Leaked Nokia Lumia 1520 specifications confirm what we already know

Lumia 1520 Render

Nokia World will soon be upon us (in fact, we're already on our way out there), but that's not halting leaks and more from being published. Evleaks, a Twitter profile which has been fairly accurate in the past, has posted what are reported to be specifications of the Lumia 1520 - aka. "Nokia Bandit." While we'll be able to bring you the announcements, hands-on and more from the event floor, what are we looking at here?

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According to the tweet (see below image), the Lumia 1520 is set to sport the Snapdragon 800 CPU, a 6-inch 1080p display, 2GB RAM, 20MP PureView camera, Qi wireless charging (with compatible covers), and will be available in 16GB and 32GB configurations. Which colours will be available? Black, White and Yellow.

Evleaks Lumia 1520 Specs

These specifications match what we've previously covered (along with the 3,400mAh battery) and what we expect to see at Nokia World. The Lumia 1520 is believed to be heading to AT&T for $699 off contract. We'll have more details in the coming days. Who's excited for the Lumia 1520?

Source: Twitter (@evleaks); thanks to everyone who tipped us!


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Leaked Nokia Lumia 1520 specifications confirm what we already know



on the live pics you can see the MicroSD slot and the tray for MicroSD next to SIM tray and slot.
On the leaked live pics you can also see the Lumia 1520 showing Lumia 1520 having 32GB card inside. 

Its 7:30am there now. Means they are 8 hours ahead. So if anything it wouldn't happen until (at the earliest, and not knowing the exact event time) 4pm EST Monday.

Not here in the US. Very few people pay full price for phones. $700 is a waste of money for something you're gonna use for only a year or so..

In the US, most carriers don't offer any monthly rate discounts for buying a phone off contract. You pay exactly the same price every month whether you get the phone subsidized or off contract. If you are probably going to stick with the same carrier for the next couple of years anyway, subsidized is the smarter option here financially.

I am pretty sure you can find plans that do not include a contact based phone but it will require a bit of digging around. I will say that my experience is the US market does not make this easy but I believe they exist although the distinction and value is definately less. This is something the networks in the states need to work on and probably one of the reasons why the iPhone is doing so well when in Europe for example it is declining and the budget windows phones are on the ascent.

That is actually wrong - you can find plenty cheap plans - pretty much every carrier now has its own MNVO that gives you a 30 - 50usd plan with everything unlimited. If you have a 90usd plan, which you usually need, you save hundreds of dollars by buying phone outright and getting on the cheap month to month plans in comparison to paying 199 + 90 a month... So, yeah, you mister are wrong. 
(Aka - if I had my iPhone on att, it would cost me 2359 in 2 years, while on t mobile it's 1900 in 2 years with comparable plan... And my phone is unlocked thus I get to use it with local sim cards when I travel.)

You're right! That's why you don't go to the carriers for cell service...you only buy the phone from them either with a friend or family members account at a carrier or buy one from a place like 'Best Buy'...then you go to an MVNO like Net10 or StraightTalk and get a T-Mobile or AT&T compatible SIM card...this will allow you to use the phone on the carriers' networks even if the phone is locked to AT&T or T-Mobile...as long as you have a SIM card that is compatible for that corresponding network...six months after purchasing you can get the unlock code...come on people, do some research...MVNO's have cheaper plans and allow you to bring your own phone...I am currently running an AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 on StraightTalk with full 4G LTE and the same service that AT&T customers have without a cell phone bill due until next April...I have the best phone of last year (bought last year) and if I want I can buy a new one this year...I'm not locked to a carrier. Not bragging but being sensible...I make almost two thousand a week and I still look for the most sensible deal...if you only make $300.00 a week, why are you trying to buy a $500.00 phone anyway? A cellphone + plan should not be bought if its price is greater than you make in a one week check...stop following the Jone's and live according to your means and by God, stop Whining!

Since you didn't understand my post I guess I'll just put you on my "dumb foreigner" list.
Read my lips: you don't get any discounts off your bill with any carriers in the US just because you make a dumb financial move like paying $400-$700 for a phone. If you are living at home with mommy and daddy and have lots of disposable income then more power to you.

Sorry if I offended anybody but when a nitwit like andrew65 assumes all 320 million Americans are "intrinsically dumb" I gotta say something.

