Lumia 630, 635 and 930 announced in São Paulo with Lumia 630 arriving with Digital TV

It is half way through the month of May and Nokia’s latest (and technically last) Lumias are starting to see the light of day. This morning, the Lumia 630, 635 and 930 were all announced as heading to Brazil, at various dates with some pricing info, as well. Perhaps more interestingly, the Lumia 630 will evidently come with Mobile DTV (Digital TV). For those who aren’t aware, DTV is a standard for delivering free over-the-air Mobile Digital TV signals, which is pretty great.

Let’s see what’s coming and when.

  • Lumia 630 Dual SIM – Early June, R$ 699 ($316) with Digital TV receiver
  • Lumia 630 - Single SIM, without DTV, for Claro and for R$ 549 ($248)
  • Lumia 635 - Single SIM, without DTV, third quarter, no pricing announced.
  • Lumia 930 – Third quarter, no pricing announced

The Nokia Lumia 630 and 635 are both excellent budget devices, and we’re hearing some good things about them so far. The addition of DTV for Brazil (and only Brazil, at this point) should definitely enhance the desirability of the phone and help in marketing. The project was reportedly done by INdT (Nokia Institute of Technology) to help localize the device for that market.

Unfortunately for the Lumia 930, its release is still on the horizon but at least Brazil (and presumably neighboring Latin American countries) will be getting it at some point.

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Lumia 630, 635 and 930 announced in São Paulo with Lumia 630 arriving with Digital TV


I think the German date is June 19th, and cosiddering Nokias history in the nordic countries I'm sure we won't get it any later than the Germans here in Norway. My Lumia 630 has already shipped from Elkjøp.

You won't be stabbed in Brasil... I assure you, but be aware with the bullets... lol. Being honest, there's a lot of things happening in Brasil right now. I don't recommend. Hugs from Brasil!

+1! Brazil is a complete chaos at the moment. The country isn't ready for the World Cup, there is manifestations everyday, police is crossing arms for better salaries (and then everyone goes crazy and people start breaking, burning and stealing everything), and almost everything FIFA requested will not be ready for the event. Really, if you love your life, don't come to Brazil. I'm here and I would love to get the fuck out of here asap.

EDIT: Oh, yeah! The music here SUCKS!!!!

Italy is an important market for WP, they are going well in that region. You should feel some love soon. Any more announcements on the horizon for other devices? When is Nokia World et al?

To be honest though, the Lumia 800\N9 current design language looks like a giant iPod nano ... The old one, can't remember what year, but it predates the N9\800 :)

How come USB ports aren't used a USB ports on phones? I would be ok with a dtv dongle slightly protruding from the lower backside of my sexy Lumia.

A few hours ago the official online store of Nokia in Russia announced a price of Nokia Lumia 930 - 25 990 rubles (749 dollars). Those who pre-order the wireless charging as a gift.

Daniel, there was one mistake:
- Lumia 630 - Single SIM, without DTV, for Claro and for R$ 549 ($248).

- Lumia 635 - 4G, Single SIM, without DTV, third quarter, no pricing announced.

Great to see Daniel writing a Brazilian news. :D

L630 3G - Dual Chip DTV Without carrier for R$699.

L630 3G - Single Chip CLARO Carrier for R$ 549.

L635 4G - Single Chip Without carrier (No price).


That's It.

Hey Guil, I seem to see a lot of you assisting developers getting their apps certified for Brazil and other South American markets. Kudos to you fella.

Went in to Vodafone UK shop today to ask about a release date for the lumia 930, guy started going on about the 935? Does this phone exist?

You didn't go in at 25 minutes to 10 did you? They may have misheard you. In my experience, UK retailers rarely know much about any Nokias or Windows Phone devices. Apologies go to any salesmen on here Tha do know their 930 from their 8210.

Strangely enough, I actually called up O2 customer service about setting up MMS. The guy asked me what phone I had (I have a 1020). He said 'fine choice, I'll walk you through the setup using my own 1020'.
A CS rep on a major UK network actually owning and recommending a high end WP device...I was impressed!

What on earth are they playing at? Why announce a phone like the 930, supposedly a flagship handset, then leave it's release date unspecified and so far in the future?

Was going to get a 930 but the length of time they are taking to release it is just bizarre. Hopefully one of the other manufacturers like HTC or LG will beat them to it with a decent handset.

This why I want to see more WP not just Nokia they are to dam exclusives I can go to any carrier and buy a high end Android but not a WP.

It's too much. I live in Brazil and Moto G costs less than 280 dollars. 
Some of the best costs and benefits of Brazil. 
Moto X costs 450 dollars while a 1020 cost 850 dollars and 1520 dollars over 1000... 
We are robbed in Brazil, and is not all the fault of taxes.

The prices in Brazil are ridiculous. My cousin is asking me to send her an iPhone because they are over 2000 reais in Brazil...you would think a country with less money would have cheaper products...

Only Motorola has a "good" price. 
Apple is the worst of all. iPhone 5s costs in 1260 dollars (2800 real). 
The Macbook Air costs more then 9k dollars ....

I can't believe Nokia are producing a bespoke 630 for only one country, is it Brazil. Does it mean all 630 are DTV-capable?

Here in Brazil as in Japan put Digital TV is a differentiator. Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola always throw BR versions with Digital TV. Nokia couldn't be left out!

Here in the Philippines, it's capable to receive Digital channel because it's uses ISDB-T DTV standard and the Philippines adopt this DTV standard since June 2010, but the Implementing Rules and Regulations is yet to released in July or earlier this year so that to deploy the DTV equipment (Set-top boxes, 1seg devices, DTV transmitter, DTV antenna, ISDB-T TVs and so on) and NTSC analog signals will shutdown on December 31, 2015

It depends on the configuration though. There could be instances that there are certain functions that won't work here in the Philippines.

I hope that Nokia Philippines is aware of this.

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After August is just unacceptable! Samsung did an excellent job with the GS5. Anyway, still buying it regardless of the price.

Hello, everybody. I am Brazilian, I live in Brazil. These things have been broadcasted on Brazil are extremely exaggerated. Because of the World Cup bad things have been said, but not everything is true. Come to Brazil, will be very welcome. The Rio de Janeiro remains a wonderful city. Brazil is with tha arms wide open for everybody.

This is why I'm so envious of those who own the iPhone and Galaxy S. They know every year a new iteration will come out. They can actually plan when they want to upgrade. But with Microsoft there is no Hero phone. Not one that you can count on every year. Personally I'm tired of all these hodgepodge phones. Make 3 great phones; budget, mid-tier, and Hero. Put them on a cycle for upgrade and call it a day. IMHO.

A Vivo aqui em Santos nem promove o WP. Na Claro, porém, eu já vi o vendedor recomendar o 625 por ser o aparelho mais barato a ter 4G no Brasil, apesar do cliente ter perguntado sobre o Moto G.

The announced prices are so-so. I'm afraid to see how many of my precious Reai$ the 930 is gonna cost. 

I hope this becomes available in the Philippines and in Japan soon. Brazil uses the Japanese ISDB-T Digital TV standard.

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