, they need to do some update for that.

Sorry but do i have any kind of app or in built feature where i can wirelessly play videos connected between my phone and tv.?

With play to its not getting connected through my laptop. My laptop and my phone both are connected to the same network still it doesn't search for it.

I finally saw the 1520 and 1320 in the flesh just the other day at the SM City near me. Man they're gorgeous and the 1320 equally so. I might even prefer the overall shape of the 1320 but the 1520 feels more premium. Was good to see that one hand usage is also possible. With my 920 getting some funky yellow spots at the top and center of the LCD, it might be time for an upgrade already.

I hope Nokia and Microsoft do well with the 1320 here in asia. Big phones like these (the galaxy grand is an example) are popular since everyone is in love with the Samsung Notes but can't really afford them.

Its easy for Nokia to work on high end phones. Its now yhr software which has to gain some features. Once the software becomes more reach nokia definetely will produce more phones. Now after wp8.1 update microsoft and belfiore have to take WP very seriously than b4. They have to push updates at the right time with nokias firmware. Now I hope next year microsoft gets their procedures simplyfied and work at a better pace with innovation.

Will wp8.1 update remove the vibration of home screen buttons on our devices? Because the vibration causes malfunction in the phone. It goes to the multitasking bar automatically and sometimes shuts app with that vibration. This used to happen b4 amber update. Im facing this issue now sometimes.

You can actually turn it off now, there was an update to 'Touch' from Nokia. Look for 'Windows Phone keys vibrate' and turn it off. I'm not sure if you need black or if the touch update was for everyone? Someone might be able to tell you.

I hate vibration on phones.  I turned mine off on my 520 after a recent update on "touch" in the settings. 

My sister got one of these, had absolutely no idea what it was but she had a galaxy s2 which she didn't like and was ready for an upgrade. Choice between this and an Asha phone (she really wanted Nokia).

women are not. Gonna see the bigger picture, the problem with Nokia is that they are not marketing the phone properly, most women do not want a phone beyond 4.5 inches.

The next problems is that apps that women normally use is not in the marketplace. My girlfriend uses a nexus 4 and will not use my 1520 for more than 5 minutes, because despite the larger screen superior phone , higher resolution, it has no candy crush. And its a shame really, i cant convince her to move from android because of apps like candy crush, and all those Facebook games that end up in android marketplace. That take s year to end up on windows phone

I know many women that either own or want to own massive phones in the 5.5"-6" range. Don't assume that the preferences of the women you know are representative of the gender as a whole. I'm gonna assume you are a REALLY popular individual and personally know a few hundred different women, ALL of whom prefer a smartphone with a 4.5" or smaller screen. (even though your girlfriend is not of this preference; Nexus 4 is 4.7") Let's say you're dealing with a reference pool of 300 women. Of the roughly 4 BILLION women on the planet, let's assume half of them are in the financial position and live in a sufficiently developed nation to be smartphone owners. Based on these figures, the women you know represent 0.00000015% of the female population. Math'd. Thanks for coming out.

Regardless of what you say every app the marketplace does not have is a loss, i don't need to use any complex formulars to calculate that, Microsoft will not crack the north American market unless they do something about the app situation, keep defending Microsoft they will not gain even 10% of the market at this rate. Wp users will also leave the platform like i have seen many times before

Well, she could use it for other things besides candy crush. But little things like that do put hesitation in choosing this platform for many people.

Not really, there are many women hooked on candy crush. Adults and teens. You can only overlook so much, no candy crush, then you have to wait for 6-7 months even a year for an app iphone and android has, like fifa 2014. We get San Andreas half baked with bugs and no moga support. I think they should focus on apps instead of releasing so many phones.

I really hate how people are supporting the developer company, King.com. Not did they only copy the idea from bejewled, but they patented the word "Candy" and started performing takedowns on indie developers. A whole new level of scumbag company.

Kind of old news now... But I love Nokia's ads and its soundtracks!! And this one is no exception

A small proportion of my friends use only 720, while i here rock the best games with 525 XD
I miss the flash, FFC and City Lens though

Just thought I would let everyone know that windows phone has in some small way, penetrated Hollywood in the form of being used on camera by two stars on the vampire hit tv show "The Vampire Diaries" on the CW network about six weeks ago(sorry forgot to mention it earlier). The two ladies on the show were sporting both the 920 and the 1020 respectively. Hey I realize this is a fantasy show to most of you in this forum/room, but I feel any publicity is good publicity for our Nokia's. Incidentally One was sporting the cyan 920 and the other was using the always eye catching yellow 1020. This show always seems to have vampires talking on cell phones all the time so the cell phone manufactures must have paid a nice penny to have them shown since Ive seen iphones an d and android phones on there before. Nice to see the show showing some Nokia lumia love. BNice to see that some vampires on this show do have good taste in phones(lumia's) besides just blood. lol

Since you like to calculate so much and seem to know it all why don't you send Nokia a formular and a strategy on how go beat Samsung in sales and marketing. Send Microsoft a strategy on how to get app developers interested in the platform. U sent me a formular and a figure and you still don't understand anything.

Just because my friends saw my addiction with Lumia .. 10+ friends of mine had bought it .. N now everytime one of my droid user frnd ask me reason about to switching to lumia .. I gave him my 920 to understand what WPs are.

Just switched to windows phone 925, after years with the android. I can honestly say its like a breath of fresh air. Kicking myself for not getting rid of the glitchy android years ago. Last phone was nexus 5 & it still buffered on video. I have no such problem with the Nokia.