Actually, that's not quite true. Bring your own phone to T-mobile and pay only $50-$70 per month. That's a discount vs the other carrier's $100+ per month.

I paid $450 for my Lumia 920 + $543 for one year of StraightTalk (AT&T LTE compatible SIM) + I'll pay another $543 next year = $1,536
A friend of mine paid $199 upfront for his Lumia 920 + $85 per month for 24 months for AT&T same LTE network = $2,239
$2,239 - $1,536 = $703 savings for the same coverage/same network
However I have unlimited calling, texts, and data and no phone bill for a year
He has a monthly payment and unlimited calling and texts but only 4 Gigs of data
Yes, enjoy the free world!

and you get to sell your phone unlocked after 2 years for maybe $250 !! ;) or 1 year for around $350 and get a newer phone :D

Me too, but gonna wait to see if surface phone gets released in 2015 after Nokia deal goes through

My upgrade is next month but It's way too big I also wouldn't be able to make fun of my sister with her huge note if I get it

My gf and I are holding off upgrading until WP 8.1 and the hardware that will be released around that time. We are hoping for a high end 4.7" - 5" model.

Not sure if there will be huge leaps forward in hardware with 8.1 .. The 1520 seems to have the high-end specs to match even a high-end Android phone.

True, but there may be other hardware differences between 8.0 and 8.1. Maybe a notification LED to accompany the notification centre? I really want a notification light...

Notification light would be nice but the Glance screen with notification info will do for me.

If they just made the start button an optional notification light, no more hardware nor added costs needed

I'm replying to this thread because the arguments are interesting. We save more money in subsidized plans. Especially in the short term which is what really matters. In the end, its whatever. I don't like behemoth devices like these so I will stick with my 920 at least until mid 2014 when a legitimate upgrade shows up.

I can only imagine the Nokia stuff will have a tiny footnote on the Verge while Apple dominates top stories and forces all other stories half way down the front page.

Hello... U called. Joking. I got red 920 becoz 1. Its rare(in uk anyway) and 2. Becoz it looks like a beast.

Well a new 1020 likely won't be out for at least until next August, while this comes out now.

has to be the 1520, unless you're seriously into photos. The 1020's hardware is very old and the 1520's camera by the sounds of it should do a good job too. Unless it's too big for you I'd take the 1520 in a heartbeat.

Many like Cyan and ask for it but they don't offer it anymore for some strange reason. It is also a color that is unique to Lumia like the yellow is and is good for branding.

Nokia seemed to have lost it when they not only stopped the cyan colour option, but also made the claim "We love all our children equally" when asked why they don't include things people ask for, like Xenon flash, Qi charging, etc in all their phones by default.
They're hard to read and a little bit crazy. If it weren't for the outstanding quality and software support, they'd have gone bust so long ago.

Parents tell the red-headed step child that they love it equally but when it grows up it learns the truth.

Once again Microkia lets Apple, and others, take what sets WP aside.. It's almost like they don't want WP to stand out....

I like my tablet and I like my phone...but I don't want them combined so I'll pass. Looks good though!

I'm getting it. My upgrade isn't up until April but I coincidentally qualify for AT&T next on November 10th. Check yours by dialing *NEW#

The market loves the iPhone. They hunger for those gimmicks like siri and finger print scanner. They love those 500,000+ apps. They wow at the gold iPhone.

You forgot /s. Nobody, outside the US at least, cares about those gimmicks. Frankly most laugh about it. Android crushes iphone world wide with WP being the running up party.

i keep going to the store and playing with the note 3 i seem to have no problem with the size. But its deff to big for my wife.
If the specs hold true, ill be purchasing this baby on launch day. Sadly for my bank account, out of contract.

Windows phone could use a spec boost. As smooth as the UI is, it still pages behind others when it comes to things like app loading times. Nokia Pro Cam could really benefit from the S800 for instance.

I'll take it in 16gb flavor black with flip over, on November 8th or sooner please :)
Can't wait to throw my 64gb SD card in there (that I originally for for my surface pro but I'm doing just fine without)

I'm still holding out for windows phone 8.1. This is cool but I can't forget that I'm on AT&T.

