Bought a Lumia 630 in India? You can also get a discount on Nokia Coloud headphones!

If you’ve bought a Lumia 630 in India recently or looking to pick up one soon, there’s a good deal on Nokia Coloud headsets (see our review) exclusively for you.

Nokia Lumia 630 buyers can avail a 50% discount on subsequent purchase of a Nokia Coloud Pop earphone WH-510 or the Nokia Coloud Boom headphone WH-530. There's no discount on the Coloud Knock though.

Boom features large ear pads to ensure that any noises from the outside world stays outside. With a closed construction, the padded rock-solid frame sits comfortably over your head. Pop is the in-ear alternative and the angled ear-buds fit perfectly inside any ear.

Both headsets include an integrated microphone so that they can be used for making phone calls, as well as a control key to make/drop calls or control your music. They also feature the popular Zound Lasso with flat cable, an ingenious way of keeping the cables tangle-free. The headsets are available in Nokia’s iconic colors - yellow, bright red, and cyan.

All you need to do is send an SMS to 55555 with your device’s IMEI number in the following format: Lumia 630 <space> IMEI No. Once you’ve sent the SMS, you’ll get a coupon code that can be used at the official Nokia Store (nokia.indiatimes.com) to avail the offer.

You can buy the Coloud Pop for INR 999 instead of the MRP INR 1,999 or the Coloud Boom for INR 1,499 instead of the MRP INR 2,999. The offer is valid till June 30, 2014.

If you are looking to pick up a Lumia 630, maybe you’d want to make the purchase within the next month to avail the discount. If you’ve got one already, and want a headset for yourself or a friend or a family member, go ahead and grab the offer.


Reader comments

Bought a Lumia 630 in India? You can also get a discount on Nokia Coloud headphones!


I have the stock ear buds which came with my 520, they're NOT awesome! I really DONT recommend them AT ALL!
(have a pair from Panasonic which is exceptionally good)

Panasonic ear buds are the best so far in my experience. Cheap and sound quality is better comparing to some expensive ear buds.

My stock ear buds which came with my 520 broke when a staple wire was stuck in one of the wholes of the the right bud. Now I'm using a pair of senheisser and I love them. Cheap and great. MX 365 got it for $13 (530 php).

But where's what's app??!! This is going to hurt the sales BIG time in India. It's almost a big no if what's app is unavailable in India.

Can't they do this with all Lumia phones! I think no 1 bought this phone, they are giving offer so that people buy this phone! I don't think people like the phone! I love my Lumia 520

I'm sure thats why they're offering this. Or maybe, just maybe, this phone hasn't been released in too many places yet so people haven't had the chance to buy it? Just a thought.

I bought the Lumia 630 in Germany last week and i got a pair of those for free. But they are the WH-530

Guys...u can always do an manual install of WhatsApp I think so..i downloaded .xap file of WhatsApp and saved it on my pc..i think I can use it...and so u too people out there

While installing apps from SD they check it with internet whether it's presently available or not or if the app is updated you will have to install the latest one.

Dude I think you are asking about WP 8.1. Only WP8.1 developer preview is available. Officially it's loaded on 630 first device with WP8.1.
To get WP 8.1 officially on your 520 you have to wait till July more or less.

Anybody seen these headsets for sale in the US?  I've been looking and haven't found them anywhere.  I'd love to get them to match my 920.

I believe tmobile will be getting the 635 with LTE. I don't think it's available yet though.

I'm selling my cyan coloured Coloud Pop for INR 1000. 2 months old. Anybody from India especially Delhi interested in buying. And I have bill and packaging also.

Damn I have colour Knock ones. By the way Abhishek your info is incorrect. Actually boom is the more expensive one than the rest of them I think.

These are good deal but I liked the looks of 'Nokia Purity by Monster' more; they are now $59 on Amazon (down from $199). I don't like the looks of Coloud :-/ Also, the name 'Coloud' sounds weird. Couldn't they be just 'cloud'?

Latest and Best budget phone from Nokia available @ http://goo.gl/xql3pa

Nokia Lumia 630 comes out with many firsts. 
- first phone to be commercially launched in India after Microsoft acquired Nokia. 
- first dual-sim Windows Phone handset. 
- first smartphone to ship with Windows Phone 8.1, the latest windows OS
- Lumia 630 has got latest corning Gorilla glass v 3.0 ( more tougher,damage resistant and scratch resistant)
- snapdragon 400 @ 1.2 Ghz quadcore processor (
- 512 Ram which is sufficient for windows eco system
- Smart Dual SIM, 4.5 Inches Screen, 8GB internal storage
- Available in multiple colours

- No Front camera and flash
- no dedicated camera button

Hi friends yesterday i bought new nokia lumia 630,and if i  send the message from my mobile number, it's does't reach, every time ammount will be reduced for the message ,Is there any other way to got the coupon code in online ..

plz send the details to the below mail id:- rajpravien@gmail.com

I BOUGHT lumia 630 2 months ago and i came to know ab out this offer now after it ended how can i avail my offer i have code also