Lumia 630 shipping to South Africa, 930 coming by end of September

lumia 630

Microsoft held a press event in South Africa this week to announce that the Nokia Lumia 630 was shipping to that country right now and that the Lumia 930 will be released sometime before the end of September.

The budget priced Lumia 630 should go on sale in South Africa sometime in early July for the price of R1,999, or about U.S. $188. Microsoft also said the older Lumia 520 will continue to be sold in that country for the reduced price of R1,499.

As far as the Lumia 930 goes, Microsoft indicated this week that South Africa would have to wait a bit longer to get that larger and more expensive phone. The company indicated that they hope to launch the Lumia 930 sometime before the end of the third quarter in that country. No price point was revealed for the phone in South Africa, which is expected to go on sale in Europe in early to mid-July.

If you live in South Africa, do you plan to pick up a Lumia 630 or will you wait for the 930 to go on sale?

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Lumia 630 shipping to South Africa, 930 coming by end of September


Stop trying to score international points by taking cheap shots. If you don't like the country move.
Guarantee you the Dutch won't take you back.
Your genes are too diluted.

I am not sure. Here in mexico the 1020 and the 925 are still nokia's top notch with the 1520 without a release date !

What exacty is it that takes WP devices so long to launch after they are announced? They always end up being exactly the same as the announce day with no additional features so why do people have to wait months for these phones?

Well, I'm guessing having less than 10 % market share, but having to ship to the same number of countries as Apple and Samsung has something to do with it... That being said, I agree that the time it takes for a Lumia from presentation to hitting the shelves is ridiculous; wait a few months before presenting your hardware, and concentrate your launch - the way you're doing it now just causes aggravation...

When the 920 was launched, South Africa was one of the first countries to get it...oh how things have changed!

Honestly, I hope no one buys the 930 in South Africa. Specially if it's sold by more than 350€ then.

Did they fixed the audio bug issue(while calling) in the dual sim version of Lumia630 ?

It is gaining plenty of negative reviews because of that. :(

This is why WP user base is not growing. 

For Apple, product is available about half a month after it's announced, so they get to sell a new product for literally 11month and 2 weeks before new generation. Taking out maybe the last month or two when people are expecting new device and hold off on buying, they still have 10 months to sell the latest and greatest.

For WP, product is available 3-6 months after it's announced, so people only have 6-9 months maximum to buy the device. Not to mention rumors of new devices coming out for another 2 months or so before the next announcement, that leaves some market with less than half a year to buy the "newest" WP device. People are constantly either waiting for products to finally be available, or waiting for the next product, of course they will not buy this platform.

Yeah, it's bad. Microsoft got publicity in the US about Cortana two months ago. If anyone went into a store between then and now to check it out they would not have been able to. That is terrible marketing.

Flipping hell, might as well wait for the 940 to come out! If this is the trend with wp device, i see million of people going for android and Apple... Well done Nokia/Microsoft

Yeah, Microsoft needs to work a bit faster when it comes to spreading new devices around Globe, I'd think that SA would have the 930 by now, I even checked this morning if my network provider had stock only to read that the arrival date was only announced yesterday! This sucks! And don't even get started about the Surface Pro, if I'm correct the first one is not even available here in SA

Are you having problems getting Nokia hardware in your country?well I am!coloud pop up is still not here wtf! Kingdom of Jordan...

I thought Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia devices and services will accelerate product distribution. Why should one wait till September to get a product already lunched since April? Well Lumia 630 is already available in Nigeria, my fiance got one and it's pretty nice. I'm just tired of my 920,need a good replacement phone,not 1520 though

The L630 is been advertised here in Ghana but due to our weak currency, lts price does not befit a budget phone. Am sad b'cos I was hoping to get one

Maybe you should compare other currencies before you call the Ghanaian currency weak. By my work I travel to many countries in Africa and Asia and trust me, the Ghanaian currency is one of the strongest. I do know that it has been depreciating against the USD and the Euro for the past seven months but it is still comparatively very strong. $1= GH¢3.2

So no one will buy the 930 in SOuth Africa because the McLaren is coming end of November. Well.. probably in China first, then other Asian country then Europe. South Africa might see it in flesh in 2015.

I am from South Africa and have a Lumia 1320 running windows mobile 8.1 (Developer preview)  I use the phone as a business phone and am enjoying putting the phone through its paces So far its great. But I will go and checking the specs of the 930 and 630. I would have to test those handsets before I can give an honest opinion I test all platforms Android,Blackberry 7 -10.21 -10.3 and now windows mobile 8.1. 

If you want windows 8.1 then download the developer preview app and you will experience windows mobile 8.1 you are enabled to save your apps to your sd card and have space on your phone those models of course who have capacity for sd card

Upgrade is long due... Contract even finishes in August :(

However if they can stick to that Septemeber I will get it.

I don't get why we have to wait until September to get the 930, the 1320 was available a few weeks after it was announced internationally. I'm still happy with my underrated 820 though

I agree with you completely! My girlfriend has a 820 and its definitely understated and underrated! Just the battery is too small but otherwise its a awesome Lumia!

I am from SA... Newcastle KZN to be exact. One of my contracts is due for upgrade in September... Thinking of getting the 930... Or what do you guys think? Should I just wait for the next batch....