Couldn't care less for this device...the L1320 on the other hand...that's the one I'm eyeing.
I would prefer them to offer bigger memory though. I've found that more and more 32GB is a minimum acceptable (specially since we can't install Apps on microSD cards). I would prefer if instead of 16GB they would offer 64GB models. The better the cameras, the higher space photos take (I'll only buy a L1020, for example, if I manage to get the 64GB version). And yes, I know about the cloud. Except you don't expect people to have could services on their vacations, do you? No, you do not.

If you're going on a vactation you should have ample time to back up all your pictures from your 1020 and remove them from your phone to clear up some space.  You could also remove the apps you less frequently use.  But if you happen to have a laptop or Windows 8 tablet with you on your trip, at the end of your day, you can sync your pictures to it and make space on your phone for the next day.

Well, I don't know many people who travel with their laptop's or tablets behind them. Not when going on vacations.

Anyway, if you make a camera-phone, you should be able to sport both things without the need to sacrifice any part of it. Having to remove apps just because the phone takes heavy pictures, shouldn't even be in question. That's what I think the L1020 got wrong by either not making 64GB more general or providing a microSD card slot.
If you want to make a camera-phone, you should make it so that none of those two worlds collide, and so that we don't have to "prepare" the phone for a trip just because the memory isn't sufficient.

Save on phone until you get to WiFi to upload to cloud. I don't think you can fill up 16gb in pictures while on vacay

Except from those 16GB, almost 3 are occupied by the OS. Then you also have the Apps you normally need on a phone. In the end, you're not left with much space. Oh and forget any of the better Xbox games, 'cause each of them occupies over 1GB.
If you use you phone to take those normal day to day photos, sure, it's fine. You get back home, you take the photos out, end of story.
But on a vacation scenario, you can't really do that. And uploading to the cloud may bet less easier if your Hotel has crappy internet (or charges you outrageous amounts for its use).

People underestimate the amount of photos you can get on a 1020. Your not gonna fill it over a week vacation, unless all your doing is snapping pics and not enjoying yourself.

See the thing is: one isn't expected to use the L1020 just for photos. If you're spending 600-700€ on a camera-phone, it's because you intend to use both the camera AND the phone. Otherwise for that same amout you can get an even better DSLR.
Also, if you buy a L1020, it's because you're obviously into photography. Otherwise you'd buy the L920 which is the exact same phone minus the camera. If you're into photography, you take more photos than the average person.

@DJCBS I think most of these WP owners r just adapting to WP I'm coming from win mobile 5.0 through to 8, Nokia L925 even though the phone is nice 16 gig don't make it these days with 1 gig plus games hi res photos and videos I don't need cloud storage r uninstalling just to make space give me SD slot if u r going to do 16 gig so I can put photos, music and videos on SD card apps on internal, I've a 32 gig S3 with a whole bunch of 1.2 gig games and still have space my L925 only have asphalt 7 the only 1 gig game and its full.

Not new. I had a Windows phone 7 day one.
But I've never really had memory problems. I actuall manage my memory and don't just expect my phone to hold infinite amount of data. The cloud storage helps with pics and videos but even if I never deleted them off my phone, I never have problems. I've had a LUmia 920 since it came out and I still have 16GB free. I could have much more if I just deleted games I'm NEVER gonna play again, and I know I'm not the only.

Of course you're not. I'm not saying that everyone needs 64GB of memory on the phone. I'm saying I would prefer if they would offer the 32GB as the minimum and then a 64GB one (or a 32GB with microSD).
People who don't need that much storage as you, wouldn't be losing anything. If anything, they'd have storage to spare. Those, like me, who need way more space on the phone, would also be happy because we wouldn't be constantly struggling to get memory (yes, because let us also remember the darn "Other" storage problem that was never properly fixed, not even with GDR3 yet)

I carry over 32gb of music on my current phone. There's no way I can replace it with a device having less than 64gb unless it has a microSD card slot.

Where are you going on vacation, Siberia?
Anyway, 16GB is fine with me (with a 64GB SD card). 8GB is ridiculous though, I don't think any phone should have that low of storage.

