Lumia 510 spotted in the wild with pricing and specifications confirmed

Lumia 510

The Lumia 510, which we took a gander at not too long ago, has been captured in the wild. GSMArena has received a rather small photo showing the Lumia Windows Phone in its glory with a sizeable reflective screen. What's more is pricing and specifications have been reportedly confirmed by an unnamed source. Nothing's official, nor have any details been announced, so be sure to take this with a minute grain of salt.

The device, which is to target low-end markets, passed certification in China late last month, and it's believed it's going to be priced at $150 when launched. Specifications provided by GSMArena's source reaffirms what we previously covered. 4" display, just 256 MB of RAM, but 4GB of storage is a new addition. We're also aware the Lumia 510 will come in at 120.7 x 64.9 x 11.51 (mm), and will weigh 129g. GSM-WCDMA-HSPA will be supported, and a 800MHz MSM7227A chip will power Windows Phone 7.5 / 7.8.

Lumia 510

If all the above is to be reality, the Lumia 510 will sit in behind the Lumia 820, while the Lumia 920 will be marketed as the power horse of Windows Phones. Update: Check out hands-on footage of the Lumia 510 below.

Source: GSMArena, via: MyNokiaBlog (video); thanks, Vignesh, for the tip!


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Lumia 510 spotted in the wild with pricing and specifications confirmed


Is this really a good idea for wp7.8 to be still around after wp8, it seems paradoxical to what Microsoft set out to do, no fragmentation of the os.

In terms of Strategic mapping, Apple is the "no frag" Android is "frag". They're pretty established in those areas so it might be better for Microsoft to come in between them in order to differentiate and have a chunk of the map between the two sides for themselves.

If you're drowning do you care about whether you brushed your teeth that morning? They need WP to survive at all costs at this point. They can worry about petty things like "fragmentation" once their head is above water.

there isnt much in the way of fragmentation. 7.8 looks and behaves much like 8 does. just 8 has more bells and whistles. apps can be coded for both, so the 7.8s will still get thousands and thousands of new apps. nokia will support 7.8 with new apps and updates too.
i think a $150 dollar device that has most of the oporational function of an $800 device is a great idea. it gets the UI out there, gets people using it at low end hopefully either causing an upgrade to a wp8 device later, otherwise destroying the $150 android market. No $150 android could get close to this. as a low end phone its a no brainer.
good play by nokia

I think it's a good idea.  WP needs low end cheaper devices.  It's part of the reason that Android is dominating.  I'm not saying make them cheap and horrible, just affordable and dependable.  That's if they want to up marketshare at least.  It's good to have all the bases covered.

Exactly, how about a phone you could gift to your parents or sons, after all the OS is simple and effective, the setup is easy and there are quite good games... Needs to be cheap thou...

So there is now a Lumia 510, 610, 710, 820 and 920, so how does this compare to the other 2 low end phones, being the 610 and 710? Confusing

610 has better design, materials, more memory(8gb vs 4gb)  .......... 710 has more ram, better proccessor, better screen,  more memory....

how's that even confusing?

Not confusing for the customer that walks into a store and only sees 2 or 3 Lumias on display. Its not like most stores (any?) are going to stock all 7 of the Lumia models at the same time.
Some stores will be getting rid of old stock for sure but its not different from any other  phone manufacturer that offers many different models at different price points

Overkill is how many galaxy phones exists. But anyway, of course there will be a lot of lumias, it's a LINE if Nokia phones. Expect many more lumias over the years

I hope they make a 610 refresh with WP8 for western markets and price it like < $200. Would be the ideal phone for people like my parents, who only need very basic functionality. There are a myriad of non-techy people who just wont pay $500 for a phone nor are they interested in any involved features. They just want a cheap phone. I think WP has a simple enough UI for these customers. Should be more easy for them to handle as the old feature phones many of them still use.
The non-techy, maybe older people could be a huge market, there are so many of them, but noone appears to care about this segment. Its all about the latest and greatest $500 phone.

I do believe that the abive said is true.... Everybody think about the flagship but not all the people buy it.... Some of the segment look at affordable devices thats costs 200$ (in India, approx 10000rs) it will be a hit here... Likewise we get samsung galaxy y at 7500/- ...

specs for price, that phone is a bargain.
4" display is very nice. only 4gig internal, but with skydrive and the soon to be xbox music streaming service. 4g will be enough for most people the phones is aimed at.
hey nan, i got you a new phone for xmas. big, bright and easy to read. its made by nokia nan, same as your last phone. you liked that one didnt you?
and thats the ball game