If I went to Siberia I wouldn't need that much space. Snow tens to look pretty much the same.
But I travel a lot through Europe and the Caribbean. Places which gorgeous cities and places that quickly fill a camera with pictures. 13GB of useful memory if ok as long as you don't use many Apps and aren't that much into gaming. Two things I do (try to take a 12 hour flight from Europe to the Caribbean without any sort of entertainment...).
the inclusion of microSD cards would help a lot. Still, it wouldn't solve the problem with the Apps, since you can't install those on the card for some reason I don't know...

Sounds like you have money to spare. Mind Buying me the 1520 in 2 weeks? Gonna be hard to get it with the Xbox one coming out right around the corner

16 GB really isn't enough for people who play a lot of games, though. The more complex games tend to be 500MB-2GB, which fills it up pretty fast. And more storage space is always better.

Can't stand those square corners. I would switch to windows phone if HTC made the HTC One for win mobile.

Doesn't look like that at all in the photos leaked by theverge a month or so back. This is just a render

I miss pre-Amber as my 920 photos and videos were better before. Amber brought so much noise and graininess.

Think this should have a stylus to compete with G Note. Too big for me buy know there's a market for large phones

Sadly, the last phone from Nokia. Will miss this brand forever. No others comes close to what Nokia has offered.

Actually Nokia has more phones planned for early 2014, before the Microsoft takeover. Rumours point to a second smaller phablet that may or may not have a plenoptic camera, depending on if the rigorous Nokia testing shows the technology to be ready for consumers. So this is absolutely not the last pure-blooded Nokia smartphone.

The Abu Dhabi event is however the last Nokia World event for now. We'll see if Nokia rejoins the smartphone market after 2015, or if they settle for everything else they produce as a major corporation.

Sounds to me like you want the 1320 instead then. Exact same specifications, except it has built-in wireless charging and a 5 inch screen.

Can't even play the mkv format..haha having big screen..enjoy playing some stupid games...$699..no proper multitasking too..fed up using windows phone...sry fan boys.

Show me one mobile OS that can play mkv videos out of the box. Tip: Guess what? Android can't without 3rd party apps.

Yes dude..for android there is mx player for mkv formats..the restriction on video hub is preventing other media players to come to this platform....any way hoping the best to come on 8.1...

Its clear you missed the "out of the box" part. Out of the box means without use of any other third party apps or services. The OS itself doesn't play mkv just like any other OS.

Is the real purpose of buying a smartphone for games? I suggest a 3DS if games is your shindig. For multitasking, I'm not sure if any platform has a proper one.

Some people do tak egaming ability into account when choosing a smartphone, yes. Not everybody feels like carrying around an extra device to play games on, even if it has nice physical buttons and such.

Lumia 920 will get support 2-3 more years. The HTC One will be dead once the next flagship arrives next year. It happens with most Android phones. I don't know how folks have so much money to give away to Samsung. Anyway, I wouldn't sell the 920.

Is this phone running GDR4 or something? Because last time I checked, Ms word, excel, and ppt was still part of Office and you can't pin Word or excel separately to the start screen?

I know you can with OneNote since its a separate app. Its not part of the office hub...how do u pin word and etc to the start screen?

You can pin specific Word or Excel documents on the homescreen. Not sure though if you can pin the Word or Excel apps themselves.

I'm also waiting to hear what t-mo will get, if anything and when. But if I stay with att, I hope to pick up 1020 with $0-$99 up front in a month.

I still think to many tiles in a row, looks like a cluttered mess....i have said this before, can't change my mind, they should have designed the UI with more back space like surface

Cant wait to have this amount of real estate. There are so many minor tiles I'd love to pin to my 920 start screen but it would make it too long

I completely agree. That's why all my tiles at the top of my screen are the same color. The rest are large wide tiles with relevant info. It actually looks really nice. these pics they show look so cluttered

According to this, the covers allow it. They're still in the game. I just think it made the phones too fat. I love my 920 but it's a fat bich

U are correct. Nokia is fully behind Qi but due to user feedback about the weight and thickness of the 920 they decided to remove inductive charging from within the devices for now until it is feasible to have the design of the 925 w/ built in wireless charging.

Me too. All of Lumia 1520 specs seems be clear by now.
Very curious what the Lumia 1320 will bring specswise.

And again....WHERE THE HELL IS THE 64GB??? This is starting to become a deal breaker. I looked the other way two years ago, but this option should be the norm already. This really isn't that frigin' hard.